Sea cargo case | How many customers are affected by the destination port fee?

Case Study: Customer Bob ordered 4 LED lighting tables, about 3 CBM to the port of Las Palmas, Spain. The shipping fee was US$230. The salesperson Wang quoted, and the customer agreed, and arranged for the shipping.

The problem came. After more than a month, the customer received a port fee notice when they went to customs clearance. The destination port fee shown above was total of 2,500 US dollars. The salesman was still a new hand in foreign trade, stunned at seeing this case.

What should we do with this matter?

Firstly, we shoud focus on:

The cost of the destination port fee sometimes exceeds the value of the goods for LCL sea shipment by sea. It is better for customers to ask about the port of destination fee when consulting about the sea freight.

The port of destination fee consists of the following three parts:

  • Port of destination operation fee
  • Agency clearance fee
  • Import tariffs

With specific details, different port regulations vary from country to country and there is no uniform standard.

For example below

In turn, it is the demolition fee, the terminal operation fee, the change of the single fee, the delivery fee, the unloading fee, the terminal transfer fee, and the war surcharge.

Some Shipping agency will charge fees such as GROUPPAGE FEE, WASHING FEE cleaning fees, etc. All kinds of names, dazzling, there will be create chaotic charges, it is naturally inevitable. Moreover, if the goods arrive in the destionation port, and customer didn’t arrange for customs clearance and delivery in time, and after a period of time, there will be various types of additional charges for the destination port, such as the overdue fee DEMURRAGE.

Therefore, what should I pay attention to when arranging the operation of LCL shipping?

1. If you use your own freight forwarding, you must confirm the reference fee of the destination port in writing with the freight forwarder. Customs clearance fees and customs duties cannot be prepaid, but the port of destination operation fee can be known first. Some freight forwarders will remind you in good faith or directly to you. Some freight forwarders are not reminding you because they are busy or careless. The bad communication that causes you and your customers is easily to mislead for the first export customer.

2. After confirming with the freight forwarder, please list with the customer and inform Final destination fee will be charged at actual or based on the final debit note issued by your port. The final port charges are subject to the actual port of destination. Because the sea freight and miscellaneous fees are always not fixed.

3. If the customer specifies the freight forwarding, then the natural risk is transferred to them. However, as a business, it is also necessary to communicate clearly with the customer freight forwarding, and it is necessary for the freight forwarder and the customer to explain all the expenses with customers.

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