Rail freight from China to Europe

The Rail freight between China to Europe start from the year of 2011, and China Railway have been transporting many different types of cargo via the famous China “Silk Road railway” , which links 12,000 kilometres of track via the Trans Siberian Railway. A new trading opportunity has been taken place, with trains shipping from Yiwu to London, UK, the railway shipping is benefit for both importers and exporters in China and Europe.

Winsky as the rail freight forwarder in China, we have developed a railway freight solution that can provide a seamless rail freight service from China to Germany, UK, Spain, France and other European countries. The rail shipping routing is via Alashankou (16-18 days)  We will select the most efficient rail routes for your goods import.

The rail freight rates is around 50% less than air freight and transit time is about 40% shorter than sea freight. By using train delivery as an alternative shipping service to air freight or sea freight, we can help to reduce your import cost a lot. Our rail freight shipping solutions are focused on bringing the best transport solutions for your import business.

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If you have the shipment pickup to be done from china and delivering it to your destination address in France, our professional logistics team will do it for you. We offer the most competitive parcel delivery from China and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you.

Available train shipping countries from China to Europe:

United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

Rail Shipping route from China to Europe:

Rail Shipping route china to europe

The international railway  transport  between China and Europe is the highest quality and grade international railway, which runs from Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Suzhou and Yiwu to major cities in Germany, Poland, Spain and other countries. At present, 33 cities  trains have been opened in China for shipping between China-Europe.

Wuhan-Europe Railway

Railway Route: Wuhan–Alataw pass–Malasevic– Poland–Hamburg, Germany–Duisburg.

Type of goods: General cargo LCL, FCL

Export trains Schedule: Every Wednesday and Friday.

Train Transit time: 14 days direct to Poland, 16 days direct to Hamburg

Rail freight route
Rail freight route china to europe

Chongqing-Europe Railway

Railway Route: Chongqing–Alashan Mountain–Malasevic– Poland–Duisburg, Germany

Type of goods: General cargo LCL, FCL

Export trains Schedule: Every Monday,Thursday and Saturday

Train Transit time: 14 days direct to Poland, 16 days direct to Hamburg

Suzhou-Europe rail shipping

Railway Route: Suzhou–Manchuria–Warsaw, Poland–Hamburg Germany–Duisburg, Germany

Type of goods: General cargo LCL, FCL

Export trains Schedule: Every Saturday

Train Transit time: 13 days direct to Poland, 15 days direct to Hamburg

Rail freight route
Rail freight route china to europe

Zhengzhou-Europe rail shipping

Railway Route: Zhengzhou–Alataw pass–Warsaw, Poland–Hamburg Germany–Duisburg, Germany

Type of goods: General cargo LCL, FCL

Export trains Schedule: Every Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday

Train Transit time: 13 days direct to Poland, 16 days direct to Hamburg

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China Rail freight notices:

Rail shipping from china to france

1. Packaging requirements:

  • Package should be strong and undamaged, the minimum charge weight per cartonis 15KGS, the real weight of one carton should be less than 30KGS.The longest side request < 120cm, the second long side < 75cm, the perimeter < 330cm;
  • For the goods sent to Amazon, please affix the FBA label sticker by your supplier. if the single piece exceeds 15KGS, please affix the TEAM LIFT label according to the regulations of AMAZON FBA.
  • Each outer carton package should be pasted with more than 2 qualified FBA label stickers and covered with transparent tape (bar code font is required to be clear, moisture-proof and wear-resistant).
  • Metal, wooden cases, irregular packing, compressed bags, woven bags and packing straps are not accepted.

2. Document requirements:

Declaration product name, material, usage, HS code, product picture must be consistent with the goods. If it is brand product such as Bluetooth, HDMI, FDA, FCC, LACEY, etc, including but not limited to the certification issues listed above, or if the goods are local anti-dumping goods or goods that do not meet the local import requirements, the sender shall provide the relevant authorization or certification report before shipment.

3. Shippingrestrictions:

No pure battery, the matching battery cargo must be built-in the productsand cannot be placed separately.
Can’t ship high-value products (such as tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc.), pure batteries, liquids, powders, knives and other  prohibit goods.

Rail Freight – Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the delivery time from China to Europe using the rail freight shipping service?

Depending on the Origin/Destination Countries, the total door to door delivery including import custom clearance, tax usually takes about 30-35 days for rail shipping from China to Europe.

Is it safe for my cargo using rail freight?

Rail freight transportation is safe, the whole process have the GPS tracking, so your cargo can’t be getting stolen or lost during transit.

Is the rail freight cheaper than truck?

Yes, the rail freight between China and Europe is cheaper than truck delivery, but delivery time is longer than truck.

How much does rail freight cost?

It depend on your cargo type, total weight and delivery countries, and reference rail freight rates is around US$2/KG from China to Europe.

If my cargo is small, and below 100KGS, can it ship by rail freight too?

Sure it can, the rail freight is very flexible, and wide variety of goods are accepted for transportation, and services available include FCL & LCL shipments.

Rail freight Working Procedures:


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