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Your Ultimate Guide -Shipping from China[Updated 2023]

Shipping from China is one of the biggest obstacles for international importers. It’s not easy to navigate the confusing regulations and customs procedures. In short, most overseas businesses don’t really have the time or patience to figure out how to do it.

Therefore, before you start importing from China, recommend you to read this guide.

1.   Why is Shipping from China so Important for International traders?

If you are an international shipper, China is the place you will look for any product at the beginning. There are many reasons behind that. But we will discuss two main factors here that make shipping from China so crucial for international traders.

Producing Top Quality Goods at different price ranges

China is often called the factory of the world. The country’s manufacturing expertise is undeniable, and those manufacturers have an extensive network of sourcing raw materials of several kinds.

Manufactured products shipping from China

Besides, China is also a major supplier of many goods and products that are consumed around the world. This includes many everyday items, such as electronics, clothing, and foodstuffs. However, one of the most global products sourced from China is the plastics used in packaging and containers around the world.

About 95% of the world’s consumer goods are made in China. This is the country where most of the world’s clothing and electronics are made. The country is also the largest manufacturer of shoes and toys. The majority of Chinese consumer goods are made in factories that the government owns.

But how do they manage to do that? Several factors are behind these. But three facts play the most vital roles

  • Chinese people are incredibly skilled and hardworking,
  • They work at a Low labor cost,
  • Chinese manufacturers have an extensive network.

In addition, Chinese technicians have the unique skill of imitating any new technology quite fast. As a result, they can produce products with similar technical output in various price ranges. Consequently, they can serve people from all income ranges.

They can manufacture a smartphone worth USD 50, and at the same time, all iPhones are assembled in China. 90% of the world’s 90% of computers are made in China.

International importers are constantly looking for ways to save money, and shipping goods from China has allowed them to do so. From foods to furniture, smartphones to personal computers, China can deliver products at a rate no other country can.

Excellent Shipping Facilities and Quality Freight Forwarders

When goods are shipped, they typically travel on a boat, plane, or train. And international shipping is a complicated process. The Chinese Government has taken many initiatives such as building large sea and airports, railways, and other infrastructural facilities to make international shipping from China easy.

China owns most international shipping ports than any other country in the world. In addition, the Chinese Government has been investing in building shipping infrastructures such as building port, railways, and highways in many countries. As a result, those countries will be able to ship more products quickly from China.

China Shipping facilities

And last credit goes to Chinese freight forwarders, which help international clients ship from China to their own countries.

Most Chinese freight forwarders are helpful and offer competitive shipping rates to ship goods from China to every corner of the world. Several organizations monitor the quality of services freight forwarders are providing to their global clients.

Better freight forwarders who provide excellent freight forwarding services get special recognition and facilities from those organizations.

Winky freight has all the certifications and infrastructural requirements asked by the Chinese government. Therefore, we can offer a competitive price and ensure the best freight forwarding experience while shipping from China.

2. How Much Can You Earn Shipping from China?

Many people make living shipping goods from China. The shipping includes everything from electronics to furniture to foodstuffs.

While there are many advantages to shipping from China, the low labor cost is one of the most obvious. Therefore small businesses and new entrepreneurs pick China first when they decide to ship goods from a foreign country.

Robert Young, director of international trade programs at the American Enterprise Institute, told The New York Times that shipping from China is a great way to make a lot of money.

One expert quoted in the article said that it is possible to make $50,000 to $150,000 a year by shipping from China. The key to making a lot of money by shipping from China is finding a product with a small market that is still in high demand. The low cost of manufacturing in China means that it is possible to ship a large number of products for a low price.

Let us give you some specific reasons behind earning a good amount of money by shipping from China:

Low Price

Chinese products are cheap, and at the same time, they can maintain the quality to satisfy consumers.

Mass production 

Most Chinese manufacturers have mass production facilities for a short time. Therefore, you can beat the same quality products by making them in a short period of time.

Healthy relations with trading partners

China always maintains a very friendly relationship with its trading partners. They offer several benefits for the countries that regularly import from China. For example, China signed a free trade agreement with Australia (ChAFTA) in 2015. According to that agreement, Australia gets tariff reduction for agriculture sectors, No duties for resources and energy exports, and many others. China also helps to improve shipping facilities in underdeveloped countries. For example, China gave USD 1 billion loans to Ghana to improve their railway transportation.

You can earn a huge amount of by shipping from China

Raw materials are cheap

Chinese manufacturers invest less in raw materials, which helps them to reduce the final product’s price. As they order bulk quantities and purchase regularly, sourcing agents give them special rates.

Taxes and Duties are low

Chinese manufacturers are fortunate. Their government demands minimal taxes and provides many subsidized facilities and utilities. For example, the VAT Chinese manufacturers pay is only for the value-added purposes. The company gets the refund after the value of the tax is added.

3. Is Shipping from China a Cost-Effective business?

The importation of goods from China has many advantages. The cost of importing goods from China is much lower than that of importing goods from other countries. Therefore, many businesses these days are based on Chinese products.

You may think producing goods in your own country can make the product cheaper than importing from another country. Well, that could be true for some products but not for all products.

Let’s talk about the number one tech giant in the world, Apple. Apple uses 30 countries to manufacture its products. Among those 30 countries, China solely produces 42% of its products, nearly half of Apple’s entire production!

And the story is almost the same for most hardware-based IT companies. What do you think is the reason behind this? Because it is the most cost-effective way to manufacture their products.

Another essential beneficial factor of shipping products from China is that they can produce products with a wide range of price differences.

You can import high-end products and low-quality products from China.  China gives you vast budget optimization options. No other country in the world can give you such options.

Lastly, shipping from China is also very affordable. Chinese freight forwarders offer very affordable shipping rates, which helps importers reduce the products’ prices. Air freight, Train freight, Express shipping, and ocean freight, you can choose any method at a lower cost than any developed country.

Winsky freight offers all types of shipping methods from China. We offer an exclusive LCL sea freight service at the cheapest cost from China to any part of the world. Low-cost freight forwarding is a big ingredient that makes shipping from China cost-effective.

4. Which Countries are at the top of the list of shipping from China?

China is the world’s largest exporter of goods, with a share of more than 14.7% of global exports in 2021. China is the world’s largest importer of goods, with a share of more than 16% of global imports in 2017. The top five exporting countries in 2021 were the United States, Hongkong, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam.

China's trading partners

China is the world’s largest exporter and second-largest importer of goods. Over the years, it has become an important manufacturing hub for many countries around the world.

It has become a common destination for many products made in other countries, including the United States. China is responsible for a significant amount of the world’s manufacturing output.

4.1. Shipping from China to USA

The United States of America is one of the biggest shipping destinations from China. In 2020 America imported USD 15.6 billion worth of goods from China which was around 20% less than the previous year. But both countries have an excellent business relationship.

You can use air freight and sea freight for shipping from China to USA. If you are in a hurry or shipping a small package, then express shipping from China to USA is the best option. You can also use the regular post for small packages, but we don’t recommend that as the service has a bad reputation for delaying and sometimes missing your package.

Products that the USA imports from China include automobiles, kitchen appliances, apparel, scooters, Tricycles, and similar wheeled toys, furniture, etc., for regular consumers. Besides, the USA imports telephones for wireless networks, Automatic data processing machines, Communication apparatus, and many more items.

Shipping time between China and to USA depends on the shipping method and distances between ports. Express shipping takes 1-5 days. Air freight takes 5-10 days, and sea freight takes 15-35 days to deliver goods from China to USA.

Shipping rates from China to USA depend on the shipping mode, delivery time, type of products, distances between ports, shipping season, and some other factors. So, always ask for a quotation from multiple freight forwarders before shipping from China to USA.

4.2. Shipping from China to UK

According to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, England imported USD 72.61 billion worth of products from China in 2020. The number clearly indicates that the UK imports many goods from China.

China exports various types of products to UK. Some of the top consumer exports are furniture, and machinery, including computers and kitchen appliances. Clothing, etc. Moreover, the UK imports steel and iron, Wadding, felt, animal fodder, yarns, twine, nonwovens, cordage, etc.

Air freight and sea freight are the two most used shipping methods between China to the UK. However, you can use train freight to some cities in the UK from China, but that option is not open to all cities.

Shipping time between China and England depends on the shipping method and distances between ports. Express shipping takes 2-5 days. Air freight takes 5-10 days, and sea freight takes 15-60 days, depending on the distance between the two ports.

Shipping rates from China to the UK depend on the shipping mode, delivery time, type of products, distances between ports, shipping season, and some other factors. England has a very strict customs policy. So, your shipment can be delayed in customs if you fail to show proper documents.

Contact Winsky freight for the best competitive price for shipping from China to UK.

4.3. Shipping from China to Australia.

According to the United Nations, COMTRADE database on international trade, Australia imported USD 72.86 Billion worth of goods from China. Australia is a huge shipping destination for China, and the Australian government has special flexibility when you import from China.

Air Shipping from china to australia

Australia imports both consumer and business products from China. Electrical, electronic equipment, furniture, vehicles, lighting signs, and prefabricated buildings are some consumer goods that Australia imports from China. The country also imports Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers, railway, and tramways from China.

As both countries are far away from each other, you have only two shipping options – air and sea freight. Not to mention, express shipping is also available like in every other country in the world.

Express shipping takes 2-5 days to ship from China to Australia. Air freight will deliver your goods in 8-12 days, and sea freight will need 35-60 days as some ports are very far from each other.

Shipping costs from China to Australia also depend on the factors we have described for other countries. So, ask for quotations from a Chinese freight forwarder before you ship from China to Australia. Why Chinese freight forwarders? Because be sure that they will give you a huge cheaper rate than Australian freight forwarders.

4.4. Shipping from China to South Africa.

8047 KM is the distance between China and South Africa. But the distance does not impact international trading between these two countries. USD 14.3 billion worth of imports happened in 2020 from China to South Africa.

As the two countries are far away, you can use air and sea routes to ship from China to South Africa. Air freight will deliver your goods in 5 to 8 days, and sea freight will deliver in 15 to 30 days. Express shipping will take 1-3 days to ship from China to South Africa.

South Africa has very strict rules of customs policies. So, before you ship anything, make sure the product you are importing is legal in China. Also, learn the import duties, VAT, and Taxes. You can also ask any freight forwarder in China to assist you with this.

4.5. Shipping from China to Japan.

Japan is a neighboring country of China. Though both the countries had political problems for a long time, that didn’t affect the business relationship between these two countries. In fact, Japan is one of the top importers of China. In 2019 the total exports of China to Japan were worth USD 152 billion!

There are two main shipping methods between China and Japan. You can use air or sea freight, and both are quite fast compared to many other countries. Air freight takes 5-10 days while shipping from China to Japan.

Japan is literally a country that is floating on the sea. The country consists of 7000 islands. Therefore, most of the shipping from China to Japan happens by sea freight. In fact, Japan is at the top position in terms of the number of goods shipped by ocean freight.

It takes between 18 to 28 days to ship goods from China to Japan by using ocean freight. Like any other country, the shipping costs for shipping from China to Japan depend on the shipping mode and other factors that we have mentioned earlier.

These are some of the countries we mentioned above that ship a huge number of goods from China.

But those are just the top view of an iceberg. There are many other countries that ship many products from China. For example, Spain, Singapore, Germany, India, Netherlands, and Canada are other countries that import a huge amount of goods from Japan each year.

And the most critical part is that shipping from China worldwide is increasing day by day. Japan’s manufacturing industry is undergoing a revolutionary stage at the moment.

4.6. Shipping from China to Canada

Canada is largely dependent on consumer products for China. Canada imports furniture, automobiles, cell phones, footwear, and computer parts and accessories from China,

Shipping from China to Canada can be completed by air or sea freight. You can also choose express shipping or DDP shipping if you don’t have important documents or just don’t want to face the hassle of international shipping.

Air freight will take 6 to 10 days, and ocean freight will take 25-35 days to ship from China to Canada. We suggest picking a shipping agent from China to reduce the shipping costs for shipping from China.

4.7. Shipping from China to Singapore

Singapore is a very developed country but it depends on China for some sophisticated items like computer produts, medical equipment, electronic items, kitchenware, etc.

Singapore and China are both countries on the same continent. Therefore, shipping time between these two countries is very low compared to many other countries. You can receive your shipment in Singapore as fast as between 2 to 5 days with air freight. If you use sea freight, it can take 15 to 25 days.

Singapore is surrounded by sea, and they have built one of the world’s finest seaports. Therefore, most shipping from China to Singapore happens by sea freight.

Winsky freight is very popular in Singapore for its outstanding LCL sea shipping service.

5. What are the major Exports of China?

The average export product from China is worth 98892.74 USD Million from 1993 until 2021. And it hit the pick in December of 2021, and the total export of manufactured products was worth 327053.64 USD Million.

China is the world’s second-largest economy and is known for its high-quality manufacturing and innovative technology. The country exports a wide variety of goods to over 100 countries around the world.

China’s exports include electronics, electrical machinery, transportation equipment, garments, textiles, and chemicals, among others. The country is a major export destination for many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

China's export chart in 2020

China is the largest exporter of goods and services in the world, and its exports have grown rapidly in recent years. In the first 11 months of 2021, China’s exports totaled an estimated $3.026 trillion, up nearly $300 billion from the same period the previous year.

An increase of this magnitude would put China on track to achieve an estimated 45.6% increase in the total value of its exports for the year. Here is the list of top 10 exports of China in 2020

  • $710.1 billion in electrical apparatus and equipment (27.4 percent of total exports)
  • $440.3 billion in machinery, including computers (17 percent )
  • $109.4 billion in furniture, bedding, lighting, signage, and prefabricated buildings (4.2 percent )
  • $96.4 billion in plastics and plastic goods (3.7 percent )
  • $80.2 billion in optical, technical, and medical equipment (3.1 percent )
  • $76.3 billion in vehicles (2.9 percent )
  • $75.6 billion in miscellaneous fabrics used garments (2.9 percent )
  • $71.5 billion in toys and games (2.8 percent )
  • $71.1 billion in iron and steel articles (2.7 percent )
  • $62.3 billion in clothing and accessories (not knit or crocheted) (2.4 percent )

6. How to select the Right supplier and good product sourcing before shipping from China?

You must first choose the ideal product for your business before sourcing or shipping from China. You’ll need a detailed plan for design customizations and additional features, but you don’t have to plan out everything before your first order.

Because sometimes, you get suggestions from your customers, and accepting the majority of people’s recommendations can help you make your product more user appropriate.

We also recommend that you emphasize one or two things rather than a large number of products and that you stick to the top imports from China.

You will be able to expand your business by adding more goods as it expands.

6.1. Where do you find good suppliers?

We have already been told several times that China is the export hub of the world we are living in. Therefore, it is important that the country is full of suppliers. And when the number of things increases, finding a good one becomes difficult. So, you have to research and spend lots of time to find a good supplier.

We will suggest picking a supplier that has been already working in your country for several years. Searching online is another good option. You can take the help of a sourcing agent to find a good supplier. Visiting fairs is also an excellent choice to find suppliers and see their work live.

6.2. Import products from suppliers

After shortlisting the suppliers, it’s time to import goods. But how do you shortlist them? Well, there are several ways. Here is some of our recommendation:

  • Ask for quotations from different suppliers.
  • Ask for their certification (Don’t forget to look at whether that is updated or not).
  • Demand customer list with contact information. A good supplier will never hide their customers.
  • Ask whether they have proper documentation to export goods to international clients.
  • Ask whether they have any global recognization.
  • Ask for a sample (Good manufacturers send a free sample with just shipping cost)
  • Learn about their factory and expert teams’ recognization.
  • Warehouse and packaging facilities.

6.3. Import products from sourcing agents.

Sourcing agents are also a good option, especially for those who are shipping from China for the first time. The best part about sourcing agents is that they can offer you different quality products at different price ranges.

A sourcing agent is sometimes a little bit more expensive than manufacturers, but they can give you a wide range of options.

6.4. Suppliers or Sourcing agents – which one is better for you?

While shipping from China, many times, you will hear to avoid sourcing agents. But that is not a very wise decision at all times.

Suppose you are not sure about your product and want to buy a small number of products of various categories. Then you will supply them in the market and ask for feedback from your customers.

This is a very good way to find the perfect product if you are not certain. Another vital advantage of sourcing agents, you don’t have to worry about MOQs. As sourcing agents work with many foreign businesses, they can even sell a single piece to you.

Sourcing agent

But if you pick a supplier, then your options become limited because a supplier doesn’t manufacture various types of products. You will get a low unit price, but what will you do with a good price if the product is not okay?

Another problem with the suppliers is that they don’t accept low MOQs. Therefore, you have to order a huge number of products which means taking a considerable financial risk without knowing the product’s market demand.

If you want to learn more about which will be better for you, watch the below video

6.7. Verifying your supplier/sourcing agent.

Before making the final deal make sure the supplier or the sourcing agent is verified by the Chinese Government. As millions of businessmen go to China to import goods. Consequently, China is full of suppliers and sourcing agents. Sad but true many fake companies also try to scam investors in China.

So, make sure you verify the supplier or the sourcing agent has all the necessary documents and all the documents are updated.

6.8. Negotiate with Low MOQs.

If you are dealing with a sourcing agent, MOQ or the number of products you have to order is not a big deal. They take any amount of order. But if you are dealing with manufacturers directly, they will try to sell as many products as possible. So, negotiate properly.

Start with below 50% of their standard MOQ (what they say on their website) and never cross 60% of that number. As you are taking financial risks, take as low as you can.

7. How long does shipping from China take?

In general, we can say, shipping from China to any country in the world takes 1-5 days if you use express shipping. Air shipping takes 5-15 days, depending on the distances between countries. And sea shipping ranges from 12 – to 65 days depending on the distance between two ports.

Shipping time can be extended for the country you are shipping to. If the country you are shipping to lacks infrastructural facilities to unload goods, a lack of warehouses, or a poor customs policy, that can delay the entire shipping process.

So, the answer to the question, “how long does shipping from china take” is nothing you can give in a single line. It all depends on your shipping experience, choosing the right freight forwarder and picking a good time to ship which means avoiding pick time like Christmas season.

8. Why do I need a freight forwarder while shipping from China?

Freight forwarders are a critical link in the supply chain for manufacturers and suppliers in China. Freight forwarders are the intermediaries of international shipping.

They are responsible for taking the goods you want to ship from the place you want to ship to and then getting that cargo from one place to another.

They accomplish this through the use of their extensive network of shipping partners and their experience in the industry. As such, freight forwarders play a crucial role in the international shipping process.

Good freight forwarder from China

The shipping industry is one of the most critical parts of the supply chain, and when freight is delayed, it can put businesses in a bind. Freight forwarders are responsible for taking cargo from where it’s produced to where it’s needed, and they do this by identifying the best shipping options for a given shipment.

They work with the carriers and suppliers to get the best rates and services possible, ensuring that your shipments reach their destination quickly and efficiently.

You have several different options when you want to ship items from China. You can ship your items through the China Post, which is the government-operated postal service. This can be a cost-effective option for small packages, but it can be quite slow. Another option is to use a freight forwarder.

The role of freight forwarders in international shipping is an important one. Their services make it much easier for companies to ship goods from China to other countries, saving both time and money. As such, freight forwarders are an important part of the international shipping industry.

9. How do I find a good freight forwarder for shipping from China?

How to select a good freight forwarder? There is no simple answer to this question.

One thing that you’ll want to look for is a company that offers a variety of services, such as international shipping, import/export shipping, and customs clearance support. Make sure that the company has a good reputation with experience in the industry and that you can contact a customer service representative to ask questions anytime.

One expert suggestion from us is to look at the website of the freight forwarder. Good freight forwarders provide much information about international shipping, country-based shipping, and much other knowledge that can help international shippers. They also offer a free quotation.

You can contact them and ask for a quotation (even if you don’t have one now). If they respond quickly, you can rely on that freight forwarder. Also, their certifications and awards provide a good idea about their standing in the industry.

Remember a good freight forwarder can not only save your cost of shipping from china but also prevent unnecessary shipping delays from china.

10. When should I use express shipping from China?

Express shipping really works at an express pace. When regular shipping takes weeks or months, express shipping can ship your goods in under 3 to 4 days! Top companies like DHL shipping from China, UPS shipping from China, FedEx, and TNT express shipping promise to send your product in under 3 working days.

They actually do that but at a high cost. We recommend express shipping for small packages (under 100 Kg) while shipping from China. One more thing we should inform you is that the chargeable weight for express shipping is higher than air freight. So, don’t get confused when you are charged higher for the same weight in express shipping than regular air shipping.

Learn the difference between regular air and express shipping

11. How much does shipping from China Cost?

Shipping items from China can be expensive. It is essential to find a good freight forwarder to help keep the cost of shipping from China down.

Many freight forwarders in China take a small percentage off the top of the shipping price to help with their services. Also, freight forwarders in China can deal with a lot of the paperwork and administration that comes with shipping items overseas.

Here is the list you should write on your check list of how much does shipping from china cost:

  • Packaging cost.
  • Inland transport cost
  • Port charges in China
  • Warehouse cost (optional)
  • Freight cost
  • Insurance cost (Optional)
  • Customs duties, VAT, and Taxes
  • Customs brokers charge
  • Inland transport charge in your country.
  • Freight forwarder’s charge

When you are calculating the cost of shipping from China, consider each point we mentioned above.

12. What is the Available Shipping Methods you can use to Import from China?

China has an oversized shipping industry and offers several different shipping methods to customers. One of the most common shipping methods is air shipping, which uses planes to transport packages from China to other countries.

Ocean shipping is another common method that ships transport packages from China to other countries.

Shipping agent from China offers as an international shipping partner. Freight forwarders in China offer air, ocean, and ground shipping from our China warehouse and distribution center.

China Post is our preferred shipping method for parcels that are smaller in size or do not require a customs declaration. China Post Small Packet Plus is a premium shipping option that provides faster delivery. But many times, consumers complain about late delivery or even product loss.

When it comes to shipping a package, consumers have a number of different options to choose from. These include the traditional methods of air and ocean shipping, as well as a variety of faster and more efficient ways of shipping, including direct delivery to consumers (DDP) and express shipping.

13. Is it necessary to get insurance before shipping from China?

It is necessary specially for high value goods, but taking insurance is not mandatory while shipping from China.

Though it is not mandatory that does not mean insurance is not necessary. Insurance always gives you extra confidence that you won’t face any financial loss if any accident happens to your shipment.

If you are shipping expensive cargo, we recommend you take insurance to stay on the safer side. Generally shipping from China is a very secure method if you pick a good freight forwarder.

14. What is the cheapest shipping from China?

This is the most common question we hear from our clients regularly, “What is the cheapest shipping from China.” And the answer is, Ocean shipping. There are two different types of ocean shipping. For a huge volume of product FCL where you have to book an entire container, is the cheapest.

But for the majority of business LCL sea shipping is the cheapest shipping from China. Winsky freight is the best LCL sea shipping provider in China. You can ask for a quotation from us and compare it with other freight forwarders.

15. Why is shipping from China so Expensive?

Shipping costs have increased dramatically in China, the world’s largest shipping market.

Last year, shipping costs in China jumped by roughly 360 %, significantly affecting businesses that rely on shipping from China. There are a number of reasons why shipping from China is so expensive. But greater shipping demand and a container shortage are the main two reasons behind it.

Shipping has always been an important part of our global supply chain. It allows companies to move inventory from one place to another, and it also allows them to receive goods from other companies around the world. In the past, shipping was relatively inexpensive, but that has changed in recent years. The expansion of China as a manufacturing center has led to an increase in shipping demand worldwide.

16. Why Choose Winsky Freight while shipping from China?

International shipping is most probably one of the critical jobs in the world. Not only because there are lots of rules and methods, but also every country has its own sets of rules which make shipping from China more difficult.

But that does not happen when you work with Winsky freight. The first reason is we have been in this industry for more than a decade. Ask any shipper; experience is the most important part of international shipping.

Moreover, we have good networking with local transportation companies and customs brokers in every country so that you can take your shipment to your warehouse in the shortest possible time. If you have any upcoming projects or any queries, just send us a message.


Shipping from China is most probably one of the best business options right now. But if you don’t know all the ins and outs, you won’t be able to make any profit. Instead, you can lose a huge amount of investment. That’s why we created this “Your Ultimate Guide – Shipping from China.”

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our shipping experts will join you shortly. Do business with China and do it in the right way. Winsky freight is always here to assist you.

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