DDP Shipping from China

DPP as one of the shipping terms, it also named“Delivered Duty Paid”, can be used for any mode of transport, including ocean, road or air transportation, including multimodal transportation.

Under DDP shipping terms, we are responsible for paying for all of the shipping costs associated with the delivery of goods right up until they get to the named place of destination. You are then responsible for unloading the goods at the end destination.

DDP special line service features:

DDP special line service, as a tailor-made service for Amazon and B2B business, helping you to enhance the product competitiveness. Shipping by air transport to the airport or sea to the port, after clearing the customs and pay the tax, then we use UPS, Fedex, trucks to send door to the door, to ensure packages with one-stop service.

Our DDP shipping service can be connected to Amazon FBA, business addresses, private addresses. The biggest advantage of the DDP shipping line is the price, so the delivery time will be relatively slower than Express . Of course, there are also some special line delivery time is fast too!

Since the goods are directly transported by the freight forwarding company, the strength and reputation of the freight forwarder company will determine the service capacity. Therefore, it is important to choose a company with strong ability and good reputation!

DDP the best way to import from China to Amazon

We have extensive knowledge and experience of shipping to Amazon FBA in USA, Canada, UK, Germany and etc from China by Delivered Duty Paid(DDP) shipping. We will complete customs clearance process, pay import duty and taxes then UPS will send the cargo to your Amazon FBA warehouse, you just need to wait for the goods be arrived. Air freight takes about 7-12 days.

China to Canada Speical line

It has the fixed flight between our company and the air carrier. It is transported by air to Canada, and UPS proceed the end delivery. Delivery time is stable and fast, so that customers can enjoy the express service at the good price.


China to UK Speical line

Sino-British special-line logistics service is delivered to cover the whole of the UK; there are few delivery restrictions, it meets the logistics needs of Amazon and private clients. Delivery takes about 7-10 working days, tax-inclusive.

FedEx_Express Shipping china

China to European Speical line

Door-to-door service that is rapidly cooperating with UPS and sent to European countries. Price is competitive, stable time and high safety. It can be delivered to the UK, France, Norway, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands and etc.


DDP shipping from China notice:

Accepted Products:

General products such as LED lightings, electronic components,USB, Drivers, PCB and etc, Brand products or Sensitive products like Mobile power bank, battery, watches, Cosmetics, electronic cigarettes, smoke oil.

Not accepted products:

Liquids, powders, arms weapons, flammable and explosive materials, etc., adult products, medicines, food products.


1-3CBM 30 days free consolidation & storage in our China warehouse.

DDP Air Shipping:

Reference Delivery Time: 7-10 work days after plane take off.

DDP Sea shipping:

Reference Delivery Time: 25 work days

Charge Weight >10KG/Carton, and must below 31KG/Carton.

Package requirements:

Strong carton box; Length can not exceed 100cm, the second side length can not exceed 75cm, the circumference “length + (width + height) * 2” does not exceed 330cm according to UPS package requirement, or will create large package charge.

Operating procedures

Deliver the goods to the designated airport warehouse according to the information such as the warehousing address and number, then the airport warehouse will confirm the final billing weight according to the weight and volume of the goods, and issue the air transport and airway bill of lading

After the two parties agree on the price and the Airfreight export route, the client shall fill in the “Air Cargo Power of Attorney”as required, and return the information by mail, then we officially accepts the relevant entrustment.

After accepting the entrustment, we will reserve the air cargo booking with the airline according to the cargo situation, delivery time and the request of the client, determine the flight information of the air transport export, and feedback the information to customer promptly.

Our operator will submit the bill of lading information to the airline according to the information of the consignee and consignor provided by the customer, and confirm the bill of lading and other information with the client before submitting the document formally.

Winsky freight will review and organize the complete customs declaration documents provided by customer, and submit the documents to the China Airport Customs. After the approval by the customs department, the goods will be released.

We will confirm the air freight cost of the goods according to the final billing weight and other miscellaneous charges issued by the customs supervision warehouse, and provide payment notice to the client.

After the goods are put into the airport warehouse, we will closely track the air cargo operation and arrival status, and inform the customer in time; if it is DDU or DDP customs clearance delivery service, we will maintain close cooperation with overseas agents until the goods are delivered to clients.

Cooperated Airline Carriers


We have extensive knowledge and experience of shipping to Amazon FBA in USA, Canada, UK, Germany from China by Delivered Duty Paid(DDP) shipping. We will complete customs clearance process, pay import duty and taxes then UPS will send the cargo to your Amazon FBA warehouse, you just need to wait for the goods be arrived. Air freight takes about 7-12 days.

In many countries we have the cooperated agents, and can handle Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) clearance and delivery.

This enables us to pay any import taxes, duties to Customs on your behalf to enable a quicker clearance and delivery without the consignee having to pay anything.

It should be noted that the consignee still may need to provide paperwork or information to Customs or our local broker to enable the clearance.

If you are looking for an international freight forwarding company from China and who can assit you with the shipping and focus on improving your supply chain, then please contact us.

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