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Shipping from China to Ireland

As a world-leading freight-forwarding company, Winsky Freight offers you the best service for shipping from China to Ireland since 2008. We offer various shipping options including Air freight, Sea freight, and railway freight door-to-door from China to Ireland, No matter the volume and type of your shipment, we have a solution that meets your demands.

With Winsky, you can ship your cargo from any city in China to Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, and more cities in Ireland. With flexible delivery options like port-to-port, airport-to-airport, door-to-door, or any combination at affordable prices.

At Winsky Freight, you are assured premium shipping services like the best shipping routes to Ireland at competitive prices, doorstep delivery options, import clearance duties at no extra cost, and a 24/7 online customer support team. With additional services such as consolidated shipping, free short-term storage, and affiliation with multiple verified sea & air carriers.

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Your Reliable freight forwarder from China to Ireland

  • Cheapest freight, no additional charge, door to door delivery.

  • Affordable doorstep delivery on all freight shipping from China to Ireland with no hidden fees

  • Smooth customs import clearance and duties process with DDP shipping from China to Ireland

  • Free short-term warehouse storage on all consolidated shipment

  • Additional shipping services like cargo insurance and consolidated shipment

  • Goods pick-up services from suppliers/manufacturers from any city in China

  • Monitor your shipment progress with full online tracking

One-stop Cargo Shipping Options from China to Ireland

Air Freight from China to Ireland

Air freight from China to Ireland

We provide you with fast & flexible air freight options from China to all major airports in Ireland, with doorstep delivery options. Our carriers are carefully selected to ensure the safe delivery of your goods from China to Ireland.

Sea freight from China to Ireland

Sea freight from China to Ireland

Get affordable and reliable Port to Port, Door to Door LCL Sea freight options from any port in China to Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Galway, Limerick, etc. We also provide tailored solutions for your sea freight needs.

Express freight from China to Ireland

Express shipping from China to Ireland

Get FedEx, UPS, TNT, and DHL fast doorstep delivery of your parcels from China to Ireland in 3 – 5 business days. Express shipping has efficient customs clearance teams to proceed with the import process smoothly.

Rail Freight from China to Ireland

Rail Freight from China to Ireland

Save time & money with reliable rail freight shipping options from China to Ireland, and get your shipment 40% faster than sea shipping and 50% cheaper than air freight.

Door to Door Shipping from China to Ireland

DDP Shipping from China to Ireland

Get fast shipping options through efficient customs clearance and tax-free channels on door-to-door deliveries from China to Ireland either by air, sea, or rail – at no extra cost.

shipping insurance from China

Insurance from China to Ireland

Provide high quality of insurance for shipping from China to Ireland, especially suitalbe for high value goods Shipping by Sea or Air, insurance rate is as low as 3‰ of the goods commercial value, make you goods is fully protected.

Provide shipping solutions for General and Dangerous products


Led Bulb Lamps

Power Bank

If you have the parcel nned to pickup from china and delivering it to your destination address in Ireland, our professional logistics team will do it for you. We offer the most competitive parcel delivery from China to Ireland and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you.

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Below is the FAQ for Shipping from China to Ireland

What is the cheapest shipping from China to Ireland?2023-05-17T09:09:01+08:00

Sea freight is the cheapest shipping method from China to Ireland, however, the total delivery takes about 40-50 days for door to door shipping. If you don’t need to receive the goods urgently, you can choose sea freight for saving your shipping cost.

What documents are required for goods imported to Ireland?2023-05-17T09:07:12+08:00

Irish customs clearance requires the import and export of Irish goods to be provided with a commercial invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, packing list, and special documents might required(such as quality certificate, inspection certificate, etc.)

What is the shipping cost from China to Ireland?2023-05-17T09:05:56+08:00

The shipping cost from China to Ireland is affected by many factors, like the product name and type, the dimension and weight, the shipping methods, it is better to ask the freight forwarder for best shipping quote.

What is the Shipping time from China to Ireland?2023-05-17T09:03:56+08:00

Express delivery: About 3-5 working days.

Air freight delivery: About 5-10 days.

Sea freight: About 30 working days.

Train freight: about 25 work days.

Shipping from China to Ireland Process:


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Your Ultimate Guide | Shipping from China to Ireland

Shipping from China to Ireland is not an easy task to do. You need to know the customs regulations, the shipping companies, and how much it’ll cost you, and that’s not even half of it! Most people have no idea where to begin and are overwhelmed with the entire process.

Winsky freight has been operating in the Irish market for over a decade.  After finishing this article, you will learn everything you need to know before shipping from China to Ireland.

So, please read the entire article, and if you don’t find the answer you are looking for, you can always contact us, and we are always ready to help you out.

1. How to Prepare for shipping from China to Ireland?

International trading is a profitable business, but there are some prerequisites that you have to complete. So, if you are interested in shipping from China, here are the steps you MUST follow:

Step 1. Obtain Permits

You’ll need to obtain a permit from the Irish government prior to importing anything into Ireland. You’ll want to do this well ahead of time because it can take up to six weeks to receive approval.

Irish Government site to register as an importer

Once you’ve received permission, you’ll need to send a copy of the document to Customs in Dublin. They’ll review your paperwork and decide whether they approve the shipment. If they don’t, you’ll need to resubmit the documents.

Step 2. Prepare Documentation

When submitting your paperwork to Customs, you’ll need to provide proof that you have the proper licenses to export products from China. These include things like a valid export license, a certificate of origin, and a bill of lading. You’ll also need to submit a list of the specific goods being imported.

Step 3: Check trade laws in China and Ireland

In 2017, the Trump administration imposed tariffs on Chinese products worth $34 billion. Many companies are now facing increased costs due to those duties. But there are ways to avoid paying the extra fees. To begin with, check the rules around exports to Ireland. If you want to import into Ireland, you must comply with Irish law.

Step 4: Decide what to import from china

The fourth step in setting up a successful eCommerce store in Ireland is to figure out what kinds of things you’ll be importing from China. There are many different types of products you could choose from, ranging from clothing to electronics to toys. But before you start shopping around for some Chinese imports, consider whether there is enough demand for your product in Ireland.

Top Irish Imports from China:

Ireland imported $1.5 billion worth of goods from China in 2017, according to data compiled by the World Trade Organization. Of those imports, machinery accounted for nearly half ($814 million). Other major categories included electrical equipment ($715 million), clothing ($638 million), furniture ($566 million), prefabricated buildings ($451 million), and nuclear reactors ($385 million).

Step 5: Find a supplier from china

China is home to over 4 million manufacturers, including thousands of companies that specialize in manufacturing products for export. These companies typically operate under tight deadlines and low budgets, making them perfect candidates for a startup entrepreneur.

Once you identify a potential partner, you’ll need to set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss terms. You’ll want to negotiate a price based on projected demand at this stage. This way, you won’t end up paying too much for something that doesn’t meet your needs. You’ll need to sign a contract detailing your expectations when you reach an agreement. Then you’ll need to send payment via Western Union or MoneyGram. Once the money arrives, the supplier will ship the item(s). Depending on the size of your order, delivery times vary. Most items arrive within 2 weeks, although larger orders can take longer.

Step 6: Estimate your tax liability

The good news is that the process of importing and exporting goods to China is pretty straightforward. You just need to make sure you follow a few rules and regulations and keep up to date with the latest changes.

VAT, customs duty, and excise duty are the import taxes the Irish Government charges from importers. VAT is charged based on where the goods are sold. Customs duty applies to imported products that are destined to be consumed within China. Excise duty is levied on certain specific categories of goods, such as alcohol and tobacco products.

If you want to avoid paying any additional taxes while importing goods to China, here are some things to consider:

  1. Make sure your supplier is registered to sell to importers. If he isn’t, he won’t be able to provide you with a certificate of origin.
  2. Check whether the product you intend to export is covered under one of the following special tariff schemes: free trade agreement, preferential tariff scheme, or zero tariffs scheme. Products falling under these schemes don’t attract any import taxes, making them ideal for companies looking to save money on international shipments.
  3. Keep track of the prices of similar goods being imported into China. If there is a price difference, you could qualify for a refund.
  4. Select the freight forwarder yourself instead of depending on the supplier. A freight forwarder will take care of everything from packing to Documentation, saving you time and effort.

Step 7: Hire a freight forwarder in china

Chinese freight forwarders are very efficient and affordable. But not all freight forwarders have the same level of expertise. And as China exports all over the world, the country has thousands of freight forwarders. Therefore, it is not easy to find a good freight forwarder. You MUST know how to find a good freight forwarder in China. This will reduce your shipping costs by a great deal.

A Freight forwarder is essential while shipping from China to Ireland

2. What are the options while Shipping from China to Ireland? 

As a matter of fact, there are more options than in many other countries. you have many options. But it isn’t easy to find the ideal one that will suit your requirements.

Freight forwarding companies offer different services depending on what you need. You can choose between express shipping by courier service and airfreight. Express shipping by courier service is usually the most expensive one, but it takes minimal time to deliver your products.

Airfreight is also expensive (Not like express shipping, though), and it delivers your goods quickly. Sea freight is also available if you need to ship large items across oceans. Train freight is another option for sending heavy loads long distances.

Freight forwarding companies will explain all the details about the various shipping methods and help you determine which one is right for you.

2.1. Express shipping from china to Ireland

As a professional international logistics service providers, we have been committed to provide professional and efficient international express services like DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS, the delivery time is about 3 to 5 work days for Express shipping to Ireland, and we are the official partner of the express companies, so we can provide you with reliable, flexible and cost-effective international express services. The distribution areas including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Kildale, Waterford, Carey County, Mayo County, and so on.

Recommended express delivery to Ireland:

  • DHL shipping from China to Ireland-high speed, timeliness guaranteed, no need for Eori number.
  • FedEx shipping from China to Ireland-the price is cheaper than DHL, the off-season price advantage is obvious, and the speed is faster.
  • EMS shipping from China to Ireland– small parcels have advantages in price, high speed, charging according to actual weight, and easy pass through import customs clearance.

The advantages of using Winsky International Express to send to Ireland

Price discount: Through Winsky, you will enjoy ultra-low discounts on official announced prices by taking international express deliveries such as DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex, etc.

Convenient delivery: if you don’t know how to send international express, we will have special customer service to help you complete the safe and fast international distribution plan.

Prfessional services: if you need, we will help you repack the packages to meet international standards for sending parcels, reduce unnecessary packaging, postage and improve the security of parcels.

Efficient and safe: when we receive your package, we will put it into storage on the same day and deliver it as soon as possible.

Door-to-door pick-up: we can provide door-to-door pick-up in Shenzhen, and we can help you contact the local express company in other areas to achieve door-to-door pick-up and delivery to your Ireland destination.

2.2. Air Freight from China to Ireland

China to Ireland air freight is an excellent choice if you need to ship something urgently. Air freight usually costs more than sea or rail but provides many benefits that the other two cannot offer. Air freight is safer and more flexible than sea or rail transportation. Airfreight is the best choice for international shipments because it can efficiently schedule deliveries and manage its small cargo loads.

We provide air transport solutions from China Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, and other places to most of the Ireland Airport like Dublin, Cork,Shannon, and so on, having strong operation network, more than 500 fixed high-quality cooperation agents overseas, covering Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia, reduce the cost of air transportation by 20%, professional service team, perfect after-sales, and we can also provide international air import and export door-to-door one-stop DDP air shipping service to ensure that goods can be delivered to you smoothly and timely.

The advantage airlines for shipping to Ireland Airport are as follows:

Eastern Europe / Central and Western Asia: EK/TK/CX/EY/UN/AY/SU and other airlines.
India and Pakistan: CX/EK/EY/HX/KA and other airlines.
Africa: BA/EK/EY/ET/SA/AF/SN/SS and other airlines.
Central and South America: BA/AC/LH/EK/AM/LA/TP/4X/NZ/KL/E6/S6/QF/6R and other airlines.
Australia: GA/CX/NZ/QF/TG/FJ/AK and other airlines.

2.3. Transit time

Transit times vary greatly depending on the destination airport. For example, if you’re going to fly out of Beijing Capital International Airport, transit times will likely be shorter than if you were flying out of Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Transit times also depend on whether you’re shipping bulk goods or not. If you’re sending a large number of small items like books or clothing, transit times may be longer because customs agents need to inspect each item individually.

On the other hand, if you’re sending a single piece of furniture, transit times might be quicker because customs agents won’t need to examine every item individually. Finally, transit times also depend on the size and weight of your shipment. Larger shipments tend to take longer to clear customs, while smaller ones go through customs more quickly.

If you want to know a number, it is between 5 to 10 days, depending on the departure and arrival ports.

2.4. Air Freight Weight Calculation Method:

  1. The unit of calculation is kilograms, and the minimum billed weight is 45KG.
  2. Volume weight = length (cm) × width (cm) × high (cm) / 6000 OR: Volume weight = cargo volume (cubic meters) × 167kg.
  3. Actual weight = the physical weight of the goods after weighing.
  4. Billed weight = volume weight compared with the actual weight, choose the larger one as the billed weight.
  5. Heavy goods: the actual weight of the goods is greater than the volume weight.
  6. Light weight goods: the actual weight of the goods is less than the volume weight.

2.5. Top Airports in Ireland 

Dublin Airport

Durbin Airport is the largest airport in Ireland. It is located in County Offaly, about 20 miles from the city of Limerick.

Durbin Airport has a long history of being a major hub for air cargo and passenger traffic. It was originally built as an RAF base during World War II and was later used by the US Air Force until it closed in 1996.

Dublin Airport

The airport has been undergoing significant changes since then, with new terminals being built and old ones being demolished to make way for new developments. The airport has been expanding rapidly over the last few years, with new terminals, parking facilities, and other infrastructure being added to accommodate more passengers and cargo.

Shanon Airport

In 2016, Shannon Airport was named the best in Europe by airline reviews website Skytrax. Its location at the foot of Shannon mountain made it the ideal place for transatlantic flights, with the airport becoming a major hub for American Airlines and United Airlines.

Today, the airport serves as a major gateway for the Mid-West and has direct flights to Dublin, New York, and Boston. It is also home to the Shannon Aerospace and Defence Academy and the Shannon Seaport, an Irish Government facility that hosts several maritime and maritime technology companies.

Other Top Airports in Ireland

  • Ireland West Knock Airport
  • Cork Airport
  • Kerry Airport
  • Donegal Airport
  • Waterford Airport

3. Sea Freight from China to Ireland

Ocean freight is the most popular form of transportation for exporting and importing goods. Sea freight is cheaper than air freight because sea freight can carry a huge amount of goods. Sea freight can carry 1800 containers which will be equal to thousands of air freight. Therefore,90% of global transportation happens via sea freight.

Sea freight is the cheapest shipping from China to Ireland

Sea freight is much slower than air freight, but most businesses prefer this shipping method for its low costs and flexibility, such as FCL and LCL shipping mode.

If you are a small or medium business owner, LCL is your best shipping solution. Winsky freight offers the best LCL shipping service at the most competitive price.

3.1. Transit Time

 Port of Origin  Destination port  Transit time
 Xiamen  Dublin  35 Days
 Qingdao  Dublin  34 Days
 Tianjin  Dublin  33 Days
 Dalina  Dublin  36 Days
 Ningbo  Dublin  40 Days
 Guangzhou  Dublin  44 Days
 Shenzhen  Dublin  30 Days
 Shanghai  Dublin  42 Days

*** The transit time can vary for various reasons. So please add one week to the given time to be on the safer side.

3.2. Top seaports in Ireland


The seaport has been at the heart of Ireland’s modernization as it has played a key role in the country’s economic development.: Mr. Rathmullen is proud of the seaport and its role in modernizing Ireland. He wants it to continue to play this role.

The seaport is home to the world’s largest floating construction in the form of an oil rig and has recently been expanded to become the largest LEED Silver building in Europe.

Today, it is the only scheduled passenger ferry service in Europe that operates across multiple bodies of water, and it has become a key transport link for the area.

Shannon Foynes Port.

One of the most striking things about Shannon Foynes’ port is the way it changes colors. It turns a deep red when it’s hot outside and a dazzling white when the snow falls. The port isn’t a place you see often: it’s a tiny, secluded cove on the island’s western shore, far from the main village. But no matter where you are on the island, if you look to the west, you can see Shannon Foynes.

In the past five years, Shannon Foynes has been one of the most prolific ports in the country. The small town in County Clare has been home to some of the largest ships in the world, with over 400,000 TEU passing through its facilities. The biggest exporters to the port include Nestle, Diageo, and 3M, and there are plans to grow that number even further.

The port has also played a major role in Ireland’s economic recovery over the past decade, with many companies choosing to base themselves in Shannon Foynes rather than the larger ports of Dublin or Cork.

Other Important Seaports in Ireland

  • Rosslare.
  • Sligo.
  • Waterford.
  • Westport.
  • Wicklow.
  • Youghal.

4. Train Freight from China to Ireland

China to Ireland rail freight is another excellent shipping method. Rail freight stays between air and sea freight.

This route offers lower costs than airfreight, and trains are able to reach destinations much quicker than ships. In fact, the average journey time is just over 24 hours compared to around 30 days for cargo shipped by sea.

Container of a train freight

There are three main routes across Asia to Europe, including those from South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. However, the most common way to cross Asia is through China and the Shanghai port.

5. How to find a good freight forwarder in China? 

When you have lots of options, finding anything good becomes tough. As China imports more than any other country in the world, the number of freight forwarders in China is uncountable. But with a few tricks, you can find an ideal freight forwarder. Here are a few tips to help you find the right one for your business:

  • Know your shipping needs – Before you start looking for a freight forwarder, know what your shipping needs are. What kind of products are you shipping? How often do you need to ship? What is your budget? Once you have a clear idea of your shipping needs, you can start looking for a freight forwarder that can meet those needs.
  • Research the options – There are many freight forwarders to choose from, so it’s important to do your research. Read online reviews, talk to other businesses that have used freight forwarders in China, and get quotes from multiple companies. This will help you narrow down your options and find the best company for your needs.
  • Ask for references – Once you’ve narrowed down your options, ask each company for references. These references should be from businesses that have used the company’s services before. This will give you an idea of the quality of service you can expect.
  • Get everything in writing – Once you’ve chosen a freight forwarder, get everything in writing. This includes the price, the terms of service, and any other important details. This will protect you in case there are any issues with the service later on.
  • Ask for recommendations – Find out freight forwarders who are already shipping from China to Ireland and whose customers are satisfied with them.
  • Get quotes from multiple companies –Shipping quotes may vary. Therefore, ask for a quotation from several freight forwarders. This will help you compare rates and find the best deal. But if someone gives you a “too good to be true” type quotation, avoid them. There must be hidden costs.

If you want to learn more about this, please read our detailed guide on how to find the best freight forwarder in China.

6. What Is The Cost Of Shipping From China To Ireland?

Shipping costs depend on many factors. For example, there are different types of shipping methods, the weight of the item, the destination, and the type of packaging used. Some products require special handling because of their size or fragility. Other items are shipped via regular shipping containers. Here are some ways to calculate shipping costs.

  • Determine the total weight of the shipment. This includes the actual weight of the product itself, plus the weight of the box and packing materials. If you want to include shipping insurance, add another 10% to 20%.
  • Calculate the dimensions of the package. You can use the following formula to determine the volume of a rectangular box: length x width x height cubic inches.
  • Find out what type of transportation you are using. Do you have to pay extra fees for air freight? Is there a surcharge for oversized packages? Ask your shipper about these charges.
  • Decide whether you want to use a standard container or a specialized one. A standard container is designed to hold multiple shipments together. They come in sizes ranging from 40 feet long to 80 feet long. Specialized containers are usually smaller and are meant to carry just one shipment at a time. These typically range in sizes from 8 feet long to 30 feet long.
  • Consult your shipper about the rates for each option. Most companies offer discounts for large orders. Also, ask about additional fees for expedited shipping.
  • Add up all the numbers and compare them to your budget. If you find that the total exceeds your budget, look into purchasing insurance. Insurance protects against loss or damage during transit.

7. What is the shipping time from China to Ireland? 

Air Freight Shipping time

The average delivery time is around 10 days. But that doesn’t always work out. Sometimes, shipments arrive much earlier or later than expected. And sometimes, things just go wrong.

Many other factors also impact time. For example, weather conditions, holidays, and even the size of the package can cause delays.

Sea Freight Shipping time

The average time a cargo ship travels from China to Ireland by sea is about 40 days. However, it can take anywhere from 14 to 74 days, depending on where the ship is located in China.

The fastest route was from Shanghai to Dublin, taking just 34 days. This was followed by Xiamen to Dublin, taking 30 days. The slowest route was from Tianjin to Dublin, taking 44 days.

Train Freight Shipping time  

Train freight takes 15-30 days to ship from China to Ireland.

8. What is the import tax from China to Ireland?

Import duty is one of those things that most people don’t really think about. But it’s something that everyone needs to know how to calculate. If you want to know what the import duty is on a product, there are some steps you need to follow.

First, you need to find out whether you are importing a good or service. Goods include anything that you buy from a store, while services include things like legal advice, accounting, etc. Next, you need to figure out the value of the item.

As an EU country the customs duty, VAT and TAXes are not the same for all countries. You can get an overall idea from their official website of revenue.

The standard for Irish customs to judge the value of goods is CIF, that is, cost + insurance + freight (commodity price + insurance + freight).

Duty is Free under the following circumstances.

  • FOB value less than EUR 150 (merchandise value, excluding freight and insurance).
  • The Duty that needs to be paid is less than 10 euros.

VAT is not required to pay in the following cases.

  • CIF value less than 22 euros (total merchandise value, freight, insurance costs).
  • The VAT that needs to be paid is less than 6 euros.
  • Ireland’s VAT (value added tax) is 23% duty depends on specific goods, electronic goods usually do not have duty, clothing and other textiles duty is around 10% to 20%.

9. Mandatory Documents. 

Documents play the most crucial role in international shipping. You can not receive your goods if you fail to show all the proper Documentation. Here are the main documents you have to show to the Italian customs department:

  • Airway Bill/Bill of Lading
  • Packaging List
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Letter of Credit
  • Import Permission.
  • Special license for prohibited products (If applicable)
Sample of Commercial invoice

10. How Can Winsky Freight Deliver the Best Shipping from China to Ireland? 

If you’re exporting from China to Ireland, you’ll want to work with a company that has experience with this route. Shippers from Ireland have been using the services of Winsky to transport goods from China to Ireland for more than a decade.

We have a dedicated team in Ireland to serve our clients. Because of this, our customs experts are familiar with all the rules and regulations of the customs, import duties from China to Thailand, and are always up to date.


We’ve shipped hundreds of products from China to Ireland, and we’d like to share what we learned along the way. Shipping from China to Ireland isn’t rocket science, but many factors affect your shipment cost. You’ll need to consider customs clearance procedures, transit times, tariffs, insurance, brokerage fees, and other costs. You may also need to factor in time zones and holidays when planning your shipments.

Shipping from China to Italy can be done through different means. Air freight, sea freight, and courier services are just three options you can consider when looking at your shipment needs. We offer all of them. Please message us if you want to learn more or have anything to ship from China to Ireland.

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