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As we know, urgent shipments need fast air freight delivery services, providing customers with firm space on scheduled carriers would be very necessary. Proudly over the 8 years Winsky international have developed strong relationships with many major carriers operating from China region to any destination around the world, and it is necessary for you to have a partner who can provides stability and reliability to maintain your import business, Winsky International can provide you with peace mind of solutions for all your airfreight requirements.

We offer air freight cargo service to both companies and individuals. If you’re looking for door to door or port to port service, utilizing our network of world-wide agents with whom we have had many years of working together, we’ll take care of your Air shipment by providing Global integrated logistics solutions, including storage, insurance, fulfillment and distribution from China to your destination.

Why Choose Our Air Freight Service?

Winsky freight Air Cargo Services Include:

  • Door to Door or Airport to Airport Service

  • Air freight document arranging

  • Freight consolidation from different city of China

  • Custom clearance in major airports

  • Dangerous goods handling and delivery

  • Labeling, Packaging and Pallet
  • Transport insurance

  • Import courier service

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Operating procedures

Deliver the goods to the designated airport warehouse according to the information such as the warehousing address and number, then the airport warehouse will confirm the final billing weight according to the weight and volume of the goods, and issue the air transport and airway bill of lading

After the two parties agree on the price and the Airfreight export route, the client shall fill in the “Air Cargo Power of Attorney”as required, and return the information by mail, then we officially accepts the relevant entrustment.

After accepting the entrustment, we will reserve the air cargo booking with the airline according to the cargo situation, delivery time and the request of the client, determine the flight information of the air transport export, and feedback the information to customer promptly.

Our operator will submit the bill of lading information to the airline according to the information of the consignee and consignor provided by the customer, and confirm the bill of lading and other information with the client before submitting the document formally.

Winsky freight will review and organize the complete customs declaration documents provided by customer, and submit the documents to the China Airport Customs. After the approval by the customs department, the goods will be released.

We will confirm the air freight cost of the goods according to the final billing weight and other miscellaneous charges issued by the customs supervision warehouse, and provide payment notice to the client.

After the goods are put into the airport warehouse, we will closely track the air cargo operation and arrival status, and inform the customer in time; if it is DDU or DDP customs clearance delivery service, we will maintain close cooperation with overseas agents until the goods are delivered to clients.

Cooperated Airline Carriers

Air freight conclusion

Even at long distances, your cargo is in the best hands! With the support of the most advanced systems, qualified and reliable employees are available around the clock to make sure that your load arrives at its final destination safely, cost-efficiently and on time – worldwide. All important air cargo hubs are serviced on a daily basis and your orders are handled by experts on site.

We will inform you about all requirements such as customs regulations and transport insurances, and we’re happy to support you with important documents. No matter what you require of us, we will provide you with a suitable cargo solution – safe, flexible and reliable.

International Shipping from China Procedures

Contact China Supplier/Manufacturer

Shipping document guidance

Export declaration filing

Restricted party screening

Prepare Transport and Documentation

Freight booking

Cargo insurance

Shipment tracking

International Shipping

Ocean Freight (LCL)

Air Freight

Express/Courier Freight

Import and Export Customs

Customs brokerage

Transportation Services

Transloading-Ground freight -Trucking


Delivered to you

Delivered to FBA Amazon warehouse

Delivered to Destination

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