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How to file a freight Loss or Damage claim sucessfully?

Freight claim can be defined as a legal demand by the consignee or a shipper to a carrier for financial reimbursements. This happens if the shipment has been lost, damaged or delay. Freight claim is also knowns as cargo claims, transportation claims or shipping claims. When [...]

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Ship from China to Amazon fba guide

Amazon FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) provide a diversified and personalized services platform for sellers. Many sellers who sell products on the Amazon platform for the first time have encountered shipping problems, especially in the era when the Internet and e-commerce is very popular. E-commerce sales in major cities will face [...]

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6 types of batteries -Dangerous Goods shipping from China regulations

There are six types of battery goods in the freight forwarding industry. PI965, PI966, PI967, PI968, PI969, PI970. Before starting the introduction, let us learn a few concepts in international shipping. IATA, it is the International Air Transport Association, a global trade [...]

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