Ship from China to Amazon fba guide

Amazon FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) provide a diversified and personalized services platform for sellers. Many sellers who sell products on the Amazon platform for the first time have encountered shipping problems, especially in the era when the Internet and e-commerce is very popular. E-commerce sales in major cities will face [...]

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6 types of batteries -Dangerous Goods shipping from China regulations

There are six types of battery goods in the freight forwarding industry. PI965, PI966, PI967, PI968, PI969, PI970. Before starting the introduction, let us learn a few concepts in international shipping. IATA, it is the International Air Transport Association, a global trade [...]

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Ultimate express freight shipping guide for 100+ delivery countries

Which express shipping from China is easy for custom clearance and cheap? 1. Express freight for European Countries: It is suitable to ship by DHL and TNT for Northern Europe and Southern Europe, and FedEx for Western Europe. The TNT customs clearance ability is the [...]

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What are the documents with China air shipping used for?

The functions of air shipping documents for air transportation Shipping goods by air freight requires you to fill out and provide several important freight shipping documents. Depending on where the goods are being sent and what kind of goods you’re importing, you may need one [...]

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Air Freight From China to the US: Everything You Need to Know

There are a number of advantages and benefits that your business can experience from utilizing air freight from China to the United States but it’s important that you know the ends and outs of air freight in order to get the most out of the [...]

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