Shipping from China to the US

Winsky Freight has been focused on the shipping from China to the United States for over 10 years, and is familiar with the local customs clearance, tax laws, regulations, and integrates the Air and Sea shipping Carrier and destination agents resources, have independently built the own efficient, stable, safe and economy China-US sea & air transport line, cooperates with leading airlines such as CA, CI, CX, BR, OZ, KE, SQ, JL, CZ, AA, UA and so on. Cooperates with famous Maritime MSK, COSCO, EMC, APL, PIL, MASTON, OOCL, and other large shipping companies, so we can provide you with both sea freight and air cargo service at US major ports across the country, also to the USA Amazon warehouse and any of your private address in the US.

They are many shipping methods we can choose for shipping from China to the USA, including Sea freight to the port of LOS ANGELES, LONG BEACH, SEATTLE, OAKLAND, NEW YORK, MIAMI, HOUSTON, etc, Airfreight to US Airport of Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, San Francisco, etc, and Express delivery door to door from China to any destination of the US. No matter for the air freight or sea freight, they have a port to port LCL & FCL transportation, and door to door transportation with DDU or DDP, handling all your import customs and duties, contact us for a free shipping quote now!

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Get best shipping rates from china to USA and save up to 70% on the cost of Express, Air & Sea shipping Carrier’s standard prices.

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One-stop shipping options from China to USA

Air Freight China to USA

Offer Competitive Air shipping price, AIRPORT TO AIRPORT, DOOR-TO-DOOR shipping from China to USA, Working with carefully selected carriers Emirates Airline (EK), Singapore Airlines (SQ), Air China (CA), and etc.

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Ocean Freight China to USA

Cheap LCL sea freight Port to Port, Door-to-door service and shipping from China to the seaport of LOS ANGELES, LONG BEACH, SEATTLE, OAKLAND, NEW YORK, Global Coverage, fast 20-25 days delivery, get a free shipping quote now!

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Express Shipping China to USA

FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT Fast and efficient door-to-door Shipping Solutions from China to the USA, 2-5 work days delivery time with best agent account shipping quote, contact us for better price now!

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DDU/DDP shipping China to USA

Shipping easy from China to USA, China self-developed channel, time-saving and with competitive price, customs clearance & Tax-free– door to door delivery goods by sea & air to your USA destination.

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Shipping China to US Amazon FBA

Handling your shipping from China to USA amazon fba by DDP Sea and Air freight directly, free Import Tax & Custom Clearance– door to door delivery, Professional And Personalized Service.

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Drop Shipping China to USA

ePacket & DDP Air Fast Drop shipping service from China to USA, shipping weight can be up to 10KG, delivery time is about 6- 12 work days, shipping orders to your customers on your behalf.

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Provide shipping solutions for General and Dangerous products


Led Bulb Lamps

Power Bank

If you have the shipment pickup to be done from china and delivering it to your destination address in USA, our professional logistics team will do it for you. We offer the most competitive parcel delivery from China to USA and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you.

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Express shipping from China to US

DHL shipping China

Express shipping (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT…) also known as door to door shipping,

Winsky Freight, as the domestic agent of the four major international express delivery companies like UPS, DHL, FedEx, and EMS,. The shipping price from China to the USA we can offer is 30% cheaper than you open a shipping account directly with Express companies.

DHL International Express: The service and delivery time are more guaranteed. Normally you can receive the shipment within 2-3 working days if import customs clearance is smooth, and flights space is available to the United States, Volume weight (length * width * height / 5000) need to be calculated.

If you import some sensitive items from China, the best you can choose is DHL International Express: you can import products with batteries, such as mobile phones, computers, cameras and other electronic products, the delivery time is about 5-7 working days, as only Airlines in Hong Kong can accept the batteries shipping from China to the US.

UPS International Express: The delivery time and shipping price is similar to DHL,and the volume weight (length * width * height / 5000) should be calculated too, but it needs to charge the private address fees if your location is a private address.

FedEx International Express: FedEx, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, has the characteristics of fast transportation speed and high security, and of course, you can send chemicals, food, medicine, cosmetics, etc., if you are in a hurry, you can choose this way, the cost is slightly more expensive than EMS, and customs clearance ability is not as good as EMS.

EMS international express: Each carton size can’t more than 60cm, charge directly according to the actual weight, there is no need to calculate the volume weight, but delivery time is more than a week from China to the United States.
EMS can accept goods shipping like food, cosmetics, medicine and other goods, the customs clearance successful rate is more than 98%, but compared with the delivery time, it is about two weeks and longer than DHL, UPS, FedEx.

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Need to ship goods by air freight with fast and cheap shipping? Contact Us for the best Express door to door freight rates now.

Sea freight from China to USA

sea freight company china

We focus on LCL sea freight from China to the United States main seaport like LOS ANGELES, LONG BEACH, SEATTLE, OAKLAND, NEW YORK, MIAMI, HOUSTON and etc.

  • LCL sea shipping from China main seaport Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin to major cities in the United States (warehouse to door).
  • We could provide also door-to-door sea shipping to the United States, which can be delivered to private address or commercial address in the US.
  • We arrange import and export declaration, shipping from China to American FBA warehouse directly.

Fast Special line Dropshipping

In order to increase the competitive advantage with local US sellers, we launches a time-stable and high investment dropshipping channel for goods shipped to USA, comprehensively considers the price, delivery time and import tax for the sellers in the American, shipping weight can be up to 10KG, delivery time is about 6- 12 work days, and is better and more stable than ePacket shipping.

End delivery is by US local USPS after import custom finished, items that can be sent: general goods, electronic products, built-in batteries, shoes, clothing products, etc. (do not accept external battery products); prohibited items: imitation, charged, strong magnetic, paste, flammable and explosive goods, weapons and ammunition, fragile, corrosive, flammable and explosive and other products that endanger aviation safety.

The special line dropshipping is an economical and fast way to ship small package to American clients, tailored for sellers of international e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Ailexpress,Wish, etc., which integrates its own air transportation resources, customs clearance resources and US domestic transportation resources based on our many years of export special line operation experience. The service takes advantage of Hong Kong’s rich flight resources to be airlifted to the United States for quick customs clearance in express mode, and delivered by USPS to customers.

Advantages of the Special line drop shipping to the USA:

  • First-hand UPS/USPS discount of 90% in the United States.
  • The team with 30 powerful trucks in the United States will cooperate fully.
  • Be familiar with the US policy and tax law to ensure safe and reasonable operation.
  • Self-operated US overseas warehouse to provide all e-commerce customers with one-stop seamless service from China to your USA destinations.
  • Completes the FBA reservation and operates skillfully, seamlessly connects to the Amazon warehouse.

What is the DDP special line logistics China to USA?

The China to USA DDP special line means that freight forwarders in China combine the advantages of both Air and Sea modes of transportation, and integrate a kind of international logistics similar to the international express delivery to realize China to USA door-to-door and point-to-point international logistics. This model is an innovative business model that makes use of the speed of air transportation and the low cost of sea shipping to achieve point-to-point and full-process door-to-door business.

After customs clearance at the port of destination, the goods are delivered to the designated Amazon warehouse by UPS/ truck.

Sea Freight DDP from China to USA

DDP sea freight China to USA

  1. The mode of first-trip Shipping by sea freight to US port + end delivery bylocal UPS, which makes use of the reservation-free feature of UPS and cheap price of sea freight, so that customers can take into account both timeliness and economy.
  2. The mode of first-trip Shipping by sea freight to US port +end delivery by truck is currently the most economical and suitable for the widest customer base. Although the overall time is long, the excellent price is still loved by Amazon’s sellers.

Air Freight DDP from China to USA

DDP air freight USA

The DDP air freight special line operate like this: goods loaded into the container, then arrange the custom document and export clearance, ship out by air freight to USA Airport, then USA destination port agent handle import customs clearance and delivery including customs declaration and inspection, warehousing and distribution, cargo insurance, document processing and other one-stop logistics service. This mode of head-end air transportation + back-end UPS dispatch, the combination of air transportation and UPS end delivery will safely deliver you goods to the warehouse at the fastest speed.

Shipping from China to US Amazon FBA

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA in the US is a popular way of moving goods from China, but it is a process that you should contact a China freight forwarder for Choosing an experienced and reliable freight forwarder like Winsky Freight to help you transport your goods to an Amazon warehouse in the US will make the logistics process convenient and simple for you.

Winsky Freight offers these processes involved in shipping from China to US Amazon FBA are done in a timely and cost-effective manner that meets your requests and expectations. A network of agents in the US make the shipping logistics process smooth on both ends. The shipping options available for China to Amazon FBA in the US are ocean freight door to door, air freight door to door, and international express door to door.

What is the process for shipping from china to us amazon fba?

  • 1. The manufacturer prepare the goods, labeling the product, stick the FBA barcode, made in china remark and warehouse in number to the outer carton.

  • 2. The manufacturer or Us pick up and deliver the goods to the designated warehouse according to the warehouse order number.

  • 3. Manufacturer provide commercial invoice and packing list, declaration elements, complete customs declaration information.

  • 4. After goods arrived in our logistics warehouse, we will inspect the package, arrange the export customs declaration, goods leave the place of departure.

  • 5. Goods arrive at destination (LAX), handling import customs clearance, payment of customs duties, pick-up, distribution of goods to the US private destination or Amazon warehouse.

  • 6. If ship by truck to Amazon, agent will make an appointment with Amazon in advance and deliver the goods to FBA according to the arrival time.

  • 7. Amazon successfully signed for it, and amazon sellers can check the details of the goods storage from Amazon website.

Contact us for the best shipping rates for the shipping from China to the US Amazon fulfill warehouse.

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FAQ for shipping from China to the USA:

How long does shipping from China to the US take?

International express delivery: About 2-5 working days door to door from China to the USA. International Air freight delivery: About 2-7 work days to the airport only. International sea freight: Fast bout 20-25 days by famous ZIM & Matson door to door delivery.

What is the fastest shipping from China to the USA?

The most fast shipping is by Express shipping like UPS, FedEx, DHL, about 2-5 work days shipping direct from China to your US destination, and you may required to fulfilled the import custom document and pay the duties as Express shipping custom request.

What documents are required for goods import to USA?

Documents required for US Customs Clearance include: Commercial invoice, Packing list, air or sea waybill of lading, sometime, custom will request you to fulfill the CBP Form 3461/7501 for custom release.

What is the cheapest shipping from China to USA?

China based DDP sea freight is the cheapest shipping method from China to USA, the total delivery takes about 25 days, and you don't have to pay any of the destination port fee. If you don’t need to receive the goods very urgently, you can choose the DDP sea freight for saving your shipping cost.

Shipping Procedures from China to the USA:


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    Everything you need to know for Shipping from China to USA

    If this is your first time of shipping from China to the US, or you have some experience with it, this is the right place to find all the information you need. Not only that, you’ll see how Winsky Freight is the best freight forwarder to help you handle the logistics of door to door shipping from China to USA and meet your business requirements.

    In this comprehensive guide, you will find out the methods of shipping from China to US, how long it will take for your freight to arrive, the documents and requirements for your freight to clear customs in the US, things to consider like insurance and warehousing etc., and many more.

    Before we begin, are you familiar with the common terms used in freight shipping like Free on Board, Ex Works etc.? If you are not, you will find them here.

    What are the shipping modes from China to the US?

    Shipping from China to USA can be done using three shipping modes which are sea freight shipping, air freight shipping, and express delivery shipping.

    ea freight china to usa

    A. Sea shipping from China to the US

    One of the most popular methods of shipping from China to the US is ocean freight. As the name implies it means having your goods moved from China to the USA by sea. Sea freight is the cheapest international shipping method from China to USA.

    This mode of door to door shipping from China to USA is largely used by US importers that have goods that are bulky, heavy, or many. The freight is transported in containers on ships. Depending on how much your shipment is, you can use FCL (full container load) or LCL (less-than-container load) in 20’ or 40’ containers.

    With LCL, your shipments will be consolidated and packed with other shipments into one container, while with FCL, the entire container will contain your shipments alone. The option that is best for you when shipping from China to US by ocean freight depends on the quantity of your shipments.

    If your goods have a volume of less than 15 cubic meters, then LCL is best for you for shipping from China to the USA by sea. When your shipments are larger than this, then you can have them transported using FCL from China.

    As a specialist China freight forwarder from China to USA, we are highly equipped to assist you with consolidating your LCL shipments or arranging for your FCL shipments to be transported from any of the major ports in China to various destinations across the US. Examples are shown in the table below:

    Sea ports in China Sea Ports in USA
    Shenzhen port Los Angeles Port
    Shanghai port Long Beach Port
    Xiamen port New York Port
    Ningbo port Chicago Port
    Tianjin port Boston Port
    Qingdao port Seattle and Oakland Port
    Hong Kong port Miami Port

    DDP and door to door shipping from China to USA
     by sea freight can take anywhere from about 20 to 25 days depending on whether the shipment is LCL or FCL. Another advantage is that we have import agents that can handle the import custom clearance, tax and duties, so that your goods will be delivered at your doorstep.

    To begin the process of shipping from China to the US using ocean freight, you can request a quote. You will be required to provide the name of the product you wish to ship to the US as well as other documents such as the packing list and commercial invoice for the customs clearance in China.

    B. Air freight from China to USA

    Air freight china to usa

    Winsky Freight offers unbeatable freight forwarding for air freight from China to USA. This is the ideal way for you to transport your cargo from China to the US if you are working with goods that are time-sensitive, perishable, or valuable.

    Generally, urgent delivery and small quantity goods of up to 100 kg can be transported to you using air shipping from China to USA. Examples of the airports in China where your goods can be shipped, and the destination airports in the US are presented below:

    Airports in China Airports in USA
    Beijing Capital International Airport Memphis International Airport
    Shanghai Pudong International Airport Louisville International Airport
    Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport O’Hare International Airport
    Hong Kong International Airport Los Angeles International Airport
    Xian Xianyang International Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport
    Kunming Changshui International Airport George Bush Intercontinental Airport
    Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Seattle–Tacoma International Airport
    Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport San Francisco International Airport

    Items such as gases, flammable items, magnetic items, corrosive materials, biochemical materials, etc. fall under special/dangerous goods and require special handling to be transported by air shipping from China to USA. That’s why the product name is important when you are discussing with your China freight forwarder who wants to assist you with the international shipping. The commercial invoice and packing list are also crucial.

    In terms of delivery times, standard air freight from China to US can take anywhere from 2 -7 days for door to door delivery. This will account for the time from pickup at the manufacturer or supplier in China, to departure at the airport in China, all the way to arrival at destination airport and delivery. Air shipping from China to USA dispatched on direct flights will also arrive earlier than those that come through connecting flights.

    Air freight tracking services or email alert services are offered by airlines to keep you informed of the progress of your cargo. Using airway bill, if your air freight is assigned a tracking number, then you’ll be able to use the airline’s website to track your shipment. Otherwise, you could receive an alert after the shipment has arrived or is delivered.

    C. Express Shipping from China to US

    Express freight china to usa

    Express shipping from China to US is possible using the services of international courier companies. You can choose shipping from China to US DHL, shipping from China to US FedEx, or by TNT and UPS. These courier companies make it easy for importers to receive shipments from China in a fast and simple process.

    To reduce costs, minimize delays, optimize your services and performance, we offer straightforward assistance to US clients who want their freight shipped using express freight services. The process is highlighted below:

    • Provide us the product name and packing information of the goods, the weight and dimension
    • We provide a quote to you
    • We discuss terms and reach an agreement
    • We contact the supplier or manufacturer to deliver the goods to our shipping warehouse
    • We receive the commercial invoice, packing list, and customs clearance document from the supplier or client
    • We send out the goods by express shipping
    • We provide you with the tracking number
    • You assist the express courier with import customs documents that may be required.
    • Your goods are delivered at your doorstep

    It is important to provide the product name before receiving a shipping quote because there are some goods that are not appropriate for shipping using certain methods. Examples are battery, flammable liquids, corrosive powders etc.

    All the express couriers that transport shipments from China to USA offer easy ways to track packages on their website using the provided tracking numbers or reference numbers. For FedEx China to USA – FedEx; DHL China to USA – DHL; UPS China to USA – UPS; and TNT China to USA – TNT.

    Delivery time for express shipping from China to US for UPS, DHL China to USA, or FedEx is about 5 working days for door to door delivery. You may be required to provide the import customs clearance and tax documents as part of the express shipping requirements to avoid delays.

    Customs clearance when shipping from China to USA

    Custom clearance china to usa

    Before your goods leave China for the US, there are certain documents that will be required to clear customs in China. These documents vary depending on the mode of shipping that you wish to use and the type of freight that you have. Two important documents are the Packing List and Commercial Invoice.

    A comprehensive list of export Customs clearance documents that are required in China include Customs Entry document, Customs bond, Legal Undertaking (LUT), Customs declarations, Export Licence, GST certificate/VAT certificate/Tax Identification Number, Purchase order or Letter of Credit, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of Origin, Insurance Certificate, Certificates of Inspection, ATA CARNET/Temporary shipment certificate, Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Free Sale, Weight Certificate, Consular Invoice.

    Not all these customs documents may be required in China for your shipping from China to USA. Your China freight forwarder will guide you through this process.

    When your cargo or freight enters the US, either by air or sea, you will need to do customs inspection and clearance processes. The US Customs and Border Patrol has the right to inspect your goods coming from China to the US. These processes can cause unwanted delays if adequate preparation is not made.

    Documents required for US Customs Clearance include:

    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing List
    • Bill of Lading
    • Customs Bond
    • CBP Form 3461 (Customs Release)
    • CBP Form 7501 (Customs Entry Summary)
    • Arrival Notice
    • Commodity Specific Documentation
    • Importer Security Filing (ISF)

    The Importer Security Filing is required for cargo coming into the US via sea freight. It must be submitted to US Customs and Border Protection before your goods leave China to avoid paying fines, experiencing extended delays, and other unwanted circumstances.

    Another important consideration is the HS Codes of your goods. The HS Code of your goods are a unique 10-digit harmonized item description code that classifies your product appropriately. You can get the code from the manufacturer or supplier. When you the code, you can use the HTS-US (Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States) to calculate the custom duty and import tax on your freight or check

    Things you should know when shipping from China to USA

    Below are some tips to consider and answers to some frequently asked questions about shipping from China to USA:

    A. How long does it take to ship from China to USA?

    Shipping Method Column 2
    Air Freight 2 – 5 business days
    Express Shipping 2 – 5 days door to door
    Ocean Freight 20 – 30 days door to door

    B. Do I need freight insurance when shipping from China to USA?

    Yes, it is recommended that you arrange freight insurance for your cargo when shipping whether by air freight China to USA or sea freight China to USA. This is so that you will be covered in case of loss or damage to the freight while in transit. Cargo insurance can be arranged for any of the modes of shipping from China to the US, whether by air freight, sea freight, or express shipping.

    When you engage the service of a leading freight forwarder in China like Winsky Freight, we can provide cargo insurance of up to 0.3% of the value of the goods you are shipping from China to the US.

    C. Do I need warehousing services when shipping from China to USA?

    You may need warehousing services for China to US shipping if you fall under any of the following categories:

    • You want to securely store your cargo in a central storage space, for a short or long time, before you ship them from China to the US
    • You are an e-commerce seller
    • You want to consolidate your cargo before shipping them to the US from China
    • You want to ship from China to US Amazon FBA

    All these warehouse needs are conveniently provided by Winsky Freight, your best freight forwarder for shipping from China to USA.

    D. How can I save costs when shipping from China to the USA?

    How to save shipping cost china to us

    So many things come together to help you reduce shipping from China to US cost when you have shipments to transport. Some of these factors that you should consider are:

    • Choose the most appropriate mode of shipping for you

    By now, you should already be well aware of the international shipping method that best suits your needs based on your type of freight and expected delivery time. For example, air freight rates China to USA are much more than sea freight rates China to USA. Choosing the right shipping method for your freight from China to USA will help you save money and optimize the logistics process.

    • Plan ahead of time

    There are certain periods of the year that shipping prices for freight from China to USA skyrocket, so it’s best you plan ahead, and possibly ship your goods before such periods. For instance, during the Chinese New Year in February, factories are closed and the international shipping from China to US cost will soar as a result. Other periods like this are the Golden Week, Dragon Boat Festival etc.

    • Consolidate your freight

    Consolidating your freight before you ship them out of China for US saves you shipping costs on the individual items if you were to send them one by one. With the help of a logistics partner or freight forwarder in China, this process of freight consolidation will be made easy for you. All your goods from different suppliers will be stored in a warehouse till they are all complete and ready to be shipped to you in the US.

    • Make use of the services of a reliable and experience freight forwarder

    It is impossible to overestimate how important a China freight forwarder is to your business when it comes to saving costs. Reliable and experienced freight forwarders like Winsky Freight will get you the best prices from sea freight companies, air freight companies, as well as other relevant industries within the supply chain. All of these will provide you with the most effective prices for your business model, thereby reducing shipping from China to US cost for you.

    E. How can I avoid delays with my shipments from China to USA?

    shipping delay notice

    Just as knowing holiday and festival periods in China saves you money, it also avoids delays for your shipment. If your freight is still with the supplier when factories and companies are closed, then that automatically means you will have to wait till they reopen, which implies that your timeline will be further extended due to the delay.

    Another way to avoid delays is to ensure you work with experienced China freight forwarders that understand the business terrain, packaging requirements, and other subtle factors that delay the shipment of cargo from China. You will hugely benefit from this experience and make it work to your advantage. This is where Winsky Freight comes in.

    A crucial factor for avoiding delays with shipment is paperwork. We recommend you thoroughly review and complete the clearance paperwork and all other necessary shipping documents. The best freight forwarder for your air freight China to USA and sea freight China to USA can help you ensure that all the paperwork and shipping documents are complete and appropriately filled. That way, your goods can clear customs with ease. This is especially relevant when your goods arrive in the US and have to clear Customs and Border Protection.

    F. Who will manage my shipping from China to USA?

    You can choose to have the manufacturer or supplier manage your logistics process when you are choose air freight China to USA or sea freight China to USA. Alternatively, you can work with a freight forwarder in China to handle the entire process for you.

    When you leave it to the supplier, you should expect the process to the slower and more expensive because the supplier will contact a freight forwarder to still handle the process. So, you will be the one still covering all the air freight rates China to USA and sea freight rates plus additional charges you did not sign up for. Besides, you will be on the receiving end of whatever type of service they offer.

    Your best bet is to secure the service of a China freight forwarder directly to manage your shipping to the US. You will enjoy various benefits like competitive pricing, prompt updates on the status of your freight, speedy movement of your shipping, and solutions to your China export and US import paperwork and process.

    How Winsky Freight is perfect for you?

    Winsky Freight is a reputable and leading China freight forwarder with years of experience in shipping items from China to the US. We have fantastic business relationships with airlines and shipping companies, good reputation with Customs in China and the United States.

    We have an excellent reputation for offering competitive pricing and effective service delivery, and knowledge of the Chinese market and shipping processes and procedures. This uniquely position us to provide you the best logistics solutions, sea freight rates, and air freight rates for your international shipping from China to the United States.

    Our core values are honesty, integrity, and efficient service delivery. Contact us today to request a quote.