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Winsky freight has been focus on the Shipping from China to Japan for more than 8 years. We can arrange any of your shipment from China to NAGOYA, OSAKA, TOKYO, MOJI, YOKOHAMA, or any other address in Japan.

We could handle most kinds of products shipping from China to Japan such as Electronic devices, furniture, cosmetics, foods, batteries and so on. All the products are dealt with expert people and latest technology.

No matter you have or not have experience shipping from China to Japan, we can handle your shipment by our one-stop door to door or port to port shipping service.

As we have our own networks and transit centers in Tokyo and Osaka to ensure that your Air, Sea, and Amazon Shipments can reach to any part of Japan safely and quickly. At the same time, through the unremitting efforts of our company’s Sino-Japanese professional team, We become one of the best express, air, and sea freight provider from China to Japan. Contact us to get free shipping quote now.

Features of our shipping from China to Japan

  • Cheapest freight, no additional charge, door to door delivery.

  • Fast Delivery, two days to Tokyo and Osaka, three or four days to Yokohama, Nagoya, and Kobe.

  • Professional team for export and import customs clearance, operation, solving all your difficulties for shipping to Japan.

  • Can ship to both Kanto & Kansai, the Japan Amazon fulfillment warehouses.

  • Provide additional service including insurance, pick up and consolidation delivery to Japan.

  • Could arrange the shipping of Dangerous Cargo like battery to Japan.

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One-stop Cargo Shipping Options from China to Japan

Air freight China to Japan

Get long term relationships with famous Air Carrier like China Airline, competitive air freight to Japan Tokyo, Osaka, Nagasaki, having both direct and in-direct air shipping service to meet your different delivery time request.

Sea freight China to Japan

Fast and Low LCL sea freight Port to Port, Door-to-door and shipping from China to Port of Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka and etc, Tailored Solutions For Your SEA Freight Needs, Lowest Ocean Freight rates in the market.

Express shipping China to Japan

FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT  Fastest Express shipping from China to Japan. Provides efficient door-to-door delivery of express documents and parcels worldwide. Offer more than 30% discount price than direct Express company.

Amazon shipping China to Japan

Free Import Tax & Custom Clearance– door to door delivery from China to Japan Amazon fullfiment warehouse, shipping by both Air and Sea freight DDU/DDP, Trained Staff, Tailor-Made Solutions, Experts Available.

Drop Shipping China to Japan

Serve as logistics partners for our Japanese customers, Drop Shipping Service from China to Japan services for your Ecommerce Store, act as a third party, shipping orders to customers on the retailer’s behalf.

shipping insurance from China

Insurance China to Japan

Provide high quality of insurance for shipping from China to Japan, especially suitalbe for high value goods Shipping by Sea or Air, insurance rate is as low as 3‰ of the goods commercial value, make you goods is fully protected.

Shipping to Japan Amazon FBA warehouse from China

We provide Air & Sea door to door DDP shipping service from China to Japan Amazon warehouse, handling all your import tax and customs clearance and cooperate with Japan Yamato & Sagawa local Express company. And to provide Japanese customers with faster shipping service. We have great advantages for the import customs clearance and delivery in Tokyo and Osaka, the delivery only takes about 4-5 workdays for the fast sea freight from China to Japan Amazon warehouse.

Kanto, Japan Kansai, Japan

Addtional shipping service to Japan Amazon warehouse:

  • Print Amazon label: print the corresponding label for each product according to the content requirements of Amazon FBA barcode.
  • Labeling: according to Amazon FBA storage requirements, each product is affixed with the corresponding barcode.
  • Re-pack boxes: sort and pack according to the type and quantity of Amazon FBA products.

Shipping from China to Japan via air or sea fast door to port or door to door delivery. Request a quote today!.

Provide shipping solutions for General and Dangerous products


Led Bulb Lamps

Power Bank

If you have the shipment pickup to be done from china and delivering it to your destination address in Japan, our professional logistics team will do it for you. We offer the most competitive parcel delivery from China to Japan and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you.

Sea freight to Japan

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and comprehensive LCL supply chain services from China to Japan, exact sea service included Port to Port from China to Port of Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka and etc, or Door to Door DDU/DDP service to any Japan territory, integrates the resources of Japan agent, covering the full range of services such as sea cargo booking, import and export customs declaration, and inspection, inland transport of bulk cargo, bonded logistics warehousing, rely on the integration of superior resources to reduce your shipping costs.

FedEx shipping to Japan

Winsky Freight, as one of the FedEx shipping agent in China, we could arrange the FedEx shipping from China to Japan with FedEx International Priority or FedEx International Economic service, with FedEx shipping to Japan, it is very easy for preparing the custom declaration documents and arrange goods pick up from suppler, and we could handle all your urgent goods by FedEx door to door shipping from China to Japan in just 1-3 working days.

Shipping to Amazon Japan notices

  • Each carton of FBA goods to Japan cannot exceed 30kg, and the sum of length, width, and height must within 170CM. If goods are overweight or oversize, it might be rejected by Amazon in Japan, and FBA does not accept irregular packing goods.
  • It is necessary to provide imported customs clearance document for products that are in contact with food, imported and in direct contact with the human body (such as tableware, knives, water cups, coffee pot juicer, beauty instrument, ear spoon, massage stick; and degree glasses, presbyopia glasses, myopic glasses. ).
  • Children’s toys: suitable for children over 6 years old (the product should be marked for use over 6 years old).
  • Do not accept infringement, imitation, brand, powder, liquid, and other sensitive products.
  • Recommend clients to buy insurance for high-value products to get a full guarantee.

The import customs clearance process in Japan

When the goods are transported to the Japanese port or airport, they will be unloaded in the bonded area or shed designated by the customs, waiting for the customs to go through the formalities of inspection, tax payment, and release. Imported goods are generally declared to the customs by a registered customs broker on behalf of the importer.

In addition to submitting the custom declaration form, the importer must submit the following documents at the time of customs declaration:

import custom to Japan

1. The Import declaration form

The import declaration must indicate the shipping mark, shipping order number, product name and quantity value of the goods; where the goods are of origin, place of purchase, place of shipment and carrying vessels or aircraft Name, registration mark, and nationality.

2. The Commercial invoice

The Commercial invoice does not specify a special form, but at least it must be signed by the consignor. Commercial invoices for customs valuation must indicate a shipping mark number, name, full name of the goods, quantity listed in the Brussels tariff catalog number: B total price and unit price of the goods; C details, including freight, insurance.

3. Packing list

The packing list will be showed how the goods are been packed including the gross weight, net weight of the goods, carton numbers, cartons size information, and total volume of the shipment.

4. Certificate of Origin 

Certificate of Origin is certified by local chambers of commerce or Japanese consulates and diplomats at places where goods are produced, purchased, or shipped.

5. Bill of lading

Three signed Original bill of lading, if goods are shipped via air freight, normally Bill of Lading is forwarded by the bank, and two unsigned copies are delivered directly to the consignee. The items actually required are usually specified in the consignee’s letter of credit.

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Below is the FAQ for shipping to Japan

What is the Shipping time from China to Japan?

The shipping time is depended on which shipping methods you choose if you choose via sea freight to Japan, the fast sea takes only about 5 works after boat sail out, and low sea takes about 14 days to arrive, and if you choose to ship by air, the direct flight only takes 1-2 work to arrive, and 4-5 workdays for in-direct flight to Japan.

What is the shipping cost from China to Japan?

The shipping cost from China to Japan is affected by many factors, like the product name and type, the dimension and weight, the shipping term with your supplier, does it need to arrange to pick up from the supplier? And the most important, whether the shipment is shipped by Sea or Air, pls submit your quote request, our professional team will work out the exact shipping cost to you very soon.

What documents are required to ship to Japan?

When import goods to Japan from China, you will be required to complete the custom clearance documents like Commercial Invoice and packing list, but don’t worry because when you ship to Japan with us, this is all taken care of as part of our working process.

What is the cheapest shipping to Japan?

If you don’t need to receive the goods very urgently, the cheapest shipping to Japan is Sea freight.

What is the import Duty and Tax in Japan?

Compared with the United States and Europe, Japan's advantage is still more prominent. It does not have to charge VAT, like Britain and Germany. Its main tariffs are based on the customs clearance basis, WTO and bilateral trade agreements import taxes, and an 8% consumption tax. Basically, Japanese customs impose zero tariffs on products including household items, furniture, and 3C categories, while 8.9% on woven textiles and 11% on knitted textiles, you can check more about Japanese customs rates through (www.customs.go, jp). Finally, for Japan's tax threshold, the declared amount of 10,000 yen in Japan is not subject to customs duties, except knitted and real leather products.

Shipping from China to Japan Process:


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Your Complete Guide | Shipping from China to Japan 

China and Japan both have excellent business environments. Winsky freight offers comprehensive shipping services from China to Japan.  Therefore, we have prepared this guide on ‘Shipping from China to Japan’ to help those who want to start shipping business from China to Japan.

1. How can you Ship from China to Japan?

China and Japan both countries have excellent business environments. Traders from both countries are trying to create a free trade agreement between these two countries.

Shipping from china to japan

There is no train or road transportation method from China to Japan. So, you have only two options – Air and Ocean. But you can choose various shipping methods for those routes. Both air and sea shipping are equally popular. You can also use express shipping for less weight.

2. What is the Required Time for Shipping from China to Japan?

Port Distance – Though China and Japan are both on the same continent, different cities have different distances. Port-to-port distance sometimes affects the shipping time from China to Japan.

Shipping Mode – Air or sea, which shipping method you choose will determine the shipping cost.

Customs clearance – This is not obvious, but if you have any documentation issues, your shipment can stay at the customs department longer than expected.

Shipping season – Shipping seasons also affect the shipping time. For example, many e-commerce marketplaces give special offers in October and November, and finding a place in air or sea freight can be difficult.

If you face no issue, get clean weather, and no congestion, you can ship from China to Japan in 4-7 days by air freight.

Sea freight can take 10-15 days to reach Japan. But here, you must keep in mind that the shipping time will vary from port to port as some cities are near China and some are distant.

If you want to know more about transit time please watch the below video

3. Sea freight from China to Japan

Though sea freight is the slowest method, it is the least expensive shipping method. Therefore, most people prefer sea freight to ship to Japan.

3.1. FCL Shipping

FCL means Full container Load. If you decide to use FCL shipping from China to Japan, you have to book a full container for your goods. However, FCL is considered the least expensive shipping method; you should not pick this mode if you are not importing a bulk amount of products.

In full container shipping, you have to book a full container. You can hire between 20 or 40 ft containers. It doesn’t matter which container you choose; you can not share the container with any other trader.

So, if you are shipping a considerable amount of goods, you can use the FCL shipping method.

3.2. LCL Shipping

LCL is the most affordable sea shipping method for most shippers. LCL means Less than a Container, and here you don’t need to book the entire container. You will pay only for the space you need in this shipping method.

FCL vs LCL shipping

The process of LCL and FCL shipping is more or less the same. You will tell your freight forwarder about your goods and weight in this method. Your freight forwarder will then book the required space for you.

Most businesses in Japan prefer LCL shipping as it is flexible, and you can pay for the space you need instead of for the entire container.

Difference between FCL and LCL shipment

3.3.Main Seaports in China

When it comes to the number of seaports, China is at the top of the world. Here are some of the top seaports from China.

  • Ningbo –Zhou Shan Port –This is one of the biggest ports, with more than 100 million tons of daily cargo. This port can transport to more than 90 countries and in 560 ports.
  • Shenzhen port – One of the busiest ports in the world.
  • Guangzhou Port – You can send products to over 180 countries around the globe.
  • Qingdao port –It has 73 births and 15 terminals. This port is famous for transporting coal and can transport to more than 130 countries.
  • Dalian Port – This port is famous for transporting chemical products. Oil, minerals, etc.
  • Tianjin Port – Taiajin is one of the top ten ports in the world. It serves more than 180 countries and 600 ports globally.
  • Sanya
  • Zhenjiang
  • Jieyang
  • Wenzhou
  • Rizhao
  • Yingkou
  • Shantou
  • Basuo
  • Yantai
  • Fangchenggang
  • Zhuhai
  • Weihai
  • Lianyungang
  • Taizhou
  • Changle
Shenzhen port

3.4 Main Seaports in Japan

Here are some of the top seaports in Japan:

  • Port of Tokyo – Largest Seaport in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Port of Akita – This port is famous for carrier shipping rather than passenger transport.
  • Port of Nagoya – Business seaport in Japan. This is the base of Toyota Motors, and they use this port to transport cars around the globe.
  • Port of Osaka: Located in Osaka port with some sister ports such as Busan.
  • Port of Yokohama: This port can ship to most countries in the world, and over four thousand ships are served each year.
  • Tom Kowai
  • Moji
  • Imabari
  • Hiro
  • Hakata
  • Toyama
  • Omaezaki

3.5. Sea freight cost from China to Japan

China is full of freight forwarders, and it’s not easy to find a good one. But If anyone asks less than the standard market rate, that could be an ominous sign.

Very low pricing means you can suffer in the port for shipping cargo. There could be documentation issues that can delay your shipment in the customs department of Japan.

Route FOB Price Transit Time Minimum Order
Guangzhou – Japan USD 205 12 to 15 days 1 CBM
Shenzhen – Japan USD 198 12 to 14 days 1 CBM

4. Air Freight from China to Japan

Both China and Japan have sufficient Airports with excellent road transport facilities. Many international air carriers work between these two countries. Air freight is an expansive shipping method. But if you want to receive your shipment quickly air freight is the ideal shipping method.

4.1 Main Airports in China

China is a huge country and has more than 200 airports in the country. Some of those airports are used for civil purposes only, but many operate as shipping ports.

Top airports in China:

  • Chengdu – located in the western part of China and is a very popular airport for shipping to Japan.
  • Shanghai– This port can operate in many countries, and several loading and off-loading occur at second-ranked airports in China.
  • Guangzhou – Most probably the busiest airport in China. The combination of old and new buildings.
  • Shenzhen – One of the top airports for shipping for excellent
  • Beijing – One of the top 15 airports according to global traffic.
Guangzhou airport

4.2. Main Airports in Japan

  • Narita – This is the largest airport in Japan, located in Tokyo.
  • Chubu Centrair –Easy road transportation makes this one an excellent airport for cargo shipping.
  • Kansai– Main airport in the western part.

4.3. Costs of Air Freight

Air freight is the fastest shipping method around the world. The cost depends on the chargeable weight of your goods. Besides, the fuel price changes frequently, impacting the shipping cost.

Therefore, the shipping cost depends on the weight and the distance between the two airports. A shorter length requires more money than a longer distance because of the take-off, landing, and transportation costs. So, for a shorter distance road transportation is always the cheapest way.

The freight forwarder also plays a vital role in the cost of shipping from China to Japan by air freight. The price depends on the available space and the connection of a freight forwarder with international air carriers.

Air freight is changing everyday, and below is the reference cost for you information:

Route FOB Price Transit Time
Shenzhen – Tokyo USD 4.4 per KG 2-5 Days
Shanghai – Tokyo USD 5.2  per KG 2-5 days
Hong Kong– Osaka USD 5.0 per KG 1 to 5 days

5. Which Factors Affect the Shipping Cost from China to Japan?

It is not easy to compile all the factors in a short scope, but we include the most critical factors that can affect the shipping cost from China to Japan.

  • Shipping method – Obviously, the first factor is your shipping method. Air freight is always more expensive than sea freight.
  • Distance – Whether you are using an air or sea shipping method, the distance between two ports plays a vital role in cost.
  • Shipping Type – You can use express or regular air freight service, and both have different rates. If you are using sea freight, LCL will be cost-effective if you are not shipping a huge amount of goods.
  • Weight and size of your package – If you are using air freight, you will be charged for volumetric weight. And if you are shipping using sea freight, the size of your package will play a vital role in cost.
  • Types of Goods – This is also crucial as not every good needs the same treatment. Besides, if you are shipping dangerous goods, you will need special documentation, containers, and operations which costs additional money.

6. Express shipping from China to Japan.

Express shipping is a door-to-door shipping service, and there are some international expert express shipping companies that provide this service. Some of Japan’s top express shipping companies are DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.

Express shipping is a really great shipping method if you are not shipping heavy or high-value products from China. You can ship very fast but they are highly expensive too. Therefore, express shipping is not cost-effective if you are shipping too many goods from China to Japan.

You can learn about the price from some websites or the company website. Besides, you can track your package via their website.

Express shipping is expensive, and the reference cost will be around USD4.5/KG. The price can vary from company to company.

In Winsky, we have some special offers for express shipping from China to Japan. You can ship by your favorite express shipping company by using our service. We have special contracts with those express shipping companies and also offer reduced prices.

7. How Can You Ship Dangerous Goods?

Shipping dangerous goods have specific restrictions and demand special documentation and shipping treatment. You can ship dangerous goods from China to Japan via sea or air freight.

Using air freight for dangerous goods can be difficult because of the strict restrictions and the level of security.

You have to meet some special requirements to import hazardous goods to Japan. Then you will need to show special documentation to the customs department of Japan.

Most dangerous goods need the following documents:

  • Dangerous goods declaration
  • The IATA form
  • Container packaging certificate
  • Dangerous goods manifest

You have to meet certain packaging pre-requisites for your dangerous goods. If you fail to meet the specific packaging standard, your package can be confiscated by the Chinese customs, or you can face hassle in the Japan Customs department.

8. Import Duties and Taxes in Japan

All items imported in Japan are subjected to import duties and taxes. The import duties and taxes vary from product to product.

In general, the import duty in Japan ranges from 13% to 17%.

Agriculture and utility items mostly fall in the 13% category, and others need more than that.

If you are importing less than 10 thousand yen or less, you don’t need to pay the import duty or tax.

Freight forwarders also help you to pay import duties and taxes. They also take care of the papers so that the customs department releases your shipment quickly.

If you fail to pay the import duties and taxes or show adequate documents, the customs department will confiscate your shipment, and you will find yourself in trouble.

9. Which items can you not Ship to Japan?

You can import restricted goods from China to Japan following proper precautions. But, you can not import prohibited items from China.

Here is the list of prohibited items you can not import to Japan.

  • Explosives – This includes dynamite, gun powder, and other similar items. They are not restricted but prohibited.
  • Flammable products – Several flammable products such as ethanol and others in the market are restricted.
  • Pirated or Fake Items – Money, credit cards, and other fake items
  • Narcotic Drugs – Illegal drugs such as Magic mushrooms, Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin. Psychotropic drugs, Opium, and similar drugs.
  • Firearms/Ammunition – You can not bring any type of firearm or ammunition from China to Japan. No gun, gun powder, bombs, or any kind of biological weapon is prohibited in Japan. Not even empty guns. If you want to import guns, you will need special permission from the Japanese government.
  • Pornographic Items – Any type digital pornographic items, books, drawing sare strictly prohibited materials in Japan.
  • Mercury
  • Radioactive materials
  • Vaporizing materials
  • Lead
  • Germs that can be used for bio-terrorism.
  • Plants
  • Oxidants
  • Meat or Meat products
Prohibited Items

10. Door to Door shipping from China to Japan

In door to door shipping, you can receive your goods sitting at your home. Your freight forwarder will take the whole responsibility.

There is no weight or method limitation with door to door shipping from China to Japan. You can choose any shipping method such as FCL, LCL, air freight for your door to door shipping from China to Japan.

You have to contact a freight forwarder and tell them about your requirements. You will give them the details of your goods and the addresses.

The freight forwarder then will contact the supplier and collect your goods from their Wearhouse. They will arrange the road transport and arrange other shipping-related things. They will receive your goods in China, pay the customs duties and taxes, and deliver the goods to the address.

You will just unload the shipment when the shipment arrives at your warehouse.

11. When should you use Air freight from China to Japan?

Air freight is the most expensive shipping method from China to Japan. So, it is not ideal to use air freight regularly. But in some cases, you need to use air freight. Here are some instances when air freight is a perfect solution:

  • If you are shipping less than 3 Anything over 300 Kg will be costly and not ideal for any business.
  • If you are bringing urgent items or documents, you should use air freight. If faster delivery can be beneficial to your business reputation, use air freight.

If you are importing perishable products such as fruits and vegetables that can damage quickly, you should use air freight.

12. When should you use Sea freight from China to Japan?

  • If you are shipping bulky products, you should use sea freight without thinking about the distance.
  • If you want to save costs, you should use sea freight. You can ship a large number of items at an affordable price using sea freight.

Ocean freight is the slowest shipping method. So, if your goods are not urgent, it is better to use ocean freight as that is the most economical also.

Sea freight in Japan

13. How to track your Cargo?

Tracking your goods is not that tough in international shipping. Most large freight forwarders have a product tracking page on their website, and you can track them using the given tracking number.

14. Which Time is Ideal for shipping from China to Japan?

There is no specific time limit to ship from China to Japan. But it would help if you were a bit careful about some factors to reduce your shipping cost and time.

During the international holidays, the business remains closed, and your shipment can be delayed in those cases.

Typically the new year lasts longer than any other holiday. It is better to avoid this time for shipping from China to Japan. At the end of the year, shipping becomes expensive because e-commerce websites give special discount offers resulting in an overload in the shipping industry.

15. Services offered by a Freight Forwarder

There is no specific time limit to ship from China to Japan. But it would help if you were a bit careful about some factors to reduce your shipping cost and time.

During the international holidays, the business remains closed, and your shipment can be delayed in those cases.

Typically the new year lasts longer than any other holiday. It is better to avoid this time for shipping from China to Japan. At the end of the year, shipping becomes expensive because e-commerce websites give special discount offers resulting in an overload in the shipping industry.

16. Required Documents to Ship from China to Japan.

  • Bill of lading or Airway Bill – This bill is issued by the freight carrier. Sometimes freight forwarders can issue their own bill of lading.
  • Certificate of Origin – This certificate ensures that your products are obtained from a specific country. This is mandatory for customs clearance.
  • Packaging List – This includes every detail of the package, including the dimension, product inside, and others.
  • Commercial Invoice – Products details, size, and other information regarding your goods.

17. Can I get insurance for my Shipment from China to Japan?

Yes, you can obtain insurance for your goods from China to Japan. Insurance covers your goods in case of theft, damage, or loss. You can buy insurance from your freight forwarder or any third party that offers insurance.

In case of any damage or loss, here are the steps you can claim.

18. How can Winsky freight help you while shipping from China to Japan?

Winsky is a leading freight forwarder in China and Japan is our top business area. We have tailored our shipping, especially for our clients in Japan. We also offer warehouse support for our clients.

We have contracts with top carriers and can offer the most competitive shipping rate. We have a dedicated wing to work on Japanese customs policy.

There are many more exclusive offers for our clients in Japan. Contact us to know more.


We hope this guide will help you to know everything you need to know about shipping from China to Japan. If you are still searching for any questions, you can contact us. You can also send us a message for an affordable shipping rate from China to Japan.

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