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Shipping from China to Singapore

Winsky Freight has been professional in shipping from China to Singapore since 2008. Our main shipping service to Singapore includes Air Freight, Express Freight, and Sea freight Door to Door, we could prepare the goods to pick up from any of your China suppliers and delivery to any of your Singapore addresses efficiently.

Winsky Freight could provide you with the cheapest shipping and secured shipping space from china to Singapore, since we have strong cooperation with the top-rated sea and air carriers, most important, if you don’t have an import license and can’t handle the import custom, our custom agent in Singapore will deal with all the import customs clearance, duty, warehousing for you, you will get the best shipping experience without compromising your budget.

If you are looking for the best freight forwarder in china to Singapore, pls don’t hesitate to contact Winsky Freight for your coming shipment.

Advantages of Our Shipping from China to Singapore

  • Cheapest Air & Sea freight from China to Singapore, no additional charge, door to door delivery.

  • DDU/DDP one stop shipping, solving all your import custom clearance, GST and difficulties for shipping to Singapore.

  • Could arrange the shipping from China to Singapore Amazon fulfillment warehouses.

  • Arrange the pick up from any of your China supplier/manufacturer address.

  • Provide additional service including insurance, consolidation delivery to Singapore.

  • Could arrange the Sensitive Cargo like Cosmetics, power bank, battery to Singapore.

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Full Shipping solutions from China to Singapore

Air freight from China to Singapore

Air freight China to Singapore

Get long term relationships with famous Air Carrier like Singapore Airline, China Airline, competitive air freight to Singapore Airport with direct and in-direct air shipping service to meet your different delivery time request.

Sea freight from China to Singapore

Sea freight China to Singapore

Fast LCL sea freight Port to Port, Door-to-door and shipping from China to Port of  JURONG, SINGAPORE, PULAU BUKOM and etc, 10-12 days delivery. Lowest Ocean Freight rates in the market.

Express freight from China to Singapore

Express shipping China to Singapore

DHL, FedEx and UPS,  Fastest Express shipping from China to Singapore. Provides efficient door-to-door delivery of express documents and parcels worldwide. Offer more than 30% discount price than direct Express company.

Amazon shipping from China to Singapore

Amazon shipping China to Singapore

Sea and Air Door to door delivery from China to Singapore Amazon fullfiment warehouse by DDP shipping mode, Trained Staff, Tailor-Made Solutions, Experts Available.

Drop shipping from China to Singapore

Drop Shipping China to Singapore

Drop shipping pacels as low as 0.5KG per order, serve as logistics partners for our Singapore retailers/online store seller, act as a third party, shipping orders to customers on the retailer’s behalf.

shipping insurance from China

Insurance China to Singapore

Provide high quality of insurance for shipping from China to Singapore, especially suitalbe for high value goods Shipping by Sea or Air, insurance rate is as low as 3‰ of the goods commercial value, make you goods is fully protected.


“I am an electronic goods retailer and use Winsky’s express shipping services for my business. They always provide me with a reasonable delivery date and turnaround time while shipping from China to Singapore. I also love their discounts!”

Wendy Jong , Martlink Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have availed of their drop shipping services which are reasonable and efficient. Their services have supported my business and logistics requirements. Looking forward to working with them again in the future!   ”

Kai Tan, Kai Fashion Pte Ltd

My company selected Winsky’s Amazon shipping facilities and was impressed! They provided doorstep delivery within the scheduled timeline. Plus, their experienced professionals assisted me throughout the process. Thanks to their services, we could handle our business processes better. 

Justin Tao, Viven Trading Pte Ltd

“While shipping from China to Singapore via sea, Winsky ensured my goods were dispatched on time. I received port-to-port delivery from Jurong within 10 days of the dispatch date. Also, their sea freight services are very pocket-friendly. ”

Sharon Lee , AXZ Staffing Services

“My company requires frequent air freight shipping from China to Singapore. We always select Winsky for their excellent delivery rates and timing. We haven’t faced any delays and received doorstep delivery every time. ”

Ju Yong Ching, Smart-tec System Pte Ltd

Want to get Shipping from China to Singapore via air or sea fast door to port or door to door delivery? Request a quote today!

Air shipping from China to Singapore

Kindly tell air freight by the port to port minimum charge weight start from 45KG, so if the total weight of your shipment is over 45KG, and you are in a hurry to receive the shipment, then air freight shipping is the best choice for you, for the air shipping from China to Singapore, we could arrange direct flights or transshipment flights from major Chinese international airports like Shenzhen airport, Guangzhou airport, Hong Kong airport, Shanghai airport, Xiamen airport and etc to Changi Airport in Singapore.

We will arrange the air transport export customs declaration, relative documents, commodity inspection if necessary. For air shipping from China to Singapore, delivery can be booked in advance for delivery on the same day, and we could arrange the daily flight from Monday to Friday.

Door to Door Air shipping from China to Singapore

If you don’t want to deal with the import custom clearance, pick up from Singapore Airport you-self, then you can also choose the door to door air shipping, we will handle all the shipping including pick up goods from your China supplier, air freight import and export custom clearance and deliver to your Singapore doorstep, the total delivery takes about 4-5 work days.

The advantage of Winsky Freight Air freight door to door from China to Singapore is that we can arrange shipping for many types of goods including sensitive goods (liquid, powder, battery, magnetic, chemical, food, cosmetics, etc.), kindly tell when the goods arrived in our logistics warehouse, they are charged according to kilograms by the actual weight or volume weight, and choose the larger one, the volume weight calculation = (length * width * height) / 5000CM.

Special note: if the weight of a single piece exceeds 68kg and the size exceeds 150*80*80cm, you will be charged the extra size fee, for the import tax, if the total value CIF exceeds SGD400, it will create GST 7% fee, and the declaration fee will be SGD50,. This fee will be paid by the consignee.

Ask fastest shipping quote from China to Singapore

Are you looking for the cheapest and fast air freight solution from China to Singapore, contact our staff for the best rate now.

Sea freight from China to Singapore

If your shipment is over 1CBM, and want to reduce your shipping cost from China to Singapore, sea freight as the most cost-effective logistic solution will be the best choice for you. We could arrange your sea shipping with famous boat carrier APL, OOCL, COSCO from major seaport of china like Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen, Qingdao, etc to the port of Singapore, to serve our Singapore customers better, we develop china based door to door sea freight to Singapore too, the feature of the special sea freight china to Singapore is:

  • Handling both import and export customs clearance from China to Singapore.

  • Arrange all the formalities for China’s export to Singapore custom, load containers, export declaration, LCL shipping, and free delivery in Singapore door to door.

  • You or your supplier only needs to provide the list of goods and the information of the consignee.

  • The consignee in Singapore only needs to pay 7% of the import GST (consumption tax) and does not need to pay any other fees.

  • Delivery scope: delivery throughout Singapore, providing free unloading (manual handling of goods) and door-to-door delivery service.

  • Can apply for Singapore company UEN customs declaration, can handle private import declaration.

  • Regular sea shipping three times a week, the total shipping time is about 10-12 days.

  • Can undertake professional shipping to Singapore Amazon FBA, handling customs clearance, delivery door to door one-stop service.

  • Can ship all kinds of general cargoes, sensitive goods (liquid, powder, battery, magnetic, chemical, cosmetics, etc.) small pieces are not restricted.

Duties for shipping to Singapore

When the goods are imported into Singapore, they have to pay GST, according to the total amount of the goods list and commercial invoice. For the Singapore importer, the consignee must pay the consumption tax Goods and services tax, the tax rate is 7%. No matter how much the goods are shipped by sea, they must go through the formal import declaration GST and pay a consumption tax of 7% of the total value. On the other hand, goods shipped by air express parcels with a value of less than S $400 are not subject to consumption tax, and if the value exceeds $400 or more, they must pay a total value consumption tax of 7 percent of GST.

How to ship goods from China to Singapore Amazon FBA Warehouse?

Shipping goods to Singapore Amazon FBA warehouse is simple, and it is not much different from private and commercial goods shipping. The only difference is that the address of the FBA delivery warehouse does not have a specific contact person, contact number, only having the address and the bar code lable, The following is the specific transportation process of shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse in Singapore.

Any international transportation of goods needs export declaration and import clearance. Singapore import customs clearance needs to declare to the customs and pay 7% consumption tax based on the total value of the purchased goods, that is, GST (government service tax), so the export declaration document should be listed according to the actual details of the goods packaging, and the corresponding proforma invoice should also be listed according to the actual purchase value of the goods.

Entry number bar code:

The entry number bar code here refers to the number bar code delivered from Singapore to Amazon FBA warehouse. When e-commerce seller prepares goods for packaging in China, it needs to apply for the entry number bar code from Amazon system, download and print this number bar code, which is posted around the carton of the goods packaging. The number bar code contains e-commerce information, goods information, the quantity of goods, the number of pieces into the warehouse and so on. Singapore Amazon FBA warehouse system can identify the corresponding e-commerce entry number bar code.

Singapore customs clearance

Before the container of the goods arrives in Singapore, we will arrange customs clearance in advance, and the customs clearance information will be submitted to the Singapore custom Agent for examination within two days after the departure of the container. Our Singapore agent will complete the customs clearance work before the container arrives in Singapore. In general, there are no special requirements for customs clearance of general goods. Special goods need an AVA permit to clear customs.

Sea freight to Singapore

Complete the customs clearance before the container arrives at the port of Singapore,  unload if the container arrives at the port of Singapore . The time of devanning the container shall be subject to the Singapore POD notice, and the container will be pulled out of the terminal to our Woodlands warehouse to unpack and distribute the goods. The delivery can usually be completed within 2 days after the unloading is finished, so the total shipping time is about 10-12 days.

FBA Singapore delivery.

Singapore Amazon FBA warehouse address is Sin85B Toh Guan Road Eastlevel 3 Units1/2/3 Singapore 608829 SG, after the goods are loaded in our Singapore warehouse, and devanning the goods, the truck driver of our company will send them directly to the FBA warehouse,  The truck driver will go to the FBA warehouse receiving office, submit the information, and wait in line for the notice. When it is our turn for the truck, the FBA warehouse consignee scans the entry number of the outer package of the goods to receive the goods.

Proof of Delivery

The goods are finished and stamped to prove the goods are delivered by Singapore FBA warehouse after the whole process completed.

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FAQ for Shipping from China to Singapore.

Do I need cargo insurance while shipping from China to Singapore?2022-07-02T17:23:40+08:00

Insurance covers any damage or loss of your goods. It’s not only for your mental satisfaction; you will get a refund in case of any disaster. But insurance is not mandatory. You can ship without insurance. But, we suggest, take insurance for fragile and expensive products.

What documents are required to ship to Singapore?2022-07-02T17:22:56+08:00

When import goods to Singapore from China, you will be required to complete the custom clearance documents like Commercial Invoice and packing list, but don’t worry because when you ship to Singapore with us, this is all taken care of as part of our working process.

What is the cheapest shipping from China to Singapore?2022-07-02T17:22:15+08:00

Sea freight is the cheapest shipping from China to Singapore. Therefore, around 90% of importers use sea freight. FCL shipping is the cheapest shipping method, but that only applies to full container goods. For the fewer amount less than a container, LCL is the cheapest shipping from China to Singapore.

How long does shipping from China to Singapore take?2022-07-02T17:20:35+08:00

The shipping time from China to Singapore depends on the shipping mode. With air freight, you can ship between 2 to 5 days for door to door service. And with sea freight, boat transit takes only about 5-7 days, door to door delivery takes about 15-21 days. For sea freight, LCL and FCL shipping time also differs. You should also add the time to clear the cargo and inland transportation time for the exact shipping time.

What is the shipping cost from China to Singapore?2022-07-02T17:17:45+08:00

The cost of shipping from China to Singapore is affected by many factors, like the product name and type, the dimension and weight, the reference Sea freight is US$100-150/CBM, and US$3-5 for Air freight, pls submit your quote request, our professional team will work out the exact shipping cost to you very soon.

Shipping from China to Singapore Process:


Looking for the shipping company from China to Singapore? Get a free quote today and save your money on your shipping from China. Our logistics team is on call to give you expert guidance and rates on your overseas shipment.

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Complete Guide | Shipping from China to Singapore

Winsky freight provides excellent both Air and Sea shipping services at a minimal cost from China to Singapore.

We handle every kind of goods with specialized persons, use the most advanced technology, perfectly complete all of your documentation and on-demand customs clearance procedure.

If you are looking for the best LCL shipping rate or door-to-door shipping service, you will get the best competitive price from us with an excellent shipping experience.

If you want to know every ins and outs before shipping from China to Singapore, we hope this article will help you find all the answers.

1. Prohibited Products in Singapore

The products below are prohibited, so you CAN NOT import those items to Singapore. In addition, you will not get any special permission also. So, NEVER think of importing the following things while shipping from China to Singapore.

  • Firecrackers
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Chewing gums
  • Rhinoceros horns
  • Oral and nasal snuffs
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Shisha
  • Obscene materials
  • Controlled substances

Here is the detailed list of Restricted and Prohibited goods to import in Singapore.

2. What are the available shipping ways for shipping from China to Singapore?

There are four types of shipping methods in the world – Sea, Train, Land, Air. Available shipping methods between two countries depend on their geographical location. As China and Singapore have no Train or Land connection, you can use only two shipping methods to ship from China to Singapore – Sea Freight and Air freight.

Air Shipping from China to Singapore

If you compare Air freight with ocean freight, the first one has many advantages over the second one.

We have listed some key benefits below:

  • The first one obviously is the time. Air freight is quicker than any other shipping method, and ocean freight is no comparison with air freight. You can receive your goods in 1-5 So, if you need quick delivery, prefer air freight.
  • Air freight is cost-effective for some specific items. You will need only one point of contact (air freight broker) to wrap all the logistics. But air freight is not cost-effective for most products.
  • Air freight is safer than any other shipping method. It reduces the risk of damage or even loss of the products. In addition, tracking air freight is easier than other shipping methods.

Though Singapore is an economically stable country, it has many airports. But for cargo shipping, two airports are preferred by most importers. They are  –  Singapore Changi Airport, Seletar Airport.

You can learn about the chargeable weight of air freight from the below video

Factors affecting the Air Freight costs

Air freight is considered the most convenient shipping service from China to Singapore. Singapore airlines and airports are very efficient, and a considerable amount of items are shipped via air freight.

For example, if you are importing perishable goods, the carbon footprint from China, Air freight should be your first choice.

Although it is the fastest and safest method of shipping, it has a very crucial drawback. The load capacity of air freight is no match with sea freight. So, transferring heavy goods via air freight is not a good idea.

Let’s look at the factors that affect air freight shipping costs:

Container type

You can not transport every product using the same type of cargo. Different products need different types of containers.

Some specialized goods will need special types of containers for safety. This will increase the shipping cost.

Again, products like artworks, glassware, and flowers require special packaging. That also affects the shipping costs.

Skilled Manpower

Items like fragile goods demand special skills to handle. Those who handle general products can not handle fragile items. Those people should have special training, and of course, they are expensive.

Shipping Time

There are two types of air freight – extra fast and regular. If you want to receive your consignment really fast, you can choose extra fast delivery, which will charge more than the regular shipping.

Shipping Season

Shipping season heavily influences shipping costs. For example, in the Chinese new year season, the whole of China enjoys a big holiday. If you want to ship then, you have to pay more.

Again, at Christmas, most companies give special offers, and people buy more goods then. As a result, the shipping rate increases during that time. So, if not necessary, do not ship in pick season.

Pro Tips:

  • Pack your goods with the smallest size of a box to avoid paying extra for using unnecessary space.
  • Negotiate with your freight forwarder to give you the best deal.
  • Buy a bulk package and try to do one-time shipping rather than shipping in separate air freights.
  • Reduce weight as much as you can.

If you don’t know how to do these or find somebody to do these for you, Don’t worry. Winsky freight will take care of all. We ensure everything professionally so that you don’t have to pay a single extra penny.

Sea Shipping from China to Singapore

If you are a serious businessman and import a handsome amount of goods from China to Singapore frequently,sea shipping is the best option you can get. It is the cheapest shipping method from China to Singapore.

Here are some key benefits of ocean shipping:

  • Sea freight is the most cost-effective shipping method. The cost is very low considering other shipping methods.
  • You can ship heavy items like cars, heavy types of machinery, etc.
  • There is no restriction while you are shipping from China to Singapore by sea freight. You can ship any product you wish.
  • With FCL and LCL shipping methods, you can control the shipping cost also.

LCL Ocean Freight

LCL means Less than container load. We hope you can understand this shipping method from the name. That says you don’t need to book a whole container to ship your goods from China to Singapore.

In LCL shipping, you will pay only for the place you will use. The cost will be determined according to the space you will use inside of a container. Usually, the price is calculated on volume in cubic meters.

FCL vs LCL shipping

So, if you were in a confusion that sea freight is ideal for a large number of goods, just forget it. You can ship virtually any amount of goods using the LCL shipping method.

The process of LCL shipping is straightforward. You will contact a freight forwarder and tell them the type of goods and the quantity. They will contact a carrier, reserve required space, and prepare documentation.

Winsky is the best LCL shipping service provider in China. We offer the best competitive price, and you will receive your goods in real quick time.

Are you a small business owner or prefer LCL shipping to maintain your supply chain smoothly? Just send us a message. One of our LCL shipping experts will contact you quickly.

FCL Sea freight

FCL is just the opposite of LCL shipping. FCL means Full Container Load. In LCL, you share a container with other importers, but in FCL, you own the full container. You have to pay for the entire container irrespective of how much space you will use.

You can hire two types of containers for your FCL shipping – 20ft and 40 ft containers. In addition, you can also hire a 40 ft high cube container.

The process of FCL shipping is similar to LCL. You will contact a freight forwarder and tell them the type of your product along with the quantity. Your freight forwarder will decide which container will be suitable for you and hire accordingly.

FCL is comparatively faster than LCL as it does not stop in multiple ports. But if you are not importing a massive amount of goods, FCL will not be a cosf-effective method of shipping for you.

If you want to learn more on FCL and LCL shipping please watch the below video

Express shipping from China to Singapore

As the name suggests, it is the fastest shipping method. You can receive your goods in 2-3 days using express shipping.

It’s a door to door service, and you don’t have to think about the documentation or customs clearance process.  But don’t get excited because express shipping is very much expensive. They also have a package size limitation, and their volumetric weight is much higher than air freight. This means you will pay more for the same amount of product if you use express instead of air freight.

So, consider using express shipping if you are shipping very low-quantity goods. For example, if you bring a sample or prototype from China to Singapore, express shipping is a wise choice.

There are many famous express shipping companies in the world that operate globally. Some of them are – DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc.

If you are in urgency and need to use express shipping, Winsky freight has good news for you. Winsky freight has contracts with the top express shipping companies operating in Singapore. We can offer less price than the express shipping itself with our special agreements.

3. What are the mandatory Documents?

You can not receive your consignment in Singapore if you don’t have the necessary documents. The Customs department demands some necessary documents, and they won’t hand over your goods if you can not show those papers to them.  Though there are many papers, five documents are mandatory documents for shipping from China to Singapore:

  • (AWB) Air Waybill – Air carrier will provide
  • Bill of Lading – Sea carrier will provide (NVOCC freight forwarders can provide also )
  • Packing List – Freight forwarder will provide
  • Commercial Invoice – Supplier/Manufacturer will provide
  • Shipper’s Letter Of Instruction– Supplier/Manufacturer will provide

Filling the documents properly is a complicated task and needs experience. A professional freight forwarder has experienced personnel to fill up those documents correctly. Any flaw there can hold your shipment in the customs department for a long time.

So, be sure that your freight forwarder has good experience filling up shipping documents.

4. Important Seaports in China

China is the global export leader. No country in the world is close to China regarding export goods. According to the World Economic Forum, 90% of the world’s goods are shipped by sea. China is no exception.

Most importers use the sea for shipping from China to Singapore. That’s why the Chinese government invested hugely to make their seaports efficient so that they could ship a huge amount of goods smoothly. Here are some of the top seaports in China:

  • Jiangmen
  • Shantou
  • Jiujiang
  • Guangzhou
  • Xiamen
  • Zhongshan
  • Zhuhai
  • Foshan
  • Ningbo-zhoushan
  • Tianjin
  • Dalian
  • Wuhan
  • Nansha
  • Wuhu
  • Qinzhou
  • Shanghai
  • Nanjing
  • Qingdao
  • Lianyungang
  • Chongqing
  • Fuzhou
  • Shenzhen

5. Important Seaports in Singapore

Jurong port and PSA Corporations are the two main commercial ports that operate in Singapore. These ports can handle any type of vessel.

The port of Singapore has many terminals. such as:

  • TanjongPagar
  • Sembawang
  • Brani
  • PasirPanjang
  • Jurong

6. Important Airports in China

In China, there are 241 Commercial Airports. But not all airports are capable of handling cargo. Here are some of the top airports that are famous for cargo handling:

  • Xi’an Xianyang
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan
  • Kunming Changshui
  • Shanghai Pudong
  • Shanghai Hongqiao
  • Chengdu Shuangliu
  • Beijing Capital
  • Shenzhen Baoan
  • Guangzhou Baiyun

7. Important Airports in Singapore

Singapore has only two major airports that are capable of cargo handling. They are :

8. How Long Does Shipping from China to Singapore Take?

Sorry, there is no magic figure to answer this question. But we can give you an overall idea. Here is the approximate shipping time for shipping from China to Singapore:

By Sea freight

Guangzhou—7-14 days

Shanghai—10-14 days

Xiamen—7-14 days

Tianjin—10-14 days

Shenzhen—7-10 days is an excellent website to determine the distance and required time needed between two ports. You can enter the name of the two ports and find out the approximate time to reach the cargo.

By Air Freight

  • From Xiamen— 3 -5 days
  • From Nanjing or Guangzhou —7 days
  • From Wuhan—3- 5 days
  • From Shanghai-Pudong or Shenzhen—3-5  days

9. How Much Is Shipping from China to Singapore?

Shipping costs from China to Singapore depend on various factors.  No freight forwarders can tell you the shipping cost unless they know every ins and outs of your shipment. Let’s introduce you to the key factors that affect the cost of shipping from China to Singapore.

The reference cost is US$100-150/CBM for door to door sea freight, and reference air freight is US$3-5/KG.

  • What will be the shipping method – ocean or air?
  • Air freight considers the volumetric weight of your shipment. See the below infographics for demonstrations:
  • Your product’s dimension and weight. For air freight, they will calculate the “volumetric weight.” And for sea freight, you will be charged for the space you occupy (LCL). If you use FCL, you have to pay for the entire container.
  • Service type—door-to-door, port-to-door, port-to-port, or door-to-port?
  • The type of your goods also affects the cost. If you are importing fragile items, perishable items, and chemicals, your goods will need extra care and special cargo. And that will charge more.
  • The distance between the two ports also changes the shipping price. So, try to use a color port and spend some more on inland transportation.

Last but not least, a freight forwarder has a considerable impact on your shipping cost from China to Singapore. For example, Winsky freight has contracts with the top carriers in Singapore. So, we can offer less price than many other freight forwarders. So, before booking, please get a quotation from several freight forwarders.

10. Door to Door shipping from China to Singapore

Door to door shipping means you don’t have to do anything regarding shipping from China to Singapore. It’s like ordering something on Amazon and receiving it at your home.

Though we compared it with Amazon shipping, door to door is much more complex than that. Because here the freight forwarder you hired needs to deal with many products.

The process of door to door shipping is the most convenient method of shipping you can use. The first thing is to hire a freight forwarder who has quite good experience in this sector. You will send the supplier’s address and your house or warehouse address. The freight forwarder will take care of the rest.

They will receive goods, transport them to Singapore, hire trucks for inland transport and deliver the shipment to the given address. Your duty is to unload the goods from the truck.

You can use air or sea any shipping method for door to door service. Winsky freight is the most famous door to door service provider in China. We handle your goods with optimum security and deliver them to your doorstep on or before our promised time.

If you are a new importer, door to door will be the best shipping solution for you. Please send us a message, and our door to door expert will contact you immediately.

11. Cheap Shipping from China to Singapore

Shipping cost from China to Singapore depends on various variables. If you are looking for cheap shipping, you have to consider some factors. For example, the packaging is a crucial factor. Compact packaging can reduce the shipping cost.

Then choose two ports that have the nearest distance as distances affect the shipping cost.

We all know sea shipping is the cheapest. But there are two methods – LCL and FCL. Though FCL costs less, you are just wasting your money if you don’t have products to fill the entire container.

Therefore, you can choose LCL as you will need to pay for the exact space you will use. Consolidation is another excellent way to reduce shipping costs. You can import products from different suppliers on a single vessel in this shipping method.

Winsky freight provides the best consolidation shipping service in China. Contact us to learn more.

12. Customs clearance procedure while shipping from China to Singapore?

Customs clearance can be a very hectic process especially if you are new in the import-export business. Here are the steps for customs clearance for shipping from China to Singapore:

i)Types of your goods

The customs duty depends on the types of your goods. For example, if your goods fall into FTZ then you don’t have to pay the customs duty. Again, different products have different customs clearance charges. So, first, you have to know the category of your goods.

ii)Activate Customs Account

You will need a customs account to import goods in Singapore. Register with ACRA or UEN. When the previous processes are done then Activate your customs account.

iii)Apply for Inter-Bank GIRO

Your supplier or you must have an IBG with Singapore customs so that they can pay clearance costs, penalties, fees, taxes, etc.

This account is needed to pay for GST, import duties, penalties, and other forms of payment to Singapore customs directly. In case, you need this account, you can make one from Singapore Customs.


Next step is security. How much money is needed for the security depends on the transaction type? You will get the detailed list from Singapore Customs and for more information on security lodgement please visit the security lodgement page.

v)Import Permit

You can not import to Singapore without a customs import permit. You can apply for an import permit for yourself and submit all the applications via Tradenet.

You can take government service or service from a private organization for approved tradenet software service.

vi)Check whether your goods are restricted or not

We have talked about restricted items earlier. You can check which items are classified as restricted items in Singapore from Tradenet. If your goods belong to “controlled goods” you have to take special permission.


There are certain documents that the customs department must ask to release your goods. Some documents are prepared by your supplier, some by your freight forwarder, and some by the carrier.

But, in short, a freight forwarder takes care of all the documents needed for customs clearance. Filling the documents properly is equally important.

  • (AWB) Air Waybill
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Packing List
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Shipper’s Letter Of Instruction

It’s nearly impossible for an importer to manage all those things for customs clearance in Singapore. Therefore, the best way is to take support from a customs broker or a freight forwarder.

As a leading freight forwarder in Singapore, we have our own dedicated customs clearance team working from Singapore. So, If you ship with Winsky you have no headache with the customs clearance.

Who will pay the customs charges while shipping from China to Singapore?

In most cases, the receiver or the importer pays the customs duty. Importer hires a customs broker to complete the customs duty and other expenses. Freight forwarders also provide this service as an additional service.

At Winsky, we have a dedicated customs department wing working in Singapore and completing customs duties-related tasks.

Besides, sometimes the supplier pays the customs duties in special incoterms.

What Is The Average Custom Clearance Cost For Shipping A Product From China To Singapore?

Customs clearance costs in Singapore include two types of costs. They are:

Import Duties

Most products that enter Singapore from China are subjected to import duties. if the total value CIF exceeds SGD400, it will create GST 7% of the goods declared value.

Product value/cost

Product value is not only the purchase value. The transportation cost and insurance cost (if applicable) are also included in the product value. In addition, the handling charge is also included in the product value.

Values for commodities are not fixed, and there are various slabs. It’s a complicated calculation. You can get an idea from the official website of Singapore customs.

Are you feeling lost? Don’t be. Winsky freight is here to assist you. Just tell us the type of your goods, the quantity, and the shipping method you will use. We will calculate the product cost for you. You don’t need to hire another customs broker and need not pay a single extra penny.

13. Why is Winsky considered one of the best freight forwarders for shipping from China to Singapore?

International shipping is a complicated task. And shipping between the two most economically and systemically strong countries, China and Singapore, is even tougher. You need expert people, skilled workers, experienced campaigners to complete the task for you.

China to Singapore is one of our most used shipping routes. We have dedicated teams to look after our clients from Singapore. We have an excellent connection with shipping carriers of Singapore, experienced customs experts, and skilled workers to handle any type of goods.


International shipping is a complicated procedure. And for beginners, it’s overwhelming at the beginning. That’s why we prepared this guide so that you can get a clear understanding of shipping from China to Singapore.

A good freight forwarder can make this challenging task easy for you. Because skill, knowledge, and experience are the key here. That’s why Winsky freight is considered one of the best freight forwarders for shipping from China to Singapore. Send us a message if you are still finding the answer. If planning on a shipping project, ask for a quote. We promise you will get the best one from us.

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