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Shipping from China to Singapore

Winsky Freight has been a professional shipping service provider from China to Singapore since 2008. Our primary shipping services to Singapore include Air Freight, Express Freight, and Sea Freight Door to Door. We can efficiently handle the preparation of goods for pick-up from any of your China-based suppliers and ensure delivery to any of your addresses in Singapore.

Winsky Freight offers the most cost-effective and secure shipping options from China to Singapore. This is possible due to our strong partnerships with top-rated sea and air carriers. Moreover, if you need an import license or help with import customs processes, our customs agents in Singapore will manage all customs clearance, duties, and warehousing on your behalf. You can have the best shipping experience without exceeding your budget.

If you seek the finest freight forwarder from China to Singapore, please do not hesitate to contact Winsky Freight for your upcoming shipment.

Advantages of Our Shipping from China to Singapore

  • Cheapest Air & Sea freight from China to Singapore, no additional charge, door-to-door delivery.

  • Door to Door one-stop shipping, solving all your import customs clearance, GST, and difficulties for shipping to Singapore.

  • Could arrange the shipping from China to Singapore Amazon fulfillment warehouses.

  • Arrange the pick up from any of your China supplier/manufacturer addresses.

  • Provide additional services including insurance, and consolidation delivery to Singapore.

  • Could arrange the shipping for Sensitive Cargo like Cosmetics, power bank, and battery to Singapore.

Singapore map

Full Shipping solutions from China to Singapore

Air freight from China to Singapore

Air freight from China to Singapore

Get long-term relationships with famous Air carriers like Singapore Airlines and China Airlines, and competitive air freight to Singapore Airport with direct and in-direct air shipping service to meet your different delivery time requests.

Sea freight from China to Singapore

Sea freight from China to Singapore

Fast LCL sea freight Port to Port, Door-to-door, and shipping from China to Port of JURONG, SINGAPORE, PULAU BUKOM, etc., 7-14 days delivery. Lowest Ocean Freight rates in the market.

Express freight from China to Singapore

Express shipping from China to Singapore

DHL, FedEx, and UPS, Fastest Express shipping from China to Singapore, delivery in about 1-3 work days, provides efficient door-to-door delivery of express documents and parcels worldwide. Offer more than 30% discount price than direct Express company.

Amazon shipping from China to Singapore

Shipping from China to Amazon in Singapore

Sea and Air Door-to-door delivery from China to Singapore Amazon fulfillment warehouse by DDP shipping mode, Trained Staff, Tailor-Made Solutions, and Experts Available.

Drop shipping from China to Singapore

Drop Shipping from China to Singapore

Drop shipping pacels as low as 0.5KG per order, serve as logistics partners for our Singapore retailers/online store seller, and act as a third party, shipping orders to customers on the retailer’s behalf.

shipping insurance from China

Insurance from China to Singapore

Provide high-quality insurance for shipping from China to Singapore, especially for high-value goods. The insurance rate is as low as 0.3% of the good’s value for hipping by Sea & Air, protecting your goods fully.


“I am an electronic goods retailer and use Winsky’s express shipping services for my business. They always provide me with a reasonable delivery date and turnaround time while shipping from China to Singapore. I also love their discounts!”

Wendy Jong , Martlink Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have availed of their drop shipping services which are reasonable and efficient. Their services have supported my business and logistics requirements. Looking forward to working with them again in the future!   ”

Kai Tan, Kai Fashion Pte Ltd

My company selected Winsky’s Amazon shipping facilities and was impressed! They provided doorstep delivery within the scheduled timeline. Plus, their experienced professionals assisted me throughout the process. Thanks to their services, we could handle our business processes better. 

Justin Tao, Viven Trading Pte Ltd

“While shipping from China to Singapore via sea, Winsky ensured my goods were dispatched on time. I received port-to-port delivery from Jurong within 10 days of the dispatch date. Also, their sea freight services are very pocket-friendly. ”

Sharon Lee , AXZ Staffing Services

“My company requires frequent air freight shipping from China to Singapore. We always select Winsky for their excellent delivery rates and timing. We haven’t faced any delays and received doorstep delivery every time. ”

Ju Yong Ching, Smart-tec System Pte Ltd

Want to get Shipping from China to Singapore via air or sea fast door to port or door to door delivery? Request a quote today!

FAQ for Shipping from China to Singapore.

Do I need cargo insurance while shipping from China to Singapore?2023-12-07T08:43:03+08:00

Insurance covers any damage or loss of your goods. It’s not only for your mental satisfaction; you will get a refund in case of any disaster. Insurance is not mandatory. You can ship without insurance, but we suggest you take insurance for high-value products.

What documents are required to ship to Singapore?2023-06-03T11:09:10+08:00

When importing goods to Singapore from China, you will be required to complete the custom clearance documents like Commercial Invoice and packing list, but don’t worry because when you ship to Singapore with us, this is all taken care of as part of our working process.

What is the cheapest shipping from China to Singapore?2023-06-03T11:09:38+08:00

Sea freight is the cheapest shipping from China to Singapore. Therefore, around 90% of importers use sea freight. FCL shipping is the cheapest shipping method, but that only applies to full container goods. For fewer amounts of less than a container, LCL is the cheapest shipping from China to Singapore.

How long does shipping from China to Singapore take?2023-06-03T11:10:23+08:00

The shipping time from China to Singapore depends on the shipping mode. With air freight, you can ship between 2 to 5 days for door-to-door service. And with sea freight, boat transit takes only about 5-7 days, door to door delivery takes about 12-21 days. For sea freight, LCL and FCL shipping times also differ. You should also add the time to clear the cargo and inland transportation time for the exact shipping time.

What is the shipping cost from China to Singapore?2023-06-03T11:11:21+08:00

The cost of shipping from China to Singapore is affected by many factors, like the product name and type, the dimension and weight, the reference Sea freight is US$5-25/CBM and US$2-5 for Air freight, pls submit your quote request, our professional team will work out the exact shipping cost to you very soon.

Shipping from China to Singapore Process:


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Your Complete FAQ Guide 2023 | Shipping from China to Singapore

If you are new to international trade or feel that the entire procedure is complex, This article will empower you with a shipping guide and help you avoid all the obstacles that could bother you. Let’s look and understand how you can efficiently move your goods from China to Singapore.

1. What are the Available Shipping Options for Shipping from China to Singapore?

Available shipping methods between two countries depend on their geographical location. As China and Singapore have no Train or Land connection, you can use only two shipping methods to ship from China to Singapore – Sea Freight and Air freight.

Shipping options China to Singapore

Air Freight from China to Singapore

Air Freight is a fast, secure, reliable, and efficient way of shipping from China to Singapore. Shipment can arrive in about 1-4 days, but in this method, it is airport-to-airport shipping, so you will need to arrange for the goods pick up from the China factory, clearing import customs clearance, duties, and pick up from Singapore Airport.

It is expensive compared to sea transportation and is more suitable for shipment weight over 200 kg. Pls, note that air freight limit cargo dimensions cause some restrictions for larger shipments. It also restricts the transportation of hazardous items. You should consult your freight forwarder in advance.

Shipping Notice:

Air freight from China to Singapore’s minimum charge weight is 45kg, so if the total weight of your shipment is over 45 kg. If you are in a hurry and can receive the shipment at Singapore Airport, it is a good shipping method for you. Winsky Freight could arrange direct or transshipment flights to Changi Airport in Singapore from major Chinese international airports like Shenzhen Airport, Guangzhou Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Shanghai Airport, Xiamen Airport, etc.

If necessary, we will arrange the air transport export customs declaration, relative documents, and commodity inspection. For air shipping from China to Singapore, delivery can be booked in advance for delivery on the same day, and we could arrange the daily flight from Monday to Friday.

Sea Freight from China to Singapore

In this method, shipping takes place via sea route. This is the cheapest shipping method for larger-sized goods from China to Singapore. In this method, capacity is not an issue; this is the reason it is best suited to transport goods in bulk.

But because of its slow speed, you cannot choose it for urgent deliveries. In the sea freight method, you get two options based on the volume of goods and the urgency of the shipment. 

Full Container Load (FCL): FCL means you can book an entire container of 20 or 40 feet for transporting goods. You can choose this option if you shipment volume is over 16CBM. You can use all the space to transport your goods, and you don’t need to share your container with other shippers, significantly improving your cargo’s management and security.

Less than Container Load (LCL): LCL is an effective solution when you have a smaller shipment that does not require a full container; using this shipping method, you can share space with other shippers and get your cargo from one place to another for a fraction of a price compared to the full container load.

If you want to learn more about FCL and LCL shipping, please watch the video below:

Winsky Freight Sea freight Service from China to Singapore:

If your shipment volume is over 1CBM, and you want to reduce your shipping cost from China to Singapore, sea freight  is the most cost-effective logistic solution,  We could arrange your sea shipping with famous boat carriers APL, OOCL, and COSCO from major seaports of China like Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen, Qingdao, etc, to the port of Singapore to serve our Singapore customers better; we develop China based door to door sea freight to Singapore too, the feature of Winsky Freight sea freight China to Singapore is: 

  • Arrange all the formalities for China’s export to Singapore customs, load containers, export declaration, LCL shipping, and free delivery in Singapore door to door.
  • You or your supplier only need to provide the list of goods and the consignee’s information.
  • The consignee in Singapore only needs to pay 8% of the import GST (consumption tax) and does not need to pay any other fees.
  • Delivery scope: delivery throughout Singapore, providing free unloading (manual handling of goods) and door-to-door delivery service.
  • Can apply for Singapore company UEN customs declaration, can handle private import declaration.
  • The boat transit total time is about 5-8 days of regular sea shipping thrice a week.
  • Undertake professional shipping to Singapore Amazon FBA, handling customs clearance and delivery door-to-door one-stop service.
  • Can ship general cargoes and sensitive goods (liquid, powder, battery, magnetic, chemical, cosmetics, etc.). Small pieces are not restricted.

Express freight from China to Singapore

A Fedex cargo plane

This method is the fastest delivery option, and you can expect to receive your shipment in about 1-3 days; this method is ideal for small and urgent shipments, it is also known as the door-to-door shipping method, in which you don’t have to worry about import customs clearance in Singapore.

Many famous express shipping companies operate for shipping from China to Singapore. Some are DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.

Winsky Freight has good news if you are urgent and need express shipping. We have long-term contracts with the top express shipping companies operating in Singapore. We can offer your best express shipping cost than the express shipping itself with our special agreements.

2. Shipping ports between China and Singapore

Most importers use the sea for shipping from China to Singapore. That’s why the Chinese government invested hugely to make their seaports efficient so they could ship a vast amount of goods smoothly.

Here are some of the top seaports in China:

  • Shenzhen
  • Shanghai
  • Guangzhou
  • Hong Kong
  • Xiamen
  • Ningbo
  • Tianjin
  • Dalian
  • Qingdao

Important Seaports in Singapore

Jurong Port and PSA Corporations are the two main commercial ports that operate in Singapore. These ports can handle any vessel.

The port of Singapore has many terminals. Such as:

  • TanjongPagar
  • Sembawang
  • Brani
  • PasirPanjang
  • Jurong

Important Airports in China

In China, there are 241 Commercial Airports. But not all airports are capable of handling cargo. Here are some of the top airports that are famous for cargo handling:

  • Xi’an Xianyang
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan
  • Kunming Changshui
  • Shanghai Pudong
  • Shanghai Hongqiao
  • Chengdu Shuangliu
  • Beijing Capital
  • Shenzhen Baoan
  • Guangzhou Baiyun

Important Airports in Singapore

Singapore has only two major airports that are capable of cargo handling. They are :

3. How to Ship from China to Singapore?

The shipping process is a sequence of necessary steps. You must know these steps if you want to import from China to Singapore. These steps are:

1) Choose Shipping mode

You have primarily two ways of shipping your goods: air shipping or sea shipping. This decision depends on factors such as budget, type of items, weight, size, and time according to your requirements.

2) Choose a Freight forwarder

If you feel that the shipping process is complex or you lack expertise, choose a freight forwarder for this process. After this, you don’t have to worry about documentation, cost, risk, transportation arrangements, and complexity associated with the shipment.

3) Packaging and Labeling

For the protection of goods, you should do proper packaging and labeling. Improper packaging causes damage and deterioration of goods while shipping from China to Singapore. You should also label the package with all the necessary details of the sender and recipient.

4) Dispatching Goods from Origin

The first shipping step starts from the origin, a warehouse, or a manufacturing unit. Your goods transfer from the origin to the port or airport. Here, the exporter needs to show documents that include a permit, packing list, bill of lading, declaration document, and commercial invoice during export from China.

However, if you are going to use the services of the freight forwarder, then you won’t have to worry about any of it.

5) Tracking of Goods

You can start tracking when your goods are handed over to sea freight or air freight providers. You can use the tracking number that you get from your freight forwarder.

6) Custom Clearance and Delivery

Custom clearance is a necessary step and takes place when your goods reach Singapore. Here, the customs authorities ask for several essential documents before they let the shipment in the country. These documents include a Certificate of origin, Insurance policy, receipts of payment, Bill of lading, and required permits.

After customs clearance, your goods are ready to be released from the customs area for delivery. There are some terms associated with customs clearance and delivery that include DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), and FOB (Freight On Board). They help define the shipping process’s responsibilities, costs, and risks. 

DDP: With the DDP shipping method, you give the responsibility of transportation, risk, delivery, documentation, customs clearance, taxes, duties, and costs to the freight forwarder. It is a peaceful way for people who have no experience in transportation. 

DDU: With this option, you share your responsibilities with a freight forwarder. Here, the freight forwarder will only make arrangements for transportation and delivery, and you have to pay for customs clearance and duty. 

FOB: According to this shipping term, the freight forwarder is only responsible for loading goods onto the carrier at the port. After this, you must collect the goods from the port, arrange shipping and customs clearance, and pay the taxes.

4. What is the Cheapest Shipping from China to Singapore?

Sea shipping is the cheapest method of transportation between China and Singapore. Not only is it the most affordable, but sea shipment gives you the liberty to ship any size.

Transport via sea route takes more time as compared to air. Its slow speed makes it an unfavorable option for perishable or time-sensitive goods. So, if time is not a problem or the shipment is not urgent, you can go for sea shipping.

It is a cheap and cost-effective method in case of large shipments from China to Singapore. You can also seek help from freight forwarders to choose cost-effective ways according to your requirements.

5. How to Choose the Best Shipping Options?

All shipping methods PNG

You must explore your needs and requirements to choose the best shipping option. It helps to come up with a wise decision. Here are some steps that you can follow to make an informed decision:

Identify Shipment Characteristics

The first step is to identify the characteristics of goods, including their nature, size, weight, and time sensitivity. Your goods may be hazardous, perishable, non-perishable, or delicate. So, you have to make decisions according to your goods.

Analyze Transit Time

Time is a necessary factor to consider. Here, you can analyze whether your shipment is time-sensitive, urgent, flexible, or can afford a longer transit time.

Consider Cost

Businesses need to consider the cost of shipping to optimize their overall logistic expenses. You can compare shipping costs based on the characteristics of your goods. You can consult freight forwarders in case of any confusion related to pricing.

Consider Tracking Capability

You need to ensure the tracking capability of your shipment because tracking is necessary to monitor the progress from picking to the destination point. It gives you step-by-step information on its route, time of arrival, and delivery delays.

Consider Coverage and Services

It would be best not to forget to evaluate the coverage and services during shipping option selection. It includes insurance coverage, customs clearance services, customer support, tracking, and visibility.

Consider security

Consider cargo insurance if you like to feel safe and secure. Both ocean shipping and air shipping are deemed very safe, and it is infrequent in either of the shipping methods that the cargo gets lost or damaged.

However, the cargo insurance is 0.3% of the total value of the shipment, and the minimum amount for this is $25, so it is worth the peace of mind it provides,

Consult logistics professionals

If you are new to the shipping industry, consult logistics professionals for better insights. Freight forwarders can help you resolve your doubts because of their industry knowledge.

6. How much is the Shipping Cost from China to Singapore?

Distance, mode of transportation, weight and volume, customs duties and taxes, fuel prices, and market conditions are deciding factors for shipping costs from China to Singapore. Different shipping carriers or freight forwarders have different shipping rates because they have their own pricing structure.

The actual cost depends upon the Chargeable weight. Carriers consider volumetric weight if it exceeds the actual weight of goods. You must pay more for transportation if your cargo has more volume or weight.

You can also reduce these costs by applying different strategies. You can go for efficient packaging, choose a cost-effective mode of transportation, negotiate with freight forwarders, or avoid long routes.

There is a difference between sea freight and air freight shipping rates. Below are the shipping rates charts for Express freight, Air and Sea freight from China to Singapore dated 7 December 2023 for you information.

Air freight Rates from China to Singapore per KG

 Chargeable Weight  Price Range (in USD)
 45KG+  US$3.5-US$6.5
 100KG+  US$2.8-US$5.5
 300KG+  US$2.5-US$4.0
 500KG+  US$2.0-US$3.0

Express Freight Rates from China to Singapore

 Carrier Chargeable Weight Price (USD/KG) Chargeable Weight Price (USD/KG) Chargeable Weight Price (USD/KG)
 FedEx ≥21kgs 4.2-7.5 ≥69kgs 3.2-6.5 ≥100kgs 3.0-6.0
 UPS ≥21kgs 4.5-7.6 ≥69kgs 3.3-6.6 ≥100kgs 3.2-6.0
 DHL ≥21kgs 5.3-7.8 ≥69kgs 4.2-6.8 ≥100kgs 4.0-6.5

Sea Freight rates from China to Singapore

Guangzhou Singapore US$10-$35 US$120-US$250 US$280-US$350
Shenzhen Singapore US$10-$35 US$100-US$220 US$250-US$320
Shanghai Singapore US$10-$35 US$85-US$180 US$240-US$300
Ningbo Singapore US$10-$35 US$120-US$240 US$270-US$320
Xiamen Singapore US$10-$35 US$100-US$220 US$250-US$350

7. How Long Does Shipping Take from China to Singapore?

Shipping time from China and Singapore depends upon the mode of transportation, distance, shipping route, carrier or freight forwarder, customs clearance, and weather conditions.

If you choose air freight, your goods will reach Singapore within 1 to 7 days. For sea freight, it may take between 7 to 25 days to transport your goods. But this time may vary because of the changes in these factors.

A freight forwarder can give you an exact idea about the shipment’s transit time. They can get estimates from previous shipments and help you with their valuable insights.

Customs clearance can also cause problems and affect the transit time. Sometimes, documentation can be improved to ensure the process is completed on time. So, it is vital to check all your documents related to customs clearance to avoid discrepancies. In case of issues with your papers, customs authorities can hold your shipment and cause unnecessary delays.

Below is the shipping time from China to Singapore for you information:

Express Freight Shipping Time from China to Singapore:

 Origin  Destination  Shipping Method  Transit Time
 Shenzhen  Singapore  Express Freight 1-3 days
 Shanghai  Singapore  Express Freight 1-3 days
 Ningbo  Singapore  Express Freight 2-5 days
 Hong Kong  Singapore  Express Freight 2-4 days

Sea Freight Transit Time from China to Singapore:

A cargo ship in the ocean

Air Freight Transit Time from China to Singapore:

 Origin  Destination  Shipping Method  Transit Time
 Shenzhen  Singapore  Air Freight  1-4 days
 Shanghai  Singapore  Air Freight 1-4 days
 Guangzhou  Singapore  Air Freight 1-4 days
 Beijing  Singapore  Air Freight 1-4 days

8. How Does Import Customs Clearance Work?

Customs clearance means declaring your goods to the customs authorities and paying all the associated duties and taxes so that your goods can be exported or imported from one country to another.

After the arrival of goods at the port or airport of the destination country, there is a need to fulfill necessary legal and regulatory requirements. After customs authorities’ declaration, inspection, and authorization, goods are ready to deliver to the final destination.

The steps of import customs clearance from China to Singapore are discussed below:

Customs Declaration: A customs declaration document contains information about the origin, destination, type, quantity, transport method, and cost of the goods. Your customs broker or agent submits these documents to the customs authorities.

This provides all the required details about your goods to authorities. It helps them understand whether goods fulfill the legal requirements or not.

Custom Documentations: You need some supporting documents and a customs declaration document. These are necessary to ensure the accuracy of your declaration document. These documents contain:

  • Insurance Policy
  • Permits
  • Packing lists
  • Bills of lading
  • Airway bills (AWB)
  • Origin Certificate 

Assessing Duties and Taxes: After the arrival of the goods, customs authorities consider customs duties and taxes for your goods. VAT, GST, and customs duties are the part of import-related fees. The importer must pay this fee to deliver goods to the required location.

Customs Clearance: Customs authorities in Singapore check all the required documents. If your documentation process is error-free, your goods get permission to be released from the customs area.

In case of any issue, customs authorities can hold the release of goods. So ensure you have all the correct details about your goods to avoid delays and fines.

Distribution of Goods: Once your goods get customs clearance, they get ready for distribution, and either the importer or the agent can deliver the goods to the delivery location.

Shipments at the port

9. How Much is the Import Customs Clearance and Duty to Singapore?

Custom Clearance includes verification of documents and inspection of your goods. For this process, you need to pay fees, which are the total of the import customs clearance fee, duty rates, goods and services tax, GST, and customs documentation fees.

The cost is different for all the shipments from China to Singapore because various goods fall under different categories. However, the GST for importing goods from China to Singapore is 8% since 2023.

Goods shipped by air with a value of less than SGD400 are not subject to consumption tax.

Harmonized or HS code is an essential term in customs clearance. Every product has a different 6-digit code that helps calculate the customs duties and taxes. This code gives detailed information about your product during the examination and evaluation of your goods.

With the help of this, Singapore customs authorities can get an idea about the nature of goods and then calculate customs and duties accordingly. As an importer, you are responsible for getting the appropriate HS code for your product. If you fail to do so, it impacts customs duties and taxes.

You can consult your freight forwarder to ask about customs clearance and duty costs. They can clear your issues because of their experience and knowledge about this industry.

10. Door to Door shipping from China to Singapore

For door to door shipping from China to Singapore, you don’t have to deal with the import customs clearance or pick up from Singapore Seaport or Airport you-self; the freight forwarder will handle all the shipping, including pick up goods from your China supplier, air and sea freight import and export customs clearance and deliver to your Singapore doorstep, the total delivery takes about 4-5 work days for air freight and 7-15 work days for sea freight.

The advantage of Winsky Freight door-to-door from China to Singapore is that we can arrange shipping for many types of goods, including sensitive goods (liquid, powder, battery, magnetic, chemical, food, cosmetics, etc.)

Special note: if the weight of a single piece exceeds 68kg and the size exceeds 150*80*80cm, you will be charged the extra size fee. For the import tax, if the total value CIF exceeds SGD400, it will create a GST 8% fee, and the declaration fee will be SGD40 per shipment; the consignee need to pay this fee.

11. How to ship goods from China to Singapore Amazon FBA Warehouse?

Shipping goods to the Singapore Amazon FBA warehouse is simple and similar to shipping private and commercial goods. The only difference is that the address of the FBA delivery warehouse does not have a specific contact person or contact number, only having the address and the bar code label; the following is the transportation process of shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse in Singapore.

1) Packing according to FBA Amazon requirement

Complete the labeling of FNSKU for each product and FBA carton labels; the FBA bar code here refers to the number bar code delivered from Singapore to Amazon FBA warehouse.

2) Sea & air freight to Singapore

Shipping the goods to the Singapore Amazon warehouse by Air or Sea freight after the goods are packed according to Amazon’s requirements and unloading if the container arrives at the port of Singapore. The time of devanning the container shall be subject to the Singapore POD notice, and the container will be pulled out of the terminal to our Woodlands warehouse to unpack and distribute the goods. The delivery can usually be completed within two days after the unloading, so the total shipping time is about 10-12 days.

3) Singapore customs clearance

Before the container of the goods arrives in Singapore, the customs clearance will be started in advance; the customs clearance information will be submitted to the Singapore customs Agent for examination within two days after the departure of the container. Our Singapore agent will complete the customs clearance work before the container arrives in Singapore. There are no special requirements for customs clearance of general goods. Special goods need an AVA permit to clear customs.

4) FBA Singapore delivery

Singapore Amazon FBA warehouse address is Sin8 5B Toh Guan Road Eastlevel 3 Units1/2/3 Singapore 608829 SG;

After the goods are loaded in our Singapore warehouse, and devanning the goods are delivered, the truck driver of our company will send them directly to the FBA warehouse. The truck driver will go to the FBA warehouse receiving office, submit the information, and wait in line for the notice. When it is our turn for the truck, the FBA warehouse consignee scans the entry number of the outer package of the goods to receive the goods.

5) Proof of Delivery

After the process is completed, the shipment will be stamped to prove the Singapore FBA warehouse delivered the goods.

12. How do I Track the Shipping Status from China to Singapore?

A tracking system allows you to get updates about shipment progress. For visibility and satisfaction, you must use a tracking system. In case of any problem, you can contact your freight forwarder. Here are some of the steps you can take to track your shipment:

Sea Freight Tracking: 

You get some numbers from the shipping carrier or freight forwarder, including the container, bill of lading, and booking numbers. All these numbers are crucial to follow the transport of goods. 

You can request these numbers from your freight forwarder. With these unique numbers, you can keep an eye on your goods.

 For tracking, you need to follow some steps. These steps are given below:

  • Obtain a unique identifier number or tracking number.
  • After this, visit the carrier’s website.
  • Now click the Track and Trace option on the carrier’s website.
  • Enter the tracking number in the given box.
  • Now, after clicking, this initiates the tracking process.
  • Now, after getting the tracking result, you can monitor the progress of your shipment.

Sometimes, you don’t receive complete or detailed information about your shipment while tracking. This happens because some carriers don’t provide all the details, and it depends on the shipping carrier you pick for transportation. You can compare different options to choose a reliable and reputable shipping carrier for your goods.

Air Freight Tracking: 

You get an Airway Bill or AWB number from an airline or freight forwarder for air freight tracking. This number helps to provide your shipment information from the origin to the destination point.

A flying cargo plane

You can track your air freight using the AWB number here: Track-Trace.

The tracking process of air and sea freight gives you information that includes departure from China, estimated time to arrival, arrival in transit hubs, customs clearance, and delivery to the required location in Singapore.

For express freight like DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx, you can visit 17-Track to track your shipment. You need to enter your tracking number here to receive information. Additionally, you can track your ocean freight on this website as well.


Shipping goods is a complicated process because of the involvement of various stages in it. So, for this process to take place smoothly, you need proper planning and an understanding of shipping. This FAQ guide provides valuable insights into the common problems and complexities that may arise while shipping your goods from China to Singapore. 

If you lack shipping expertise and don’t want to deal with customs and taxes related to that, then you don’t need to worry. Winsky Freight has handled shipments from China to Singapore for over a decade.

Contact us today for a quote for the easy and efficient shipment of your goods from China to Singapore.

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