Whether you are a big or small Amazon seller, how to solve the FBA transportation is very important for Amazon business owner. In recent years, Amazon’s business of FBA has become more and more extensive, specifically involving the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, and other countries and regions.

Including saving labor and shipping costs, Amazon sellers can help increase the ranking of Amazon stores, the possibility of acquiring Buy Box, and increase sales; the powerful logistics system enables Amazon to improve its delivery time, so can improve user experience and increase store sales and service quality.

So how to solve the problem of Amazon’s logistics and transportation?

This service is usually required through a freight forwarder. Winsky Freight, as Amazon freight forwarder in China helps you who use Amazon’s global store FBA service to transport your goods from China to any Amazon warehouse in the worldwide, like United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan, Mexico and other countries by air freight, Courier freight, Sea or Rail freight with door-to-door one stop forwarding service, we handle all your import custom clearance and tax, it is a simple and straightforward way to arrange your fba shipments.

Amazon Delivery Countries we do:

  • Amazon FBA shipping from China to USA

  • Amazon FBA shipping from China to Canada

  • Amazon FBA shipping from China to Germany

  • Amazon FBA shipping from China to United Kingdom

  • Amazon FBA shipping from China to Japan

Our Advantages:

  1. Offer optimum logistics solution based on client’s request, time effective or cost-effective.
  2. Consolidate cargoes from various manufacturers at the origin.
  3. We have agents in USA and UK, can handle you every process safely.
  4. Our US cooperator can do custom clearance and door to door delivery to Amazon warehouse, import duty & tax.

Our Shipping Services on Amazon:

  1. Amazon FBA door to door delivery service from China to USA/Europe/Canada/Japan with DDU or DDP.
  2. Pick & Pack, barcode, Labeling, Pallet packages.
  3. Consolidate goods from various suppliers in China, combine with one shipment, prepare customs & shipping documents.
  4. Customs declaration in China and destination, prepare export and import documents
  5. Amazon delivery appointment.
  6. Buy insurance.

Amazon FBA shipment notice:

  1. Products should be affixed bar code, Amazon only accepts the goods with a bar code.
  2. Each carton should have FBA label before delivery to FBA warehouse.
  3. All the cartons have to pack in pallet as FBA standard size before delivery to FBA warehouse.
  4. Need to make a correct appointment for delivering goods to Amazon warehouse.

Shipment reminder:

Pure battery, goods contain liquid, food or goods with brand that are special goods, pls check with us in advance to make full arrangement.

We can move your FBA cargo fast and secure, let’s work together.