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Shipping from China to Canada

Winsky Freight specializes in international freight forwarding shipping from China to Canada since 2008, we offer customize one stop sea freight and air shipping logistics solutions at competitive rates from China to all importers and wholesalers in Canada, services including Port to Port, or door to door shipping service to Canada. If you want to import goods from any city of China like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Yiwu, and shipping to Toronto, Talgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton and other cities in Canada, then Winsky freight will be your best choice.

Relying on the strong strength of the customs clearance agent in Canada, we can provides local customs clearance and high-quality local services for goods shipping to Canada. Whether goods shipped by air, sea or express to your private Canada address or shipping to Amazon in Canada, we will make sure your goods arriving in Canada completely and on time. Winsky freight, as one of the best shipping agent from china to Canada, it has branches and agents in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and other major cities.

For the best shipping quote, please submit your shipping request online, and please leave the rest of the transportation to us, we will provide you the best shipping services for your goods, timely and safely delivery to the Canada address or Amazon warehouses, at the same time, we also provide Amazon re-package, independent overseas warehouses and other value-added services for shipping to Canada.

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Get best shipping rate from China to Canada, and save up to 70% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices for sending shipment & get a smooth delivery of your consignment to Canada.

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One-stop Shipping Options from China to Canada

Air Shipping China to Canada

Reliable & hassle-free air freight options, AIRPORT TO AIRPORT, DOOR-TO-DOOR OR ANY COMBINATION, Working with carefully selected carriers, manage the movement of your goods from China to anywhere by air freight.

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Sea Shipping China to Canada

LCL sea freight Port to Port, Door-to-door service and shipping from China to all international ports, Global Coverage, Tailored Solutions For Your SEA Freight Needs, Lowest Ocean Freight rates in the market.

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Express shipping China to Canada

Fastest way to ship from China. Provides efficient door-to-door delivery of express documents and parcels worldwide. FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT Fast Shipping Solutions from China to International

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DDU/DDP shipping China to Canada

China self-developed channel, fast deliveries, time-saving and with competitive price customs clearance Tax-free– door to door delivery goods by sea, air.

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Amazon shipping China to Canada

Free Import Tax & Custom Clearance– door to door delivery, Professional And Personalized Service, Trained Staff, Tailor-Made Solutions, Experts Available.

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Drop Shipping China to Canada

Serve as logistics partners for our customers, Drop Shipping Service to Worldwide international mail services for your Ecommerce Store, act as a third party, shipping orders to customers on the retailer’s behalf.

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Provide shipping solutions for General and Dangerous products


Led Bulb Lamps

Power Bank

If you have the shipment pickup to be done from china and delivering it to your destination address in Canada, our professional logistics team will do it for you. We offer the most competitive parcel delivery from China to Canada and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you.

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA Canada

We have extensive knowledge and experience of shipping to Amazon FBA in USA, Canada, UK, Germany and etc from China by Delivered Duty Paid(DDP) shipping. We will complete customs clearance process, pay import duty and taxes then UPS will send the cargo to your Amazon FBA warehouse, you just need to wait for the goods be arrived. Air freight takes about 7-12 days, below is the Canada Amazon Warehouse we can deliver to:

Amazon warehouse code Warehouse address City Code
YVR1 450 Derwent PL Delta, British Columbia V3M 5Y9 Vancouver V3M 5Y9
YVR2 450 Derwent Place Delta V3M 5Y9 Delta V3M 5Y9
YVR3 109 Braid St New Westminster V3L 5H4 New Westminster V3L 5H4
YYC1 293069 Colonel Robertson Way and Crossiron Blvd
Calgary, AB T4A 1C6
Calgary T4A 1C6
YYZ1 6363 Millcreek Drive Mississauga, Ontario L5N 1L8 Toronto L5N 1L8
YYZ2 2750 Peddie Rd. Milton, Ontario L9T 6Y9 Toronto L9T 0K1
YYZ3 7995 Winston Churchill Blvd. Brampton, Ontario L6Y 0B2 Toronto L6Y 0B2
YYZ4  8050 Heritage Road, Brampton, Ontario Ontario L6Y 0C9
YYZ6 6110 Cantay Rd. Mississauga, Ontario L5R 4JW Ontario L5R 4JW
YOW1 5371 Boundary Road,Ottawa,Ontario,Canada K4B 1P6 Ottawa K4B 1P6

Which shipping way should I choose for shipping from China to Amazon in Canada?

1. For goods within 21KG, it is recommended to ship by express delivery; such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, the shipping speed is fast, and express delivery is reservation-free to amazon, so it is suitable for emergency replenishment. But we should note that Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment, so you must complete the declaration, tariff payment and prepare local customs clearance in advance.

2. Special airlines to Canada: Goods are shipped to Canada by air freight in advance, and then delivered to Amazon warehouse by local express like UPS. The delivery is fast, slightly slower than direct express delivery, and end delivery of express is very convenient for shipping to Canada Amazon. At present, the Special airlines to Canada on the market is DDP one-stop service, the cost is very economic, and also there is no need to pay tariff and custom clearance, etc..

3. Special sea freight to Canada: goods are shipped by Sea carrier in advance and then finish the import customs clearance by local Canadian agent, delivery to the destination in Canada, before the goods was sent to Amazon, generally it needed to be booked for the storage, and the operation is more troublesome than express delivery, sea shipping takes a little long time about 40 days total from China to Canada, but is much cheaper than air freight and is suitable for non-urgent shipping.

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Below is the FAQ from Canada importers, here we add the answers for you information.

Do I have to pay duty on items shipped from China to Canada?2019-12-15T10:15:12+08:00

Any item sent via air freight or mail to Canada may be subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) and/or duty.You do not have to pay GST on the following goods that are imported into Canada: goods worth CAN$20 or less, gifts from family members or friends who live abroad when the worth is CAN$60 or less.

What documents are required to ship to Canada?2019-12-15T10:13:47+08:00

When you send a package to Canada from China, you will be required to complete the custom clearance documents like Commercial Invoice and packing list, but don’t worry because when you ship to Canada with us, this is all taken care of as part of our working process.

How long does it take to ship from China to Canada?2019-12-15T10:15:59+08:00

For courier services, such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT USPS. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days from China to Canada, and it is the fastest way shipping to US.

For Air Freight, Takes about 3-5 business days but it ship to airport only and is cheaper than courier service and it suitable for heavier goods.

For Sea Freight, normally takes around 15-25 days, Sea freight shipping times have several factors that would affect the time of delivery. These factors include but are not limited to customs inspection, weather, transport truck and employment delays.

What is the cheapest way to ship to Canada?2019-12-15T10:11:44+08:00

We’ve negotiated discount shipping rates with the biggest and most trustworthy carriers, including HU Airlines, CA Airlines, CZ Airlines, EK airlines,  Express company like UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT and many more. The cheapest way to send a package from China to Canada is through Winsky. You can save up to 70% on shipping by comparing rates and services. Publish real-time shipping rates and save money every time you ship to Canada.

How much does it cost to ship to Canada?2019-12-15T10:11:05+08:00

The shipping cost from China to Canada varies, depending on the size of your package and how quickly you want it to get there, different ways of cost is not the same, like ePacket shipping from China to Canada, the cost is around US$2 per 100g for small pacels, air freight cost around US$3-5/Kg for goods above 45Kg.

The shipping cost would be increased in peak season after October each year. Winsky freight offers some of the cheapest rates available. We regularly review our prices and our discounted shipping rates to Canada are cheaper than if you booked directly with a Express company.

International Shipping from China Procedures:


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