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Shipping from China to Australia

Winsky Freight has been focused on shipping from China to Australia since 2010, our main shipping services are air freight and sea freight door-to-door from China to any of your Australian destinations, such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, etc.

Winsky Freight is one of the strong freight forwarders from China to Australia, we provide the most competitive price in the shipping market, and support you with the best shipping time, shipping from China to Australia is about 5 days for Air Express service, and 8-10 work days for China Airlines, 30-45 days sea freight door to door service, although COVID has inference the world supply chain, we are endeavor to meet your each shipment deadline.

We also have strong cooperation with Australian agents, the processional teams in Australia will make sure your goods can be handled properly and customs cleared smoothly in the least time, you don’t have to hire an import broker yourself, and all the procedures can be completed by our Australia custom clearance teams.

Contact us for your shipment from China to Australia, to make sure your import business from China easier!

Your Best Freight Forwarder from China to Australia

Get best shipping rates from China to Australia and save up to 70% on the cost of Express, Air & Sea shipping Carrier’s standard prices.

One-stop Shipping Options from China to Australia

Air shipping from China to Australia

Air freight from China to Australia

Fast and Cheap air freight options, AIRPORT TO AIRPORT, DOOR-TO-DOOR from China to Sydney, Melbourne,Brisbane and etc, Working with carefully selected carriers, manage the best movement of your goods from China to Australia by air freight.

Sea shipping from China to Australia

Sea freight from China to Australia

Direct boat 15 days LCL sea freight Port to Port from China to Sydney, Melbourne, fast and cheapest Door-to-door sea freight from China to Australia, tailored Solutions For Your SEA Freight Needs, Lowest Ocean Freight rates in the market.

Express shipping from China to Australia

Express shipping from China to Australia

Fastest way to ship from China to Australia with FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT Express, smooth export and import custom clearance, efficient and safe door-to-door delivery of express documents and cargos with delivery time about 3-5 working days.

Door to Door shipping China to Australia

Door to Door shipping China to Australia

China self-developed channel, fast Door to Door deliveries from China to Australia, time-saving and with competitive price, Import cusotom clerance and duties service included.

Amazon shipping from China to Australia

Amazon shipping from China to Australia

Provide you with Door to Door Air & Sea shipping service from China Factory to BWU1,BWU2, MEL1, BNE1, PER2 Amazon in Australia with Import Tax & Custom service included.

shipping insurance from China

Cargo Insurance China to Australia

Provide high-quality insurance for shipping from China to Australia, especially suitable for high-value goods Shipping, insurance rate is as low as 3‰ of the goods commercial value, make your goods are fully protected.


“Thank you for all your help during this process, we appreciate your business, the shipment from China to our Melbourne address was received safely and in good condition. Delivery was fast, and good pricing also. Many thanks, and looking forward to working with you again.”

Jillian Erdman , DuBruque PTY LTD

“The shipping experience was very smooth with Winsky. My shipment was handled with care and delivered on time. The support team was sure to update me through the movement from China to Australia. Will be using them more in the future”

Jamie Nagel, Nagel & Co PTY LTD

“Hey, thanks for the smooth and fast delivery of my shipment from China to Australia. Your customer care team carried me along with steady updates through pick up, shipping and delivery. I will get in touch with you again.”

Reba Sturrock, JB Camping PTY LTD

“Winsky secured our company an excellent sea freight deal from China to Australia, they did not compromise on the quality of their service. Our shipment arrived on schedule, and everything was intact. Thanks, and until my next shipment.”


“Shipment from China to Australia was delivered according to schedule without any issues. The support team was very responsive and assisted me every step of the way. Thanks.”

Eleanora Will, Berge Partners

Get best shipping rate from China to Australia, and save up to 70% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices for sending shipment & get a smooth delivery of your consignment to Australia.

Below is the FAQ for Shipping to Australia

How much is the Import Customs and Duties from China to Australia?2022-06-19T11:12:47+08:00
If your goods value is within AUD1000, it is free of custom and duty fee, you can receive your goods directly from China to Australia, but pls note don’t lower the declared value on purpuse avoid import custom delay or fine.
If goods value is above AUD1000, Australia Custom will contact you to finish the import custom and duty fee, estimate cost including:
1.Duty:5% of goods value —This cost can be free if you buy Country of Origin cost US$25 from us, it is a certificate that can reduce your import duty.
2.GST: CIF value (Value of goods + freight + insurance + duty)*10%
3.Custom government fee:AUD99
4. Custom Clearance fee: AUD120/BL
What documents are required to ship from China to Australia?2022-06-19T11:05:22+08:00

Documentation is essential for shipping from China to Australia. Without proper submission of your paperwork to the customs authority, your goods will not enter the importer country. These documents include- packing list, bill of lading, air waybill (if required), commercial invoice, shipper’s letter of instruction, country of origin (if requested).

What is the Cheapest Shipping from China to Australia?2022-06-19T11:02:38+08:00

Sea freight is the Cheapest Shipping from China to Australia no matter for small cargo or bulk cargo, there is no minimum charege weight for sea freight to Australia, even your cargo is within 21KG, you can choose the door to door sea freight with import custom clearance service included with very economic cost than Air freight.

How much does shipping cost from China to Australia?2022-06-19T12:09:19+08:00

China to Australia shipping cost varies highly on your cargo type, the shipping method you choose, the weight and size of your packages, door to door or port to port service all come into consideration while calculation. For instance, bulky goods in air freight cost more than sea freight from China to Australia. Winsky Freight offers different kinds of shipping services according to your needs. Ship any amount of goods by us cheaper and faster.

How long does it take to ship from China to Australia?2022-06-19T10:53:31+08:00

Sea freight from China to Australia like Sydney, Melbourne by Port to Port service takes about 15 days only, door to door service takes about 30-45 days considering of the export & import custom clearance, duties, boat loading & unloading, trucking.  Air freight from China to Australia door to door takes about 7-10 work days, in addition, you can choose FedEx,TNT, DHL,UPS and other international express delivery, the delivery time is about 3-7 days.

Air Freight solution from China to Australia

There are direct flights to Australia from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao and other airports. The main delivery cities are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The delivery time from the airport to the airport takes only about 2 days.

For some urgent cargo, you can choose to ship by air freight, based on the location of the cargo, we select the most convenient airport to take off,  At least 45 kilogram can be shipped by air. Arrival mode: We ship the goods to the Australian airport, and the consignee arranges the pick up from the airport, clear the goods, submit information, pay customs duties. Door-to-door (warehouse) mode: This is also special line door-to-door service. After the goods arrive at the Australian airport, we arrange the goods to be cleared, submit information, pay customs duties, and deliver the goods. goods. Major airlines we cooperated are: China Southern Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Qantas.

Sea Freight solution from China to Australia

Ship from China Foshan, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Wuhan, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian and other ports to Sydney, Australia, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and others, especially, sea shipping from Guangzhou, Shenzhen to Sydney, Melbourne, Australia, port to port takes only 11-15 days. Cooperated with main shipping companies: APL, HPL, YML, COSCO, OOCL, MSK, etc.

LCL cargo transportation: LCL sea shipping does not limit the number of cargoes, the minimum can be 1 cubic meter. The transportation methods can be selected from the port to the seaport or door to door service according to the customer’s needs. The specific differences are as follows: Arrival mode: We ship the goods to the Australian port, and you arrange the pick up from the port to clear the goods, submit information and pay Customs and delivery procedures. Door-to-door (warehouse) mode: This method is called special-door-to-door service. After the goods arrive at the Australian port, we arrange the goods to be cleared, submit information, pay customs duties, and deliver the goods to your warehouse.

Shipping from China to Australia Procedures:


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Your Complete Guide for shipping from China to Australia

Are you starting your shipping business and looking for the cheapest shipping from China to Australia? Do you want to know all the available shipping methods, their prices, and how to use them while importing from China to Australia?

Then this is the best shipping guide for you, it can make your import business from china to Australia more smoothly, and can save you more time and energy.

1. Shipping options from China to Australia


Sea freight from China to Australia

Sea freight to Australia from China is the best for importers who bring goods in large quantities and are not in a rush. Sea freight from China to Australia gives you the flexibility to ship almost anything in any amount. You can ship clothes, kitchen items, machinery, chemicals, gases, liquid goods, electronics, and even vehicles through sea freight.

You can also choose from FCL and LCL shipping from China to Australia. In full container load (FCL), you bring goods in a single container loaded fully with your goods only. Less than a container load (LCL) will consolidate your packages with other importers. This takes a little longer to deliver goods as separating your goods from the other consolidators takes time.

No matter what method of transportation you choose, a freight forwarder company will be able to assist you in every aspect. Freight companies will not only arrange freight, but they can also assemble the goods, help you to determine shipping route from China to Australia, pick them up from the supplier, do customs clearance in both the ports, and provide final delivery.

Air freight from China to Australia

Air freight from China to Australia is the second fastest way of delivering goods after express shipping. You can transport your fragile, sensitive items in air freight as it offers more protection and safer delivery.

Air freight is less expensive than express air shipping, and it is cost-effective for goods that weigh between 300 to 500 kilograms.  Goods that weigh above this range will get more expensive.

Generally, air freight is not encouraged to use if you are shipping in bulk. Although you can use it, most importers find it too expensive given other options.

Express shipping from China to Australia

It is the fastest method to transport goods. Because of its high-speed delivery service, the cost is also much higher.

However, express shipping is done only with lighter goods. Bulky, heavy items are not suitable to ship through express shipping.

Different reputed courier companies provide express shipping, such as companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL Express.

When you ship the goods by Express shipping, you pay the courier service for every shipping work altogether. This means, from picking up the goods from the Chinese supplier to dropping them at your local address in Australia, all this is carried by the express company.

DHL Shipping from China to Australia

DHL Express is one Express shipping service, and for shipping from China to Australia, the delivery time is about 1-5 work days, and the DHL shipping cost per KG is around 7-12/KG from China to Australia.

Winsky Freight is one of the best DHL shipping agents, it allows us to provide the lowest shipping prices. DHL Express is one of the fastest Express services which drops your parcel at your doorstep in Australia from a Chinese supplier in just about 3 working days. DHL express company stands out from other companies in the shipping market. You can benefit from our vast category of express services and choose one according to your requirements.

2. Shipping from China to Australia Amazon:

Ship to Australia Amazon is available from China, Winsky Freight is professional for the shipping to Australia Amazon from China, we have both Air freight and sea freight door-to-door options to Australia Amazon, and we can provide you with DDU without duty paid with import customs clearance under your ABN account, or ship by DDP with customs clearance and duties service included if you are not registered company in Australia.

Below is the Australia Amazon and famous 3PL warehouse where we have the shipping service to

 Warehouse  Zones  Code  Post Code  Full Address
 FBA  Sydney  BWU1  2170  23 Centenary Ave,Moorebank, NSW 2170,AU
 FBA  Sydney  BWU2  2178  13 Emporium Avenue Kemps Creek, NSW 2178 AU
 FBA  Sydney  XAU2  2142  Warehouse A, 19 Berry Street, Granville, Sydney NSW, 2142, AU
 FBA  Melbourne  MEL1  3175  29 National Drive,Dandenong South, VIC 3175,AU
 FBA  Melbourne  XAU1  3043  Non Sort Pop Up(Tullamarine,AU)Warehouse B,25-29 Jets Court, Tullamarine,Victoria,3043, AU
 FBA  Melbourne  MEL5  3023  103 Palm Springs Road RAVENHALL,VIC 3023 AU
 FBA  Perth  PER2/PER3  6105  60 Paltridge Road Perth Airport WA 6105
 WINIT  Sydney  WINIT-SYD  2142  C/O Warehouse 2,54 Ferndell St South Granville 2142 AU
 WINIT  Melbourne  WINIT-MEL  3029  1-5 Felstead Drive, Trunganina, Victoria, 3029
 CK1  Sydney  CK1-SYD  2211  Warehouse 6 45-53 davies road, padstow, nsw 2211
 4PX  Sydney  4PX-SYD  2143  G2/391 Park Road, Regents Park,NSW 2143 AU
 CL  Sydney  CL-A1  2143  Block A1, 391 Park Rd,Regents Park,NSW AU 2143
 CL  Sydney  CL-G1  2143  Building G1, 391 Park Road, Regents Park NSW 2143 AU
 CL  Sydney  CL-G2  2143  GATE 3, BLOCK G2,REGENTS PARK NSW 2143 AU
 GC  Sydney  GC-SYD  2163  C/O 2B/246 Miller Road Villawood NSW 2163
 GC  Melbourne  GC-MEL-1  3175  C/O 63-69 Pound Road West,DandenongSouth,VIC 3175
 GC-MEL-2  3175  C/O 42-62 Pound Road West,Dandenong South VIC 3175

Contact us now for the fastest and cheapest shipping for delivery from China to Australia Amazon!

3. What Are the Main Shipping Ports in China & Australia?

There are several shipping ports from China to Australia, Choose the right shipping ports and route can save more shipping time and money, below you will find some major shipping ports between China and Australia

The Main Port origin from China;

  • Ningbo
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Xiamen
  • Qingdao

The Main port of Destination in Australia

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide

4. How To Ship From China To Australia?

According to the United Nations COMTRADE database in 2022, Australia did 72.86 billion dollars of imports from China.

Australia Imports China

Let us now see the steps that you need to follow to do successful shipping to Australia.

Step 1- Know Your Import Rights

The first step to importing goods from China is to have your import license in Australia as an importer. Without an import license, you cannot bring goods to Australia legally.

Step 2- Choose A Supplier

Select a supplier from whom you wish to import goods. You can choose your supplier online through various websites, and social media, or you can personally visit China to look for a supplier.

There are various online platforms where you can look for a supplier in your budget. These websites scan through thousands of goods to find the right one that matches your search.

Some of these websites are Alibaba, AliExpress, China Sources, HKDC, Made In China, and more.

Step 3- Goods Purchase

Once you find a reliable supply source, it is time for you to purchase goods. Look for the goods you want to import for business in your country and seal your deal.

Before making the purchase make sure there is a demand for these goods in Australia, and you can make a profit from them. There are various kinds of goods available, and sometimes one particular product will have different qualities and be of varying prices.

Step 4- Hire A Freight Forwarder

Once you are done with the purchase, hire a freight forwarding company for your shipping. Elaborate on what shipping routes from China to Australia you are willing to take and ask for a quote.

After you hire a shipping company for your particular needs, everything will be handled by them.

5. How long does shipping from China to Australia take?

Delivery time will influence your supply chain, and sales plan, so choose it carefully and know ahead if it is urgent or not.

Shipment transit time is accepted by many factors like shipping options, factory address & destination address, product types, custom exam, port congestion, and weather, below is the estimated shipping time for Air, Express Air, and sea for your information:

Shipping times from China to Australia

Express Air: DHL, FedEx, TNT 2-5 work days

stander Air: 8-10 days on average, price more competitive than Express Air, for not very urgent as Express Air.

Suitable for high-value and benefit goods.

LCL sea freight time: 

The Sea carrier has the sailing plan each week, it takes about 20 days after dispatch, not including the custom exam.

After the container is loaded, it takes about 14-20 days to arrive at Sydney seaport, custom clearance will take about 3-5 work days, then sending to the operation warehouse, sorting before delivery to courier or truck.

Shipping cut-off time, meet the cut-off time, save more shipping time, below the cutoff time in February 2023 for your information:

 Cut off time  Vessel ETD  Vessel ETA
 2023/2/7 18:00  2023/2/13  2023/2/25
 2023/2/13 18:00  2023/2/20  2023/3/5
 2023/2/21 18:00  2023/2/27  2023/3/12
 2023/2/27 18:00  2023/3/7  2023/3/19

Sea freight: 30-45 days for door-to-door business shipment, most economic shipping

Suitable for goods not urgent and have enough time to ship by sea.

A Delivery time Charter for your reference

Sea freight time from China to Australia

 City  Port to Port  Door to Door
 Sydney  14-25 Days  28-45 days
 Melbourne  14-25 Days  28-45 days
 Brisbane  16-28 Days  30-48 days
 Adelaide  18-28 Days  35-50 days
 Perth  20-28 Days  40-55 days

Air freight time from China to Australia

 City  Airport to Airport  Door to Door
 Sydney  1-3 days  5-10 days
 Melbourne  1-3 days  5-10 days
 Brisbane  1-3 days  6-12 days
 Adelaide  2-5 days  7-15 days
 Perth  2-5 days  7-18 days

6. How much does it cost for shipping from china to Australia?

The shipping rates from China to Australia vary according to different factors like the shipping options you choose, take advantage to ship from Winsky for the most competitive shipping cost, to meet your requirement with delivery time, without hiding fees like destination port charges.

For more details about how to calculate the shipping cost to Australia, pls check below FYI:

1. Know your product type, is it general cargo, sensitive cargo, or dangerous cargo?

2. Know how to calculate the chargeable weight in advance, chargeable weight chooses a greater value between gross Weight and Volumetric Weight.

For example, the gross weight of the goods is only 12 kg per carton, but if the good’s volume weight is higher than the gross weight, it will be charged by volume weight.

For Door to door Air and Sea shipping, the volume weight (KG)= The outer carton Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) ÷ 6000.

If each carton is 52x48x40 cm, the volume weight= (52x48x40) ÷ 6000=16.64KG, so the charge weight is 16.64KG per carton.

3. Check the extra delivery fee for the overweight or oversized package:

 Chargeable Weight Range  Extra Delivery Fee
 30-35KG per pacel  US$15 per pacel
>35KG per pacel  US$45 per pacel
 Length of carton  Extra Delivery Fee
 120-199CM per pacel  US$15 per pacel
 200-299CM per pacel  US$45 per pacel
 300-399CM per pacel  US$120 per pacel

Notice: Require receiver to prepare forklift to unload the over weight and oversized pacakages, or might create extra tail lift truck service delivery fee.

4. The way of transport you choose, Air or Sea, and shipping mode: Port to Port or Door to Door

Reference Shipping price chart from China to Australia:

Air Freight rates from China to Australia per KG

 City  Weight  Price Range(USD)  Weight  Price Range(USD)
 Sydney  ≥21kgs  7-9.5/KG  ≥100kgs  6.5-9/KG
 Melbourne  ≥21kgs  7-9.5/KG  ≥100kgs  6.5-9/KG
 Brisbane  ≥21kgs  7.5-9.5/KG  ≥100kgs  7-9/KG

Note: Above is the door to door service

Express Freight price from China to Australia per KG

 Carrier  Weight  Price Range(USD)  Weight  Price Range(USD)
 DHL  ≥21kgs  9-12/KG  ≥100kgs  7-11/KG
 FedEx  ≥21kgs  9.5-13/KG  ≥100kgs  7-11/KG
 UPS  ≥21kgs  9.6-13/KG  ≥100kgs  8-12/KG

Note: Above is the door to door service

LCL Sea freight rates from China to Australia per cbm

 City  Price Range(USD/CBM)
 Sydney  150-250
 Melbourne  160-260
 Brisbane  180-280

Note: Above is the door to door service

Generally, if your cargo weight is above 100KG or the shipment total volume is over 1CBM, it will be the cheaper and more economic option to ship by sea freight, and below 100KG by air for a quicker option, we can offer both air freight and sea freight door to door even weight only 20KG.

Still not sure how to choose air or sea freight service? Contact our sales expert.

7. How Can I Find the Cheapest Shipping From China To Australia?

To find the cheapest shipping from China to Australia, you need to have a clear idea of what goods are best to ship in which freight method.

More significant, heavy, or bulky goods are not cost-effective if shipped by air freight or express.

However, sea freight is capable of transporting huge quantities of goods at less cost. Sea freight allows you to ship a variety of things at the most affordable and cheapest shipping rate.

You can also choose from FCL and LCL, which again lets you decide how much you want to spend on shipping.

Express & Air shipping is the cheapest for smaller parcels below 100 kg. Essential documents, catalogs, or such small items are best to ship in express shipping and will save your costs too.

Fragile goods, items with a given time frame, and sensitive materials will be more suitable to ship by air freight. Air freight gives you the best security for your goods; hence there is less possibility of theft or damage during the shipping process.

As sensitive goods need special treatment while importing, this cannot be given in sea freight. Damage to these expensive goods will incur more loss if shipped in sea freight to save money.

To know more about this, you can follow this YouTube link

8. Import shipping documents from china to Australia

Paperwork is an essential step for import from China to Australia, Without the documentation, your cargo will not enter the international border.

Make sure your cargo complies with the rules and regulations of Australian customs, and have everything ready before you present your cargo to customs clearance. These are the papers needed to ship from China to Australia

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Packing List
  3. Certificate of Origin
  4. Airway Bill or Seaway bill

9. Import customs clearance and duty from China to Australia

It will have import custom clearance, and GST duty for total shipment value over AUD1000 when shipping from China to Australia, and according to the terms of Sino-Australian trade, Sino-Australian certificates of origin can be exempted from Australian tariffs, we could arrange this FAT certificates of origin on behalf of you with cost US$25 per shipment.

As Australian customs clearance is in pre-clearance mode, please confirm the terms of trade before shipment, changes in the terms of trade after delivery will result in double customs clearance costs of about AUD125.

Payment proof is required for a value below AUD1000 and shipment weight over 70 kg, as the EMPP custom inspection rate is higher for this import volume.

10. How Does Customs Clearance Work While Shipping From China To Australia?

Australia custom clearance

Customs clearance is the checkpoint that controls everything coming in or going out of the country. Before shipping your goods, you will need your paperwork ready, make sure your goods are adequately packed, all your duties and taxes are paid, and your shipment does not have any illegal items in them.

The customs usually estimate the cargo value according to the product name, weight, volume, and other factors.

If the shipment meets EMPP(Evidence of Money Price Paid) custom inspection, and Customs has doubts about the value of the goods, it will need you to provide commercial invoices, proof of payment, and product links (if there is no link need to provide sales contracts or other invoices, orders), the above information is necessary to assist customs to release the clearance as soon as possible.

Please note that all documents provided, including invoices, packing lists, and sales contracts, must be reasonable (for example, the time of the sales contract is earlier than the invoice), and must be consistent with the data declared to the customs at that time, including the product name, quantity, unit price, and total price, especially the seller and buyer of the document must be consistent with the customs declaration.

It should be noted that the EMPP documents must be correct, and there must be no loopholes or mismatches, otherwise, the customs will always withhold the goods for inspection, or even confiscate or destroy them.

11. Tips for shipping from China to Australia

tips for shipping to Australia

Don’t reduce the real value of the goods, and the import custom exam rate is higher for goods weight totaling over 70KG with a value below AUD1000, if the declared value is less than the Australian custom standard, the shipment might be met further delay or punish fee.

Don’t ship prohibited items or copy brand goods without authority.

Parcel delivery will be delayed for selected random import custom inspection, although it does not happen often, preparing the purchase ahead and leaving enough time is necessary.

Delivery Notice in Australia:

For any package chargeable weight over 30KG or pallet packages, You will need to prepare a forklift to unload the goods, or it might create an extra tail lift service delivery fee.

If local delivery is by Truck service, the truck company will contact you to receive goods in advance, but the courier company in Australia will not contact the receiver before delivery, so it is better to track the shipping status online, and make sure not missing the delivery then avoid the secondary delivery fee, or might need you to pick up at the depot.

Fumigation requirement:

Fumigation certificates are required for importing wood products/rattan products/bamboo products and solid wood packaging goods to Australia, for more information, pls check the department of agriculture for the Australian Government.

About cargo insurance:

Cargo insurance is not covered for fragile products, so need china factory packs the goods well in a hard carton box.

12. How to track the shipment status from china to Australia?

If you are shipping via Air freight, you can track it directly from Air Carriers like DHL, FedEx, China-airlines official websites with the tracking numbers.

If you are shipping via Air freight, you can track it directly from Sea Carrier like COSCO, HPL/HMM/EMC/MSK official website with the seaway bill number.

If you are shipping via Air & sea freight door-to-door with Australia special line service, input the tracking number to the Australia special line tracking website we sent to you, tracking information can be available after the goods are picked up in about 2 days, if you can’t understand the tracking information, contact your sales representative, we will give you the estimate delivery time.

13. What are the steps for shipping from China to Australia?

Below is Winsky Freight shipping process from China to Australia for you information:

  1. If it is EXW term with your China factory, when the goods are ready, we will arrange the pick up from the supplier to our shipping warehouse, if it is FOB terms, your China factory will be responsible for the shipping to the China shipping warehouse.
  2. We will ask the supplier to finish the Commercial invoice required for shipping.
  3. We check the goods and confirm the exact weight and dimensions with you after the goods arrived in our warehouse.
  4. Send the shipping invoice for your payment confirmation.
  5. For Goods send out by sea/air freight, we arrange the export customs clearance.
  6. Send you the sea/air freight tracking number.
  7. After the goods arrived at the destination seaport/airport, a local agent in Australia will contact you to pay the import custom, tax fee if it has.
  8. After customs cleared, the Local agent will arrange the goods delivery by truck or courier to your Australia address.

14. Why Ship from Winsky Freight?

It is your best choice for Shipping from China to Australia by Winsky Freight for below reasons:

  1. Most Economic freight
  2. Pick up from any China factory
  3. Door-to-door convenient shipping
  4. Import custom clearance support
  5. Tracking online service


Shipping from China to Australia is not that complicated if you know the entire process. If you don’t know the full process and when to choose which method you will lose your money, and time which will affect your supply chain and ultimately affect your business.

The best way to overcome these complications is to select the best freight forwarder to complete the job for you. When it comes to shipping from China, Winksy Freight is the best choice for you. We provide the most economic and secure shipping service. Contact us today for easy shipping.

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