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Winsky Freight provides the best Express Shipping Service from China to all over the world since 2008. We have long term stable contracts with the famous Express Carriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, therefore, we could offer you with the more cheaper price than the company charges if you go for a direct contract, and contact your supplier for the direct pick up and delivery to your doorsteps.

As a importer, have you struggled to choose which express carrier is the best for your business? When it comes to choosing between carriers, there are a number of critical factors to keep in mind, such as shipping rates, delivery time, and overall value. Having a better understanding of what the carriers offer can help you choose which works best for your import business, that is what we do to choose the most suitable Express Air freight to you.

When you place the order with your China manufacturers, pls don’t hesitate to contact us for the free shipping quote, we will select the most suitable shipping way and best shipping cost to you.

Why Choose our Express Shipping Service?

DHL Express Shipping from China

Winsky Freight offer DHL Express Shipping from China to worldwide. Every country operates under a different set of rules and regulations. DHL Express focuses on international shipping. It is the largest international shipping company in the world, delivering to millions of addresses in more than 220 countries since 1969.DHL Knows International Shipping Solutions. Ever try to ship internationally on your own? It’s complicated.

As an expert in international shipping, DHL Express understands the needs of small and medium businesses. As a DHL Authorized Shipping Center, Postal Connections 182 provides easy and convenient access to the world’s largest international shipping network at very competitive rates.

DHL Express from china

FEDEX Express Shipping from China

fedex shipping from China

FedEx International Priority® is our most popular shipping service, with time-definite delivery from China to around the world.

FedEx offers the following 2 types of service from China: FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy.

To support client needs as the world grows more connected to China, FedEx are combining the world’s largest air express network with an unparalleled European road network.

UPS Express Shipping from China

With a full suite of global, urgent transportation services, UPS have the ability to optimize solutions for nearly every shipment. Our experienced team can quickly assess a critical situation, identify transportation alternatives and implement a delivery solution that meets your time and cost requirements. UPS Express Services we provide from China mainly includeUPS Worldwide Saver,UPS Worldwide Expedited.

UPS Express can make a difference in your time-sensitive shipping activities. our team can handle a one-time urgent shipment or create a customized, high-priority solution based on your requirements.

UPS shipping from China

TNT Express Shipping from China

TNT express from china

TNT Express is one of the world’s largest express delivery companies which was founded in Australia in the 1940s. It is now a subsidiary of FedEx, with its headquarters in the Netherlands. It has fully owned operations in 61 countries, and delivers documents, parcels and pieces of freight to over 200 countries.

TNT Express has provided domestic, international export and import courier services to customers for over 20 years. As a major TNT account holder for over 20 years, we move a very high volume of parcels and freight through the TNT network every day, so we are able to negotiate the best possible delivery prices, saving you on shipping costs.

Below is the FAQ of Express Shipping from China.

Why ship with Winsky Freight?

When you book with us, you’re getting access to some of the best rates in China. You can save significantly on your shipping costs because we negotiate prices based on the volumes from all of our customers nationally - and we pass these savings advantage on to you.

How much does express shipping cost from china?

Express courier Shipping costs from China to international are mostly dependent on the shipping countries, service, shipping time, weight, and size of your package. For example, shipping a package around 30KG from China to Australia may cost about US$7.5/KG by FedEx. Larger packages will generally cost more, but Winsky Freight has many options for shipping from China depending on your budget and delivery time request.

How long does express shipping from china take?

Express delivery is a top priority shipping, the delivery times for parcels sent from China to abroad vary from about 2 to 7 days door to door depending on the destination.

How to track express shipping from china?

Track your shipments from official website via UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS —easy, fast, and accurately. Simply enter the shipment tracking number to receive up-to-date status and delivery confirmation for your valuable and time-sensitive letters and packages.

Express Shipping from Us – 5 Easy Steps

We make express shipping easy for you. Whether you are new or a returning customer, these key steps to shipping help get your shipments moving to their destination.

  • Tell us what you want to ship, where it’s going, when you need it to be there and get a quote.
  • Before you send your shipment, you will more than likely need to know what the cost will be. To calculate cost, we need to know the exact destination as well as the size and weight of your shipment.
  • You’ll be provided with service options to suit your package size and time needs. You can also read more about our wide range of reliable document and parcel delivery options.
  • We will arrange the express courier shipping after got in contact with your supplier, and it is essential that the shipment and any relevant paperwork are ready for when shipment is ready for delivery.
  • Once your shipment has been collected, you can track its status 24 hours a day online.


Express Shipping from China to international countries can be complicated—every country has a different set of rules and regulations on shipments coming from around the world. Understanding these rules and regulations is key to seamless and error-free shipments.

Shipping goods by international express service is one of the quickest and most efficient methods to send parcels oversea.

It’s also flexible, reliable and secure, allowing you to track the movements of your cargo every step of the way.

Choose Winsky to pick up and deliver your urgent parcels to your destination and you’ll save up to 70% on the booking costs for some of the world’s top carriers, including FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL.


Get a free quote today and save your money on your Express shipping from China. Our logistics team is on call to give you expert guidance and rates on your overseas shipment.

Your Ultimate Guide 2023| Express Shipping From China

If you are looking for fast express shipping from China, then we can assume that you are in a hurry. You must be dealing with time-sensitive products or have certain deadlines to meet.

But most people get confused when choosing an express shipping company. There are lots of options, many of which are world-class companies. But most of the companies have a different set of rules for their express shipping.

Winsky provides the best freight forwarding service from China to all over the world. We have an exclusive package range for door to door, LCL shipping. Amazon FBA and Consolidation shipping. We also offer discounts and other facilities for express shipping from China.

We have prepared this article to know everything about express shipping and decide when you need one and how you can hire them.

1. What is Express Shipping from China?

Express shipping is a door-to-door shipping service, but here you get the fastest route and the fastest shipping service. Express shipping is also famous as a courier service.

Express shipping uses air freight as the medium as this shipping service aims to deliver the product in the shortest possible time. Most of the time, the delivery happens in one or two days.

Sometimes express shipping can deliver a product over the night if the distance is not so far. The standard time of express shipping is 1-5 days.

2. How long does Express shipping from China take?

The duration of express shipping from China depends on several factors, including the shipping volume, carrier, destination. However, in general, express shipping services offer faster delivery times than standard shipping options.

If the destination country is closer to the border of China, it can take one or at best two days to deliver the package. However, if the distance is very far, it can take up to 4/5 days to reach the package.

But distance is not the only factor. The courier service you will use also plays a vital role in terms of time for express shipping from China.

Not every courier service has the same timeline for every route. For example, you are shipping to a area and FedEx has no pickup point nearby, but UPS has. The opposite things can also happen.

So, ask the courier service what their timeline is for the route you will ship your goods. This is a very important step. DO NOT go for the name only. Sometimes a lesser-known courier service can send your imports faster than a bigger company because they have good coverage in that route.

A good courier service must have a good number of establishments in most countries in the world. But not all courier services have the same amount of establishments in all countries in the world.

Some express shipping companies are famous in some regions but do not have good connections In other countries. Therefore, look for the number of establishments an express shipping service has to the country you will send your product.

The main motto of booking express shipping from China is to get your goods at the fastest possible time. So, you should be 100% sure the company you are hiring has the ability to deliver the goods at the fastest possible time.

You can know that by researching and contacting different express shipping services. Or you can contact a reputed freight forwarding service. At Winsky, we have a dedicated team who knows which company is best for which region, and we also can reduce the cost.

3. How much does it Cost for Express shipping from China?

When it comes to the cost of shipping there is no magic figure. Whether it’s express shipping or any other shipping method, you can’t just ask for the cost. There are numerous factors that determine the shipping cost.

Below are part of Express Shipping cost from China dated 18-March, 2023 for you information:

Express Shipping Cost 10-30KG 31-70KG 70-100KG 100KG+
China to USA US$8.48/KG US$7.64/KG US$6.97/KG US$6.32/KG
China to Canada US$8.58/KG US$8.34/KG US$7.45/KG US$7.05/KG
China to Australia US$8.72/KG US$8.35/KG US$7.78/KG US$7.35/KG
China to UK US$7.74/KG US$7.45/KG US$6.76/KG US$6.17/KG
China to Germany US$7.36/KG US$7.14/KG US$6.48/KG US$5.88/KG
China to France US$7.64/KG US$7.35/KG US$6.76/KG US$6.17/KG
China to Japan US$4.14/KG US$3.97/KG US$3.84/KG US$3.52/KG
China to Singapore US$4.25/KG US$3.98/KG US$3.78/KG US$3.23/KG

For more accurate Express shipping cost from China, pls contact your China shipping forwarder.

Hereby, We have also included the main factors that determine the cost of express shipping from China for you information:

Type of your goods 

Not every good needs the same treatment. For example, an ornament and furniture should not be shipped with the same treatment. Therefore, what product you are going to ship also plays a vital role when it comes to pricing.

The weight of your Package

When we talk about the weight of express shipping, it’s not the usual weight. It is the dimensional weight that determines the cost of your shipment.

A heavy shipment will cost more than a less-weight shipment in most cases.

Distance between the Destination

Shipping distance means the distance between the point of origin and the destination point where you want the final delivery to reach.

It’s easy to guess, a longer distance will cost you more than a shorter distance.

The Dimensions of your Package

This is the most significant factor that will determine the express shipping cost from China. Every express shipping company has their own detailed guideline about the dimensional cost. You should learn that from their official website, or you can take help from a freight forwarder such as Winsky.

What is your delivery time Frame

Not all express shipping takes the same time. Some shippers want the delivery fast, whereas some others afford to take some time. Consequently, the time frame also affects the express shipping cost. If you want an extra fast delivery, you have to count some extra bucks.

The Express shipping company you Choose

As we have stated earlier, different shipping companies will charge differently for the same product to the same destination. It depends on their establishments and connections. Therefore, you also have to take it into consideration.

So, do not just pick a courier service that is famous or your friend got a good service from them in another country. Ask for prices from different courier services and compare them.

If you don’t take the hassle just leave it to us. Send us your requirements, and we will send the best price for the best express shipping company at your location.

So, you can see there are several factors affecting the cost of express shipping from China. If you think those are too overwhelming for you to calculate just leave that to us. Just send us your requirements, and we will send you the best price available at your location.

4. How to calculate express shipping cost?

Calculating the express shipping rate seems a little bit confusing, but if you use some of your math skills, it’s not that tough.

Chargeable weight

In the shipping industry, there are two types of weight – volumetric weight and the actual weight. And the chargeable weight is determined from the correlation of those two weights.

Here we have determined it based on various scenarios

Standard Express, in other words, Same day or the next day shipping:

  • Volumetric weight = (Length X Width X Height)/ 5000 (All units are in CM and within the same economic region, province, or the same city. )

For example, if the gross weight of the goods is only 18-20KG, but if goods volume weight is higher than gross weight, it will be charged by volume weight.

5. When should you consider Express shipping from China?

Below are the situations when it is better to choose an Express shipping service.

1. Time-sensitive shipments: If you need to get your products or documents delivered quickly, express shipping is a good option. Express services typically offer faster delivery times than standard shipping options.

2. Urgent orders: If you have a customer who needs their order quickly, or if you need to replenish inventory quickly, express shipping can help ensure that you meet deadlines and keep your customers satisfied.

3. Small shipments: Express shipping can be a good option for small shipments, as many services offer a flat-rate pricing for packages up to a certain weight.

4. High-value items: If you are shipping high-value items such as electronics, jewelry, or designer clothing, you may want to use an express shipping service that offers additional security features such as tracking and insurance.

When shipping internationally, express services can often provide faster delivery times than standard shipping options, which can help ensure that your products arrive at their destination promptly.

Overall, if you need fast, reliable shipping for time-sensitive or urgent shipments, express shipping from China is a good option to consider.

6. What are the differences between Air freight and Express shipping from China?

Express shipping is a door-to-door shipping service, and the top express shipping companies are DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc. Air shipping can be both Airport to Airport and door to door service, normally air freight can be more economic, but transit time takes longer than Express shipping.

Express shipping is a really great shipping method if you are not shipping heavy or high-value products from China. You can ship very fast but they are highly expensive too. Therefore, express shipping is not cost-effective if you are shipping bulk goods from China.

You can learn about the price from some websites or the company website. Besides, you can track your package via their website.

In Winsky, we have some special offers for express shipping from China. You can ship by your favorite express shipping company by using our service. We have special contracts with those express shipping companies and also offer reduced prices.

7. Air freight Vs. Express shipping – which one should you use?

Remember, at the beginning of this article, we described that express shipping is better when you are importing less than 500 kg. Sometimes, depending on incoterm, express shipping can be less expensive than air shipping. Let us clear the topic with an example.

Suppose you are shipping 300 kg of standard product to France.

With air shipping, the cost will be $4.5/kg, and with express shipping, the cost will be $5/kg.

So, the cost for transport is $5 X $300 = $1500 with express shipping

            Cost for transport is $4.5 X $300 = $1350 with standard air shipping.

Now comes another factor, the incoterm. If you choose the EXW incoterm, there are three more additional costs in air shipping

  • The transport cost from the warehouse to the Chinese Airport
  • The Airport administrative cost in China
  • Other costs such as storage, documents, packaging, insurance, etc.
  • Transport cost in France.
  • Customs clearance costs in France.

All of these costs can vary, but for the sake of this example, we are considering the total cost is $700 for air shipping. But if you use express shipping, the courier company will take care of everything and will ask the customs clearance cost only while your goods reach France.

So the total cost is

$1500 + $300 = $ 1800 with express shipping

$1350 + $700 = $2050 with the air shipping.

So, you can see in this case air express shipping is cheaper than air freight shipping. But that will not be the case for every country or for every location. This can also change according to the type of goods.

And when the weight of the goods goes beyond 500 kg, the air freight will become cheaper as more weight reduces the price by a great deal.

You can watch the below video to get a better understanding of when you should use which method

8. What benefits do you get from Express shipping from China?

Express shipping from China has a wide range of benefits if you are shipping less amount of goods from China. We have listed some of those below:

Delivery is Very Fast

This shipping method offers relatively more speedy services than traditional delivery systems. You can even get the product within a day. That is critical if you are importing time-sensitive products.


Most importers, especially the new ones, don’t want to face the hassle of shipping a low amount of goods. Express shipping is very convenient and guarantees safer and faster shipping.

Prominent courier services have a robust tracking system, and you don’t have to worry about the status of your goods—no need to call your freight forwarder and pass tense moments.


Express shipping is highly reliable. Most famous express shipping service providers operate in most countries in the world. Therefore, they have a reputation to maintain and have built the system accordingly.

So, when you pick express shipping from China, you don’t need to worry about any damage or loss of your goods. They are highly reliable and that is a benefit every importer wants to have.


Though express shipping from China is relatively higher than other shipping methods, their service is totally worth it. You are getting the product fast; you don’t need to worry about inland transportation or any other uncalled-for inconvenience.

Besides, express shipping service is very friendly, and they maintain a corporate culture with their customers.

9. How does the Express Shipping process from China work?

Booking express shipping from China is a process, but it is a simple one.

The shipment takes place during the daytime in most cases. So, it’s better to book a reservation in the daytime so that they can get proper time to prepare the shipment.

Assuming the order is already processed awaiting shipping, booking of these shipments takes place during the day.

Filling up the booking form is also fairly simple. You just have to input some necessary information. You have to give them both the address (pick up and delivery), weight, size of your package, and some other necessary information regarding your consignment.

Every express shipping company in China has its branch office in every city. They take necessary actions to collect your goods. They transport your items with others to the airport. They have their own aircraft and deliver your shipment using their air freight.

After reaching the delivery to your desired destination airport, they will call you to pay the customs charges, and you are all set. You will get your items at your doorstep.

10. Can you ship perishable goods by express shipping?

That is one of the reasons why people choose express shipping. So, the answer is “YES.”

You can ship perishable products by express shipping from China if both countries have permission to ship that particular product.

So, before booking the shipment, be sure that your country permits the perishable product to import from China. If NOT, NEVER try to import that product. Because you can face severe legal problems for importing forbidden products.

Note: Sometimes, the courier itself will not take the order if the product is listed as a forbidden product in your country. But you should always double-check before making the import.

11. What are the best express shipping services from China?

There are several express shipping services available from China that are considered reliable and efficient. Here are some of the top options:


FedEx is a US-based express shipping company, it is one of the most popular choice for express shipping from China, especially for small to medium-sized packages and documents.


This is another globally famous express shipping company. DHL is a German-based company that operates all over the world. DHL is highly famous for its excellent service at an affordable rate around the world.


The origin of TNT is in Belgium. Though it is a subsidiary of FedEx, the company has its own brand value and operates independently.

TNT has been in China for the last 16 years and has branch offices in 37 countries.


UPS offers a range of express shipping options from China, including air and ground transportation, as well as customs clearance services.

Most probably, the best express shipping service company in China is UPS. It has more branches than other prominent companies. So, when it comes to price , UPS can give less price in many cities.

SF Express

SF Express is a leading express shipping service in China and operates in many countries such as Japan, US, Hongkong, Europe, etc.

It offer affordable rates and fast delivery times for domestic and international shipments.

When choosing an express shipping service from China, make sure to consider factors such as pricing, speed of delivery, reliability, and customer service. Additionally, be aware of any customs and import regulations that may apply to your shipment.

12. What documents do you need while using express shipping from China?

In the standard express shipping process, you don’t have to worry about the documents. Typically the courier service will take care of that.

But for a friendly reminder, you should have the following documents to pass your goods from any country’s customs.

  • Airway Bill or Bill of lading
  • Packaging List
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Shipper’s Letter Of Instruction

13. How can you reduce the express shipping cost from china?

Different courier services charge differently. So that is the first step of reducing the cost of express shipping. But if we consider that a negligible option, there are some other tricks you can use:

  • Look for a freight forwarder who offers discounts on express shipping.
  • Express delivery will cost high, so pick economy freight for less price.

Top freight forwarders have, like Winsky freight, have signed contracts with the top freight forwarders. And you can use your favorite express shipping company’s service at a reduced rate.

14. How can you track your shipment while using express shipping from China?

Tracking your shipment’s status is one of the easiest things to do with express shipping from China. Just go to the company’s website, such as checking DHL Express shipping status by click here and you will find an option called track your shipment. Use the tracking number provided by China freight forwarder and you will get the status of your shipment.

15. What is the customs clearance process of express shipping from china?

Express shipping is a door to door shipping method,  each Express Carrier has their own custom broker department, but still need you able to assist Express Carrier like DHL, UPS, TNT or FedEx to complete the import customs clearance process. They will call you to provide the relative documents if necessory and pay the duty charges after your shipment arrives.

16. Can you use express shipping from China for Amazon FBA?

Yes, you can use express shipping from China for Amazon FBA, and the process is also very easy. You can use most of the prominent express shipping service providers for this reason.

You can watch the below video to know more about this

17. Is insurance necessary while using Express shipping from China?

Express shipping is the safest shipping method, so the goods lost or damage cases are much more lower than sea freight or train freight. But if you are dealing with highly expensive goods, still recommend you to buy the cargo insurance to avoid the loss caused by cargo lost or damage.

18. Can you transport dangerous goods via express shipping from china?

If the dangerous goods you are transporting meets the IATA regulations, only then can you transport dangerous goods via express shipping.

19. Why use Winsky for Express shipping from China?

Winsky freight has been operating as a leading freight forwarder from China for over a decade. We have signed contracts with all the top express shipping companies from China. We also have a dedicated team to find out the best company that provides the best rate and service in your area. Remember, not every company has the same strength in every country or the city or region you want to bring your goods.

We receive your order, compare it with all the top couriers, and then provide you with the best one you can get at the cheapest rate. Besides, if you want to take service from a specific company, we can arrange that too at a cheaper rate.


Express shipping from China has so many options and therefore, many clients get confused. We hope this article will help you make the right decision for your consignment.

If you want to know more or get an instant quote for your express shipping from China, send us a quote inquiry, and one of our express shipping experts will contact you soon.

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