Door to Door Shipping from China

Winsky Freight, as one of the leading freight forwarder in China, we specialized in the door-to-door shipping service from China, familiar with the whole operation process, could arrange the pick up from any city of the China manufacturer, consolidate the goods from different factories and send out as one shipment, using first-class international express DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, Air freight, sea freight and rail freight, affordable price with full tracking online, handling your import customs clearance, import tax, with real one-stop Door-to-door logistics from China to the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Philippines, Singapore and etc. Contact us for a free door to door shipping quote now!

Door to Door Shipping from China Advantages:

  • Cheapest Air, Sea & Rail freight door to door delivery from China to your destination, no additional charge.

  • Solving all your Import Custom Clearance, Duties and difficulties for shipping to your address.

  • Free Consolidation from different suppliers, and shipping together as one shipment.

  • 30 Days free warehousing.

  • Offer pick up service from any of your China supplier/manufacturer address.

  • Lowest rate for the Insurance.

One-stop Door to Door shipping from China Services

Door to Door Air freight from China

Competitive Door to Door air freight service from China to meet your different shipping request, 3-7 work days fast delivery, get long term relationships with famous Air Carriers.

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Door to Door Sea freight from China

Fast LCL sea freight Door-to-Door shipping from China to Worldwide, 12-25 days transit time from China to USA, and 25 days transit time to Europe, Lowest Ocean Freight rates in the market.

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Fedex shipping China

Door to Door Express Shipping China

DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS,  Fastest Express shipping from China door to door, offer more than 30% discount price than direct Express company, and 3-5 work days worldwide delivery.

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Door to Door Shipping China to Amazon

Door to door delivery from China to Amazon fullfiment warehouse by DDP Air, Sea and Rail shipping mode, reliable oversea agent handling all your import customs, ant duties.

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Door to Door Rail Shipping from China

Stable railway operation, fixed shipping route, fixed trains and fixed space between China and Europe and around 50% cheaper than air freight, and 40% faster than sea transportation.

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alibaba shipping from china

Door to Door Shipping from Alibaba

If you import goods from  Alibaba, we could arrange the door to door shipping from Alibaba factory directly to your destination including import custom and tax at the lowest shipping cost.

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Provide shipping solutions for General and Dangerous products


Led Bulb Lamps

Power Bank

If you are looking for the shipping agent from china, and have the shipment pickup to be done from china and delivering it to your destination, our professional logistics team will do it for you. We offer the most competitive parcel delivery from China and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you.

What is the door to door shipping from China?

Door to door shipping means the shipper arrange the shipping from the point of origin to the point of destination. After the cargo from the factory, the warehouse is handed over to the shipping carrier for acceptance, the carrier is responsible for the entire transportation until the consignee’s warehouse or factory warehouse delivers it. This kind of transportation is called “door-to-door delivery”. This mode of transportation is very popular from China to international countries today, and various shipping agent companies can do this, which can effectively save the importer’s time.

What is the cost of the door to door shipping from China?

The door-to-door shipping from China is certainly higher than the door-to-port cost, but have you ever thought that after the goods arrive at the port, the freight forwarder will be responsible for the import customs clearance, pick-up, storage, and delivery? If you complete these operations by yourself, it will spend you more money and time.

Different from door-to-door service, port-to-port service customers need to pay the agent operation fee and the port of destination fee. port-to-port service does not mean that the total cost is lower than the door-to-door service. In many cases, door-to-door service is more economical and convenient.

There are two kinds of door to door delivery, one is DDU, and the other is DDP, No matter which kind it is, it includes the cost of customs clearance, and DDP also includes customs duties.

General shipping door-to-door fees include domestic door-to-door pick-up fees, customs declaration fees, inspection declaration fees, sea freight, shipping surcharges, such as BAF, CAF, and so on. Destination customs clearance fee, delivery to the door fee. Therefore, in the calculation of freight, the calculation of the surcharge should not be ignored. In order to get a more clear and better door to door shipping cost from China, pls submit your quote request, one of our specialists will work for you.

How does door to door shipping from China work?

  • 1. Deliver/Pick up the goods from the manufacturer to the designated logistics warehouse.

  • 2. Provide shipping documents like Commercial Invoice and Packing List.

  • 3. Goods inspection and Export Custom declaration.

  • 4. Transit and arrive at the port of destination.

  • 5. Oversea Agent Handling import customs clearance after arriving in the port of destination.

  • 6. Import Customs release the shipping container after reviewing the declaration documents.

  • 7. Container Devanning & Delivery the shipping to your doorstep.


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