Door to Door Shipping from China

Winsky Freight offer the cheapest door to door shipping from China to your destination with additional advantages. We can deliver your goods via sea, air, and other freight methods. Our expert team with experience of 14 years is always alert of the current market procedures and keep the shipping process up to date, and our vast knowledge of customs policy ensures fast and problem-free customs clearance.

Door to door shipping from China is an ultimate shipping way to get your packages delivered at your doorstep. In door to door shipping you have the authority of deciding where you want your goods delivered, be it your warehouse, office, or home, your package will reach their destination at the given timeframe. We promise to give you cheap, reliable, and fast delivery, contact us for a free shipping quote now.

Door to Door Shipping from China Advantages:

  • Cheapest Air, Sea & Rail freight door to door delivery from China to your destination, no additional charge.

  • Solving all your Import Custom Clearance, Duties and difficulties for shipping to your address.

  • Free Consolidation from different suppliers, and shipping together as one shipment.

  • 30 Days free warehousing.

  • Offer pick up service from any of your China supplier/manufacturer address.

  • Lowest rate for the Insurance.

  • You can track the whole shipping status on line.

DDP shipping China to Australia

One-stop Door to Door shipping from China Services

Door to Door Air freight from China

Competitive Door to Door air freight service from China to meet your different shipping request, 3-7 work days fast delivery, get long term relationships with famous Air Carriers.

Door to Door Sea freight from China

Fast LCL sea freight Door-to-Door shipping from China to Worldwide, 12-25 days transit time from China to USA, and 25 days transit time to Europe, Lowest Ocean Freight rates in the market.

Fedex shipping China

Door to Door Express Shipping China

DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS,  Fastest Express shipping from China door to door, offer more than 30% discount price than direct Express company, and 3-5 work days worldwide delivery.

Door to Door Shipping China to Amazon

Door to door delivery from China to Amazon fullfiment warehouse by DDP Air, Sea and Rail shipping mode, reliable oversea agent handling all your import customs, ant duties.

rail freight from china

Door to Door Rail Shipping from China

Stable railway operation, fixed shipping route, fixed trains and fixed space between China and Europe and around 50% cheaper than air freight, and 40% faster than sea transportation.

alibaba shipping from china

Door to Door Shipping from Alibaba

If you import goods from  Alibaba, we could arrange the door to door shipping from Alibaba factory directly to your destination including import custom and tax at the lowest shipping cost.

Provide shipping solutions for General and Dangerous products


Led Bulb Lamps

Power Bank

If you are looking for the shipping agent from china, and have the shipment pickup to be done from china and delivering it to your destination, our professional logistics team will do it for you. We offer the most competitive parcel delivery from China and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you.

What is the door to door shipping from China?

Door to door shipping means the shipper arrange the shipping from the point of origin to the point of destination. After the cargo from the factory, the warehouse is handed over to the shipping carrier for acceptance, the carrier is responsible for the entire transportation until the consignee’s warehouse or factory warehouse delivers it. This kind of transportation is called “door-to-door delivery”. This mode of transportation is very popular from China to international countries today, and various shipping agent companies can do this, which can effectively save the importer’s time.

What is the cost of the door to door shipping from China?

The door-to-door shipping from China is certainly higher than the door-to-port cost, but have you ever thought that after the goods arrive at the port, the freight forwarder will be responsible for the import customs clearance, pick-up, storage, and delivery? If you complete these operations by yourself, it will spend you more money and time.

Different from door-to-door service, port-to-port service customers need to pay the agent operation fee and the port of destination fee. port-to-port service does not mean that the total cost is lower than the door-to-door service. In many cases, door-to-door service is more economical and convenient.

There are two kinds of door to door delivery, one is DDU, and the other is DDP, No matter which kind it is, it includes the cost of customs clearance, and DDP also includes customs duties.

General shipping door-to-door fees include domestic door-to-door pick-up fees, customs declaration fees, inspection declaration fees, sea freight, shipping surcharges, such as BAF, CAF, and so on. Destination customs clearance fee, delivery to the door fee. Therefore, in the calculation of freight, the calculation of the surcharge should not be ignored. In order to get a more clear and better door to door shipping cost from China, pls submit your quote request, one of our specialists will work for you.

How does door to door shipping from China work?

  • 1. Deliver/Pick up the goods from the manufacturer to the designated logistics warehouse.

  • 2. Provide shipping documents like Commercial Invoice and Packing List.

  • 3. Goods inspection and Export Custom declaration.

  • 4. Transit and arrive at the port of destination.

  • 5. Oversea Agent Handling import customs clearance after arriving in the port of destination.

  • 6. Import Customs release the shipping container after reviewing the declaration documents.

  • 7. Container Devanning & Delivery the shipping to your doorstep.


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Door to door delivery service is a very flexible and convenient shipping method from China. It is a freight service proposed by most shipping companies to the importers. The freight forwarders are liable for all the necessary shipping work under this service.

Many businessmen may find this shipping method confusing. For your better understanding, we will answer your most asked queries here in this guide.

1. What Is Door To Door Shipping From China?

Door to door shipping from China is another freight method to send packages from China to the other countries of the world. The term door to door refers to the shipping method when your goods are picked up from the seller’s door and delivered to you at your door.

The freight company offers shipping assistance from the seller’s location to you without the need of you running after the shipping work. All the works of freight are entirely handled by the shipping company.

No need to hire any middleman, third party, or an agent. There is no interference from any source and it is just you and your freight company handling the shipping so the entire process is safe and free of any inconvenience.

In door to door shipping from China all the customs clearance work, cargo handling, and paperwork are done on your behalf. You will only get the final delivery via truck or local courier after the goods reach the destination port.

2. How Does Door To Door Shipping From China Work?

Importing commodities via door to door shipping from China works in a few steps. Let us see how:

Step 1- Choose Your Supplier

You as an importer will choose the goods from the supplier that you wish to order. Before proceeding to confirmation, do your research on the goods, its quality, and negotiate the cost. Once you are satisfied and both of you agree on the terms, place your order.

Step 2- Find A Freight Forwarder Company

Now you have to look for a freight forwarder company to assist your shipping. Your freight forwarder’s responsibility is to collect the goods, do customs clearance, load the cargo, and transport them to your destination.

Step 3- Confirm Your Freight Forwarder

The freight forwarder company picks up the goods and does all the necessary tasks and transports them to the airport, sea port or rail station according to the method you have chosen to use.

Step 4- China Customs Clearance

Customs clearance process starts and the freight forwarder presents all the papers to the customs authorities that are essential for further shipping.

Step 5- Loading And Leaving Port Of Origin

After loading the packages in the vessel your cargo now start their journey to reach the destination port.

Step 6- Reach The Destination Port And Proceed To Local Delivery

Anticipate your delivery at your doorstep. Once the packages reach the destination country your freight forwarder will clear customs, pay duties, and release your commodities. They will now again load in the truck and start its journey to your location.

Winsky Freight is an honest name in the freight forwarding industry. We do door to door shipping from China to worldwide at an affordable cost. No matter how big or small your package is, Winsky will ship them to their destination.

Along with that, we will also provide other shipping assistance as per your needs.

3. Why Should I Choose Door To Door Shipping From China?

Door to door shipping from China to USA or anywhere in the world has great perks. We will discuss some of them below:

Saves Time And Money- Time is essential for any business no matter how big or small it is. Door to door shipping saves on your valuable time and reduces your cost of shipping.

In this freight service, you can put all the shipping tasks to the freight forwarder company and use this time in your business.

Lower The Risk- The risk of your parcel getting lost or stolen is insignificant in this shipping method. Also, the freight forwarder company will give you a predicted time of delivery which you can anticipate and this will lessen many of your efforts.

Consolidate- Your parcels from multiple suppliers will reach your door without having to run around for customs work and port clearance. Door to door shipping from China ensures delivery at your doorstep.

To get a vivid idea about door to door shipping in this video-

4. What Are The Available Shipping Options For Door To Door Shipping From China To USA?

There are many available shipping options for door to door shipping. However, due to the geographical location door to door shipping from China to USA ships through express shipping, sea and air freight.

Other countries who have the freight methods, you need to first consult your freight forwarder company regarding your needs and the type and quantity of goods you have decided to ship. Your shipping or freight forwarder company will then suggest to you the best shipping way.

Shipping can be done through air freight, express shipping, sea freight, rail freight, and road freight.

Here are the details of the available door to door shipping from China to USA methods:

Express Shipping

Express shipping is the fastest shipping method for door to door shipping from China. You can use this shipping method while you are shipping a low amount of goods. But if you are shipping a lot of goods, you should not use express shipping as it is the most expensive shipping method too.

Air Freight

Air freight is available for door to door shipping from China to USA. Air freight is splendid for fragile goods and small-scale shipping.

Air freight is faster, more convenient, and possesses less risk of damaging goods. Goods with a particular timeframe or expiry date can be shipped faster by air freight shipping.

Although air freight costs more than sea freight, in the bigger picture, your fragile goods will go bad in the prolonged shipping process in sea freight. So shipping sensitive items in air freight is more economical.

Sea Freight

Door to door shipping from China to USA can be done through sea freight. Sea freight is exceptionally good for heavy cargo transport. Goods from the Chinese supplier will be picked up by the shipping company, then after the necessary doings will be loaded to the cargo and transported to the importer in the USA.

Sea freight takes more time to ship goods when compared to air freight. But huge quantities of goods, and heavier packages are cost-effective and easily shipped in sea freight.

5. Is FCL And LCL Available In Door To Door Shipping From China?

Yes, FCL and LCL are available in door to door freight services. You can choose either from FCL or LCL shipping from China according to your needs.

FCL refers to full container load where large quantities of goods of an individual buyer are shipped in a single cargo. FCL costs more than LCL as all the costs of shipping are the responsibility of a single importer.

LCL directly means less than container load, where medium to small packages are transported in a shared cargo with other importers. Here the cost of shipping, cargo charges are also shared between the importers.

6. Does Alibaba Provide Door To Door Shipping From China?

Yes, freight forwarders do provide door to door shipping from China Alibaba. Alibaba is among the top e-commerce marketplaces around the world. To avail of this service what your task is to choose the desired product you want, come in terms of the price and responsibilities of shipping.

Then inform the supplier about your preferred method of transportation. You can get it delivered by your freight company.

Once the deal is sealed, provide Alibaba supplier information and your address to your freight forwarder and they should give you door to door shipping service to your location at the desired time.

7. What Is The Necessary Paperwork For Door To Door Shipping From China?

The paperwork is an integral part of shipping. Without proper papers, your cargo will not clear customs and can not enter the destination port.

Here we are mentioning the necessary paperwork for door to door shipping from China:

  • Bill Of Lading
  • Bill Of Lading Or AWB (Air Waybill) – According to your shipping method.
  • Packing List – your supplier will provide
  • Shipper’s Letter Of Instruction
  • Certificate Of Origin
  • Commercial Invoice – Your supplier will provide

Winsky Freight helps you with all kinds of paperwork arrangements. Apart from the above-mentioned documents some other papers such as city permit, CE certificate, import declaration can also be needed.

In door to door shipping it is the freight forwarder’s responsibility to arrange and assemble the necessary paperwork and you are not responsible for any of it.

8. Does Door To Door Shipping From China Have Weight Limits?

No door to door shipping from China does not have any weight limit. You can ship your extra-large to extra small packages through the door to door shipping service.

Your freight forwarder company will suggest to you the best freight method according to the quantity and quality of the goods. Your freight method will also depend on your budget.

Larger, bulky commodities can be shipped through sea orrail freight. Lighter packages can be shipped through air or road freight. Regardless of the weight and shipping method, you can avail of these services.

9. Is It Possible To Track My Goods In Door To Door Shipping From China?

Yes, you can track your goods during shipping. You will be provided with the tracking number from your shipping company which then you can check from their company website.

Most freight forwarders nowadays provide tracking facilities. Winsky Freight is among the best freight services and they have a website for you to track your parcel for a tension-free shipping experience. You can know about your package location no matter what the freight method is and wherever your goods are located.

10. Does Express Services Provide Door To Door Shipping From China?

Yes, express services provide door to door shipping from China services. Major express companies like DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc., all provide door to door services.

Express shipping is money-saving for smaller packages that weigh less or about 65 to 70 kilograms.

Winsky Freight is in alliance with the top express companies of the world. This is why we get massive discounts from them. You can ship your parcels with us to get the best price in the market.

11. Who Arranges Goods In Door To Door Shipping From China To UK?

While door to door shipping from China to UK or anywhere in the world your goods are mostly arranged by the exporter. However, packages can also be arranged by the freight forwarder company or an assembly agent.

It is according to your preference whom you want to arrange your goods for you. Regardless of what you choose, you need to pay extra to your exporter, freight forwarder, or agent to arrange the goods before loading. Packing the goods accordingly is crucial as it affects the weight and safety of your goods.

To know in detail about assembly agents watch this video-

12. How Much Is Door To Door Shipping From China?

The charges of shipping from China is depended on many aspects of shipping. Your commodity is the first thing that matters most. The cost of your goods, their type, size, and character determines the freight method your goods will ship in and the cost of freight.

If large goods ships via sea freight or rail freight. Lighter packages go to air freight shipping or road freight.

The shipping cost for each freight route is different from the other. And not every country has all the shipping routes.

Fragile, sensitive items cost more than standard goods shipping. Packages that are lightweight but have a larger dimension will also vary in price. In addition to all these, customs clearance fees, shipping services like express shipping, door to door shipping, will change the cost of transportation.

13. How To Calculate Door To Door Shipping From China Costs?

The cost of shipping from China does not have a fixed rate. Freight forwarders calculate it keeping many things in mind. The main factors that they consider are:

  • Weight of the package
  • Size of the package
  • Type of the package
  • Distance from the port of origin to the port of destination
  • Import duty imposed by the importer country
  • Freight method
  • VAT
  • Surcharges
  • Insurance (if any)
  • Currency rate of both the importer and exporter countries
  • Customs clearance

Rate of the freight company, etc.

14. How to Reduce Door To Door Shipping Cost From China?

  • Ship from the nearest port to your port of destination. Longer distance often charges higher shipping cost
  • Keep your packages lightweight and try to pack goods in perfect size boxes. Larger boxes cause bigger dimensions and higher costs.
  • Ship your goods in the off-season. Try to avoid the times when there is a rush in the freight companies e.g during holidays.
  • Stick to a freight company to get loyalty discounts on your shipping. Your freight company will provide you with low shipping costs if you ship from them on a regular basis.

15. Who Pays For Customs Clearance In Door To Door Shipping From China?

It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for the customs clearance in door to door shipping from China. However, under different circumstances and Incoterms the seller may agree on paying the customs charges on behalf of the buyer.

Freight forwarder companies may also clear customs clearance charges in place of the importer but the importer has to pay them back later with the freight charges.

16. What Is The Customs Clearing Process In Door To Door Shipping From China?

Customs clearance is the process that comes after completing the packaging and labeling of your goods. Your freight forwarder company will most likely help you go through customs clearance.

Before you present your goods in the customs your cargo must have all the essential papers needed for customs clearance. Your cargo must clear the necessary export and import duties, VAT, tax, and show a special permit for restricted goods.

If you fail to complete any one of these tasks your cargo will get stuck at the customs and will not clear until all the issues are resolved.

17. How Long Does Door To Door Shipping From China Take?

The time needed for shipping from China counts on several factors. Your freight method and the distance between the two ports are the most important.

Here are the different freight methods and their time taken:

  • Sea freight from China’s shipping time is longer than other freight methods. Sea freight can take 10 to 60 days to reach its destination regardless of the distance.
  • Rail freight moves faster than sea freight and will take around 20 to 40 days to reach the port of destination.
  • Road freight will carry medium-weight goods and will reach the destination port in 10 to 15 days.

Air freight will deliver the goods to your location in 5 to 10 days.

Since door to door shipping takes inland transport to deliver goods from port to the location of the importer it can take a little more time than port to port delivery. Your freight forwarder can give you in-depth information about your particular cargo transport.

18. Which Incoterm Is Best For Door To Door Shipping From China?

Incoterms are a set of rules that state the responsibilities of an importer and an exporter during shipping. The Incoterms that are best for shipping from China are: Freight On Board (FOB), Ex Works (EXW), and Delivered At Place (DAP), under these Incoterms the importers will get the most advantage.

19. What Cannot Be Shipped In Door To Door Shipping From China?

The illegal or prohibited items are the goods that cannot be shipped during cargo shipping from China under any circumstances. Some organizations or the government of a country can have special permission to transport these items under special supervision but for the most, these items are strictly forbidden to ship.

If found onboard both the importer and exporter will have to pay a heavy penalty and can even result in imprisonment.

These items include:

  • Human
  • Batteries (lithium)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fluid in bulk
  • Generators
  • Fuel
  • Engines
  • Oil
  • Weapons
  • Gas
  • Firearms
  • Drugs without document
  • Raw meat (beef, pork, chicken)
  • Dry ice
  • Living animals
  • Bombs, firecrackers
  • Aerosol
  • Electronics with lithium batteries such as laptops, mobile, etc.
  • Alcohol

20. Can I Ship Fragile Goods In Door To Door Shipping From China?

Yes, you can ship fragile goods in the door to door shipping from China. However, your fragile goods need special packaging and labeling before loading into the cargo.

You will have to spend some extra on fragile goods packaging accessories such as packing peanuts, foam, stickers, etc.

21. How Much Is The Import Duty For Door To Door Shipping From China?

Import duty depends on the country you want your goods in. Different countries impose different percentages of import duty for goods. Goods with a higher value will be subject to pay more import duty than others. Insignificant items do not need import duty to enter the country.

For example, goods that value less than 800 dollars for shipping from China to the USA do not need import duty to enter the country.


Door to door shipping from China to UK, Canada, USA, Philippines, or anywhere in the world is possible with the right freight company.

Choose Winsky Freight as your reliable shipping provider for door to door shipping from China. We offer the cheapest price in the market and we are highly experienced in this sector. Contact us today to get free quote for the door to door shipping from China.

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