FedEx Shipping from China

Whatever the scale of your business, be it small, medium or large, you can enjoy fast and reliable  Express shipping of goods from China to different parts of the world using the world-class freight forwarding services provided by Winsky Freight. All the benefits that you can enjoy using FedEx air freight are available to you when you secure the services of Winsky Freight to help you move your cargo from China to your preferred destination in many regions.

That’s why we have put together everything you need to know about FedEx shipping from China. You are going to learn about the different FedEx freight services that Winsky Freight can help you handle for your freight, the FedEx freight rates, how to calculate the charge weight for your shipments and how to track your shipments, and more.

Why Choose our FedEx  Freight services?

Simple and easy to get your shipments from China to your preferred destination anywhere in the world using prompt and reliable FedEx shipping methods.

What are the FedEx shipping services?

The shipping services offered by FedEx are broadly divided into two categories depending on what you want. One is more focused on speedy delivery of your package and the other is centered around helping you move your heavyweight freight at the most economic rate. If you are after speedy delivery (in 1-3 business days), then the Priority Shipping Services are perfect for you. If, on the other hand, what you want is value for money, then you should consider the Economy Shipping Services.

Depending on what your cargo is and your particular shipment needs, there are four priority shipping services you can choose from for your FedEx shipping from China. You can take advantage of FedEx International First, FedEx International Priority, FedEx International Priority® Freight, and FedEx International Priority® Direct Distribution.

Winsky Freight offers FedEx International Priority Shipping services to destinations in US, Canada, India, South Africa, Australia, Nigeria, and many countries in Europe.

FedEx shipping china

1. FedEx Priority Shipping

If you want your freight delivered urgently, as quickly as from the next business day, you should consider using the FedEx International Priority service. Door-to-door delivery is also available.

Depending on where your shipment is going to exactly, you can expect your delivery to be made within 3 business days worldwide. How it works is that the freight is picked up on the first day and all necessary documentation are done. Thereafter, it leaves the origin facility and by the third day, it gets delivered at the destination you chose. Services are available on every business day from Monday to Friday, as well as on Saturdays in some locations upon request.

2. Fedex Economy Shipping

FedEx Economy shipping from China is the option that allows you save costs if you are carrying heavier cargo that are not time-sensitive. With that, you can have your delivery in 2-5 business days and still enjoy door-to-door delivery as well as customs clearance. Winsky Freight offers FedEx International Economy shipping services to destinations in the UK, US, Canada, India, South Africa, Australia, Nigeria, and many countries in Europe.

When you use this option for your FedEx shipping from China, your package will arrive in the US in 3 business days, while it will take 3 to 4 business days to arrive in Europe. The benefits of FedEx International Economy include options for delivery signature, money-back guarantee, online tracking, customs clearance, and flexible billing.

Winsky Freight offers both FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy shipping of goods, no matter where they are in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, or any other city in China. All you have to do to get started is to get a quote based on your peculiar shipping needs and you are guaranteed great service and timely delivery.

What are the FedEx shipping rates from China?

The FedEx shipping rates for different types of freight from China to various parts of the world are published online. These rates change from time to time, but you can ask your China freight forwarder to offer you the real-time price.

You can also calculate the weight of your shipment because it determines how much you will be charged. The important factors are the gross/actual weight and the volume/dimensional weight. Determining the gross weight of your freight isn’t difficult. All you have to do is weigh the product appropriately and note the value. On the other hand, to determine the volume weight, you need to apply the formula below:

Volume/Dimensional Weight (in kg) =Length*Height*Width(in cm)/5000

If the volume weight of your freight exceeds its gross weight, then you’ll be charged by the volume weight. However, if the gross weight exceeds the volume weight, you’ll be charged by the gross weight. In essence, you’ll be charged by which is more of the two weight considerations.

For example, if the actual weight of your freight is 70kg, but its dimensional weight is 75kg, your rate will be made according to the 75kg weight. It is very important to note this difference in weights so that you can be well informed about how you will be charged when you want to ship your freight either through FedEx International Priority or FedEx International Economy.

Can I track my FedEx shipping from China?

fedex tracking

Nothing gives peace of mind like knowing exactly where your freight is at any given time when it is in transit from China. That’s where the FedEx tracking feature comes in.

With FedEx shipping from China, you enjoy exclusive tracking opportunities every step of the way to know exactly where your shipment is. You’ll also be able to know how long it will take before your freight arrives at the set destination and when it will arrive. After the freight has arrived and has been delivered, you can also get a proof of delivery.

This tracking facility is free to use and available online. All you need is either your shipment tracking number or reference number. In addition, you can track up to 30 shipments at once, so you don’t have to worry if you have different shipments going to separate locations or if they are being shipped separately. You will still be able to monitor the movement of your freight with ease and remain informed every step of the way.

Express Shipping from China made easy with Winsky Freight

Now that we have considered all the services and benefits of using FedEx for your express shipping from China, you will be pleased to know that Winsky Freight offers even more shipping benefits for you and your business when you want to do express shipping. These include shipping without opening a FedEx account, safe and secure logistics support throughout and after the shipping process, great customer service, and many more.

With Winsky Freight, you don’t need to worry about opening a FedEx account before you ship all your cargo from China to any part of the world where you want it. As a registered and reputable freight forwarder in China, Winsky Freight leverages on the years of collaboration with FedEx to provide you effective shipping solutions. What’s more interesting is that you will enjoy all the benefits of opening an account, in addition to a higher price discount of your shipping.

With Winsky Freight handling your FedEx shipping from China, you can rest assured your shipments will arrive on time and in good condition, and you will be involved every step of the way.

FedEx Express Shipping from Us – 5 Easy Steps

We make FedEx express shipping easy for you. Whether you are new or a returning customer, these key steps to shipping help get your shipments moving to their destination.

  • Tell us what you want to ship, where it’s going, when you need it to be there and get a quote.

  • Before you send your shipment, you will more than likely need to know what the cost will be. To calculate cost, we need to know the exact destination as well as the size and weight of your shipment.

  • You’ll be provided with service options to suit your package size and time needs. You can also read more about our wide range of reliable document and parcel delivery options.

  • We will arrange the express courier shipping after got in contact with your supplier, and it is essential that the shipment and any relevant paperwork are ready for whenshipment is ready for delivery.

  • Once your shipment has been collected, you can track its status 24 hours a day online.


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Delivery notice about FedEx shipping from China

1. Shipments exported to South American countries (such as Chile, Argentina, etc.) are required to provide the consignee tax number (Tax ID) for customs clearance at the destination.

2. In order to make sure goods can transit normally, EORI number is required for export to Germany. Please indicate the EORI number on the invoice and waybill before goods sending out.

3. Switzerland needs to provide proof of payment or transaction contract of declared value to avoid under-declaration.

4. Ghana: Each carton of goods from FedEx to Ghana cannot exceed 32kg.

5. FedEx Can’t ship battery products to Tanzania.

6. Argentina: all parcels sent to (Argentina), Argentina (including personal items, gifts, online shopping, etc.) must obtain AFIP in advance before they are imported into the country (Argentine National tax Administration).

7. Italy: according to Italian customs requirements, private parcels exported to Italy are required to provide the recipient’s fiscal code tax number on the invoice and waybill. Failure to provide may lead to delay in customs clearance.

8. The shipments import to Ecuador (Ecuador)  has the following requirements and restrictions:
The consignee’s Tax number / Importer’s name (ID NUMBER / IMPORTED NUMBER) should be indicated on the waybill and invoice.

9. Paraguay: all dutiable goods shipped to Paraguay, regardless of value, will be subject to a 13% VAT (including goods below USD100), which may also incur customs duties and customs fees.

10. FedEx shipment from China to Peru, regardless of the value of the goods, are required to provide 4 original commercial invoices with detailed description of the names, materials, value and quantity of the shipment in English.

11. Upon notification from Hong Kong FEDEX, Mexican customs has a new requirement: If all shipments sent to Mexico are declared worth more than US $1000. Mexican local customs requires customers to provide the following information:

1). Commercial invoices require the TAX ID tax number of the recipient (there is a registered), TAX ID marked under or next to the recipient’s name in the Mexican tax authorities.

2). Before import, the recipient’s name must be registered with the Mexican government department “Padron Importadores del Servicio de Administration Tributaria” as the importer.

3). If the consignee own a company, you can import up to one shipment with a value of more than US $1000 per month. If the consignee is an individual, the total value of the shipments that can be imported per month is not more than US $5000.

4). Shipments with a declared value of less than US $1000 shall be provided the TAX ID by the consignee if seized by the Mexican Customs and require customer to provide TAX ID.

FedEx shipping China to India

1) Each importer and exporter in India must have a GSTIN (GST identification number if they want to pay the goods and services tax. Prior to the import and export of goods, they need to provide GSTIN in advance for customs clearance.

If you do not have this number, pls register to get it in advance.

2) Samples with a very clear definition of usage will continue to be duty-free if they are lower than 10000INR, but some gift goods may be charged with this GST (GST).

3) The GST tax law requires accurate zip codes to be provided on waybills and shipper invoices.

4) For shipments sent to India, if you choose economic services, the consignee must clear the customs within 3 days, otherwise there will be a fine (DHL/FED/TNT: 5000-10000 INR per day, UPS at cost).

5) The importer must provide GSTIN (GST identification number) / PAN (permanent account number); in the case of personal parts, provide Aadhar number (unique ID number) or PAN (permanent account number) / passport number / KYC. (address proof / identification approved by the government) it is also possible to replace GSTIN-the above information should be prepared in advance by the recipient.

6) The contact number of the recipient on the waybill must be valid and accessible, otherwise all fines / duties / miscellaneous charges incurred at that time will be borne by the sender.

7) Gifts sent to India are not duty-free.

Starting from December 1, 2019, New Zealand Customs levies a 15 per cent GST goods and services tax on shipments with annual sales of S $60, 000 (declared value of NZ $1000 or less) from overseas suppliers.

Note for special product operation:
1) Textiles: commercial invoice declaration format: 100% COTTON WOVEN LADIES’T-SHIRT. That is, content + material + weaving / knitting + men / women + product name.

2) Battery goods shipping: only accept built-in PI967 and matching PI966 type battery, do not accept the whole box of pure battery, do not accept more than 100W high-power battery, waybill, invoice, list should be declared actively, otherwise will be punished RMB20-200RMB / shipment.

3) Wooden cases: for shipments that cannot be opened, the original guarantee must be provided to ensure that there are no dangerous goods, contraband and high-power batteries, otherwise all economic losses and legal liability will be borne by the customer.

4) Electronic category: FCC side of electronic products (for the United States only); PCB form for PCB board (for all countries); wire supply line FOAM.

5) Watch category: need to provide watch invoice (sample version), which requires the value, material, origin and electrification of each part of the watch.

6 Cutting tool category: the Cutting tool needs to be packaged independently, and the blade part should not exceed 10cm.

For battery shipping by FedEx:

Please declare the battery type accurately, not only declare as built-in battery and matching battery, the complete declaration requirements are built-in lithium-ion battery, matching dry battery, etc., the code is as follows:

PI966: lithium-ion batteries are used with the equipment and are placed separately from the equipment (not installed in the equipment).
PI967: lithium-ion battery is installed in the equipment and is not separated from the equipment.
PI969: lithium metal battery (button battery) is used with the equipment and is placed separately from the equipment (not installed in the equipment).
PI970: lithium metal battery (button battery) is installed in the device and is not separated from the device (such as an electronic watch).
A123: the dry battery is used with the equipment and is placed separately from the equipment (not installed in the equipment).
A1999: ni-MH / Ni-CD rechargeable battery (battery model: NI-NH/MH)

Fragile goods should be packed well and for high-value products, you are recommended to buy insurance from insurance companies or us.