Which express shipping from China is easy for custom clearance and cheap?

1. Express freight for European Countries:

It is suitable to ship by DHL and TNT for Northern Europe and Southern Europe, and FedEx for Western Europe. The TNT customs clearance ability is the strongest, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium, because TNT belongs to Dutch Post.

Here I want to explain that some Western European countries like France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom are not suitable to ship by postal parcels, because their website may not update the delivery information.

Eastern European countries, express freight by DHL is the best, including Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Other European countries: It is best to ship by EMS and postal parcels for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the former Soviet Union countries, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, etc.

The customs in Greece, Turkey are relatively corrupt, charge high tax. It is not recommended to delivery by major express DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS unless the customer has their customs clearance agent, generally ship by EMS and postal as they have more strong customs clearance ability.

United Kingdom: Customs duty will be created when the declared value is greater than 18GBP.

Ireland, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and Denmark: They belong to the European Union. For packages above 22 euros will be taxed.

Italy: It belongs to the European Union. It starts to charge taxes for parcels higher than 22 euros. Because the tax-free declaration is low, the parcels in the EU area are often investigated for low declarations.

Netherlands: It belongs to the European Union. Taxes on packages above 22 euros will be taxed. Inspection for Textiles has been relatively strict.

Germany: In the European Union, taxes on parcels above 22 euros are taxed. Germany is also a relatively special country in the European Union. Customs inspections are more strict than in other EU countries. EMS is often returned for customs reasons.

Russia: It is a very special country. Everything ship by DHL and FedEx will be inspected, but EMS is rarely inspected and the postal route is smoother. Import to Russia, both the sender and the recipient must be under the name of the company, if any party is private, the shipment will not be delivered directly to the destination, also the country does not accept the abandonment of parcels, if the destination clearance fails, the shipment will be arranged to ship back, the return fee will be paid by the sender, and the delivery returned will take a long time.

Ukraine: Ukrainian customs are also more difficult, the customs clearance is smoother by postal EMS and small parcels.

Belarus: It is easy to have problems with FedEx and DHL parcels, but it is smoother with EMS. Belarus imposes weight restrictions on parcels. Each shipment cannot exceed 250KG, and the single item cannot exceed 50KG. If the shipment arrives locally, it must be forwarded to the third-party agent (the city or zip code marked “F” in the DHL service guide list). Each package cannot exceed 30KG and the size does not exceed 1.2*0.8*0.8M. If the weight exceeds this limit, the shipment will be automatically returned, and all costs incurred will be paid by the shipper.

2. Express shipping For Asia Countries:

Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand are suitable for FedEx, which is fast and cheap. DHL is also fast, but a bit more expensive.

Japan: For parcels worth less than 1,000 yen, the tax is free. From the actual operational data, there are fewer cases in Japan where parcels are being investigated.

Singapore: Tariffs are imposed on parcels with a declared amount of more than 400 Singapore dollars (32OUSD). From the data, there are few problems with parcels in Singapore.

India: customs clearance in India is not very smooth, but from the data view, DHL and FedEx delivery success rate looks good.

All parcels sent to the city of Hyderabad (HYD) must be marked with a tax number (TIN). If the invoice is missing the tax number, the shipment will be temporarily detained and fined, to avoid unnecessary delays and fees, please ensure that the information is complete before the shipper delivers the shipment.

Indonesia: It is best to send DHL, the customs clearance by FedEx is not easy, and the tax is heavy, as customer’s experience, they would rather choose the relatively expensive DHL shipping channel.

Philippines: There is no exemption for imported goods, and tariffs may be imposed on all parcels.

Malaysia: All wooden packaging of imported goods in Malaysia must be heat treated and marked the certified by New regulations for wood packaging materials, from July 1, 2010. And there must have a description of the wooden packaging material on the invoice and packing list. The sender is required to indicate the type of packaging material on the relevant customs declaration documents.

Any non-compliant goods received by UPS will be placed in the country of destination and managed by local customs authorities

3. Express freight courier For America Countries

United States: It has a relatively fast customs clearance for express parcels. It is exempt from customs duties on parcels under $800, but it is more strict for personal safety and health care products. DHL and FedEx are relatively strict on some wireless electronic products.

Canada: There are no restrictions on the type of products, but the declared value is relatively strict, there have cases where tariffs are imposed due to low declarations, and customs revaluation is higher, but for low-value Items, customs clearance is easier.

Mexico: FedEx is cheap and has a strong customs clearance. Many customers require the federal. Customs clearance is relatively easy, but it will take a long time to return to the sender if the items refused by the customs.


(1) It is one of the most difficult countries in the world to clear customs. All parcels except small air parcels are often inspected, especially FedEx and DHL shipping need to provide the recipient VAT registration number. It is best to send by EMS in Brazil to avoid unnecessary trouble.

(2) The country does not accept the no-cost abandonment if the destination clearance fails, the sender chooses to abandon the parcels, they need to pay at least 50 euros for abandonment fee.

(3) DHL to Brazil requires the recipient’s tax number.

Ecuador: Shipments to Ecuador must be provided with original commercial invoices From January 13, 2011. Inaccurate filing data will result in a shipment fine.

4. Express delivery For Middle East countries

It is recommended to ship by Aramex, which is a local express company and has an advantage over DHL in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia: Following is Clearance requirements for Shipments to Saudi Arabia (SA) : (for goods with a commercial declaration value greater than or equal to $100)

(1) The actual consignee must have IOR with a registered importer;

(2) The customs declaration information must include: a copy of the consignee’s commercial registration, a Power of attorney for an authorized agent by the consignee to clear the customs;

(3) All imported goods with a value of more than US$100 must be formally cleared

The goods can not be abandoned in destination, and can only be transferred to Bahrain customs clearance or abandonment, and there will be transshipment fees from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain.

5. Express international shipping For Africa

South Africa: Officially required importers need to provide import certification for textiles; EMS was rarely inspected and returned.

Nigeria: DHL shipping costs are not high, but the recipient will be charged for no reason from the destination, it will reject goods more than 70kg for each package or more than 300kg for one shipment.

Other African countries, such as the more affluent Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, etc., can ship by DHL.

6. Express shipping For Oceania Countries

Australia: The inspection of imported parcels is relatively easy except for some prohibited. For parcels of less than AU$1,000, customs duties are free. DHL is more expensive, and shipment must mark “Made In China” on the box machine. Relatively speaking, FedEx is cheaper.

All shipments to Australia (including documents and packages) must be noted below:

(1) All commercial invoices must provide commercial value, otherwise, customs clearance will be delayed or not allowed at any time.

(2) Must have all customs clearance documents, including complete commercial invoices, packing lists, and import permits. Shipments recipient addresses as P.O Box to Australia (Australia) and New Zealand are not accepted. Otherwise, the shipment may be returned directly to the place of delivery, and the return costs will be paid by the sender.

Other countries in Oceania, including New Zealand, French Polynesia, and some small islands, it has more flights by DHL and FedEx, but DHL is faster and more expensive.

In short, the postal service is the Universal Post, which has served in every country and has the strongest customs clearance. When you are not sure if you can clear the custom smoothly, you can choose postal and EMS, or go to the forum to see if others have shipped by FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS.