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Winsky Freight has provided door-to-door shipping service from China to Lithuania since 2008. With our years of experience in air, sea, and rail freight-forwarding we are committed to providing you with reliable and fast professional shipping service.

With Winsky, you can get flexible delivery options such as port-to-port, airport-to-airport, door-to-door, or any combination from any city in China to Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Palanga, and other cities in Lithuania.

Winsky Freight is a leading international freight forwarding company in China, and you’re guaranteed premium shipping services like competitive rates for the best routes to Lithuania, import clearance duties at no extra cost, and doorstep delivery. Along with pick up & consolidation services, free short-term storage, and a reliable round-the-clock support team.

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One-stop Shipping Options from China to Lithuania

Air Freight from China to Lithuania

Air Freight from China to Lithuania

Get competitive air freight rates and the best routes from China to any airport in Lithuania with our affiliation with the best international airlines. With fast and reliable airport-to-airport and doorstep delivery options.

Sea Freight from China to Lithuania

Sea Freight from China to Lithuania

Get affordable LCL sea shipping options from China to any port in Lithuania. Our affiliation with famous carriers ensures you get the best routes at competitive prices, with port-to-port or door-to-door delivery options.

Express Freight from China to Lithuania

Express shipping from China to Lithuania

Get DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT fast express shipping from China to your doorstep in Lithuania, in 3 – 5 business days. Express shipping has efficient customs clearance processing and is very reliable.

Door to Door Shipping from China to Lithuania

Door to Door shipping to Lithuania

Get fast-tracked customs clearance, duties and tax-free shipping with Door to Door shipping options from China to Lithuania by Air, Sea, or Railway freight.

Insurance from China

Cargo Insurance

Get your shipment from China to Lithuania fully insured, the insurance rate is as low as 0.3%, and insurance coverage for cargo damage or missing during transit.

Railway Freight from China to Lithuania

Rail Freight from China to Lithuania

Save time & money with reliable rail freight shipping options from China to Lithuania, and get your shipment 40% faster than sea shipping, more than half the price of air freight shipping.

Winsky Shipping Advantages to Lithuania

Get best shipping rates from China to Lithuania, and save up to 70% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices for sending shipment & get a fast shipping of your consignment to Lithuania.

Shipping from China to Lithuania Procedures:


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Your Complete Guide | Shipping from China to Lithuania

Importing from China is a profitable business nowadays. Therefore, you might want to enter the world of international trade. Of course, that is a very business opportunity, but there are some prerequisites before you start shipping from China to Lithuania.

Being a premium freight forwarder in China, we have been operating in the Lithuanian market for over a decade. This guide will help you to learn everything you need to know before shipping from China to Lithuania.

1. What are the shipping methods to ship from China to Lithuania?

Most countries have two shipping methods from China – Air and Ocean. Being a European country, Lithuania has one more shipping method – Rail Freight. All shipping methods have different pros and cons.

Moreover, the shipping time duration is also different. But the best part is, that you have the flexibility to choose between three different shipping methods according to your requirement.

Air Freight

Air freight can be used to ship your goods quickly and safely. It is very convenient because you can get your package delivered to Lithuania within 5 days. There are two types of Air Freight – standard and express. Express shipping can deliver your goods in under 3 days. We will discuss that later in this article.

Air freight from China to Lithuania

However, there are certain restrictions when shipping by air freight. First, you cannot ship anything larger than 3 tons(that is the highest limit of air freight). Second, you need to meet all the requirements of IATA to ship anything hazardous like certain types of batteries or flammables. Third, air freight is expensive. And finally, you must be aware of the chargeable weight.

Air freight carriers use a term called ”Chargeable weight” to charge for your goods. That is not like our conventional weight system. Please read our detailed article on how to find the chargeable weight to learn more about this topic.

Top Airports in Lithuania

Vilnius International Airport

The Vilnius International Airport is the main airport of Vilnius in Lithuania. It is located in the suburb of Vilkūnas in the northwestern part of the city. The airport is operated by a unit of Litasoft, which is 100% owned by the Lithuanian Airports Authority and is located in the Kaunas district. The airport was opened on October 1, 1988, with the first passenger flight coming from Moscow.

Vilnius International Airport

The airport is located in Vilnius, in the east of the city, the capital of Lithuania. It is one of the largest airports in Europe, with approximately 37.8 million passengers in 2015, having passed the 50 million passenger mark in 2017. Vilnius International Airport has a total of 16 runways.

Palanga International Airport

Palanga International Airport is a modern airport serving Vilnius’s Lithuanian capital. It is the second-largest airport in the Baltic region and the fastest growing airport in the region. The airport has undergone a major expansion in the last few years, doubling the size the airport and increasing the number of flights. It now serves over 1.7 million passengers annually and expects to serve over 2 million passengers in 2020.

Palanga International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Lithuania. It serves as a major transport hub for the country, with flights to destinations worldwide.

Kaunas International Airport

Kaunas International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltic region and serves as the primary hub for all flights to and from Lithuania. It is one of the busiest airports in all of Europe, serving over 6 million passengers in 2017. The airport is undergoing a major expansion that will increase its size by almost 50%, making it one of the largest airports in all of Europe. The expansion is expected to serve over 9 million passengers in 2020, making it Vilnius’ largest export.

Kaunas International Airport is the largest airport in Lithuania. It is located in the city of Kaunas, which is the second-largest city in Lithuania.

Ocean Freight

Ocean shipping from China to Lithuania is a great option, whether you’re sending a package to a loved one or importing goods for your business.

There are many reasons to choose ocean shipping over air shipping. First, it’s much more affordable. Second, it’s more environmentally friendly. And third, it’s a great way to support local businesses.

Ocean shipping is the way to go if you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly shipping option from China to Lithuania.

The best part of ocean shipping is its flexibility. You can ship any product you want. There is no restriction over any items. Moreover, you have FCL and LCL shipping facility. Most large organizations choose FCL, but that is not an affordable option for small to medium businesses. Because in FCL, you have to book an entire container (20 or 40 ft.)

But with the LCL shipping method you can ship a small package and only pay for the space you will occupy in the container.

Top Ports in Lithuania

Port of Klaipeda

The Port of Klaipeda is the largest seaport on the eastern coast of Lithuania and is located in the Lithuanian Maritime Province. The quay in the port is located in the Klaipeda district, and it is the main facility for cargo and passenger handling in Lithuania, handling around 80% of the country’s trade volume.

Klaipeda Port serves as a major gateway for goods leaving from and entering Lithuania, the Baltic States, and Western Europe. Klaipeda Port comprises five terminals – Passenger, Freight, Industrial, Container, and Bulk terminals.

Butinge Marine Terminal

Butinge Marine Terminal Lithuania is one of the biggest cargo terminals in Europe. It is located in Lithuania’s capital city, Vilnius, and can be reached by the public bus No.51, which leaves from the city center (Namaiśnia in Polish) and stops at the Butinge depot which is accessible by an underground walkway.

Butinge Marine Terminal Lithuania consists of four main parts: a marina and a commercial area, a terminal for goods and containers, and a marina & commercial area for the intermodal container transportation system. The project is led by ABB, whose headquarters are in Switzerland, with a major site in Butinge.

Train Freight

Train freight is also available between China to Lithuania. Train freight stays in the middle of air and ocean freight. Train freight is faster than ocean shipping and cheaper than air shipping. Therefore, many importers from Lithuania use train freight.

2. How long is the shipping time from China to Lithuania?

The required time between China to Lithuania depends on the shipping method. Below you will find the required time in different methods:

Air Freight Transit Time

Standard air freight requires 5 days to ship from China to Lithuania. But that is transit time, and you should add some days with the transit time.

Ocean Freight Transit Time

 COUNTRY  PORT  Transit Time (Days)
 Lithuania  VILNIUS  45
 Lithuania  VILNIUS  45
 Lithuania  KLAIPEDA  35

*** This is LCL Transit time

Train Freight Transit Time

Train Freight takes 20-30 days to ship from China to Lithuania.

3. How much does it cost to ship from China to Lithuania?

You can never put a price tag on your shipment without some specific information. At first, you have to decide which shipping method you will use. Obviously, the shipping costs from China to Lithuania by ocean and air will not be the same. The goods you are importing from China to Lithuania also impact the shipping cost.

Therefore, we will highly advise you to ask for quotes from several freight forwarders before calculating the shipping costs from China to Lithuania. You will have to  provide the following information to the freight forwarder to calculate the shipping costs from China to Lithuania

  • Product type.
  • What will be your shipping method – air, train, or ocean.
  • Packing list information, including how many weights and volumes you are going to ship,
  • Your delivery address

You will get an overall idea of shipping costs from China to Lithuania from the below table:

Air Freight Shipping Costs from China to Lithuania

 Approximate Price  China to Vilnius
 Air flight Route  Turkish Airlines
 Weight Range (in Kg)  45K+  100+  300+  500+  1000+
 Price  8.5 USD  4.9 USD  4.8 USD  4.7 USD  4.6 USD

Ocean Freight Shipping Costs from China to Lithuania

 Port  Port  Route  1 to 3 CBM  3 to 5 CBM  5 to 10 CBM  Samples(TT)
 Lithuania  VILNIUS  VIA KLAIPEDA  75  70  65  35
 Lithuania  VILNIUS  VIA RIGA  80  75  70  45
 Lithuania  KLAIPEDA  DIRECT  75  70  65  45

*** This Price quotation is for LCL shipping only. For FCL, a 20 ft container price ranges from $ 1000 to$ 16000

The shipping costs depend on the followings:

  • Fuel Costs – The international shipping costs change frequently. So, the quotation will not be the same for the same amount of goods.
  • Weather – Inclement weather impacts not only the shipping time but also the shipping costs, irrespective of the shipping method you use.
  • Distance – It’s most probably the most significant reason for the change in shipping costs.
  • Weight and Dimension – Larger and havier parcel is expensive to ship. Therefore, try to make small packages to reduce your shipping costs.
  • Shipping duration – The fast you want, the more you will have to pay.
  • Customs – Every country has different policies on customs duty, VAT, and Taxes for different products. You should learn the customs duty and other charges prior to your shipment for precise calculation.
  • Insurance – Though not mandatory, the shipping charge will rise if you take insurance. In addition, who you are taking insurance with also affects the costs.
  • Delivery Surcharge – This is applied for courier shipping service. This depends on the place you are shipping to and from.

4. How can I reduce costs while shipping from China to Lithuania?

International trading is profitable only when you know how to minimize your importation costs and buy products from a good supplier. None of these are easy things to do. We are not product experts, but we certainly know how to reduce shipping costs from China to Lithuania.

Here are some essential tips you can follow while shipping from China to Lithuania and reduce your shipping costs at a reasonable margin:

  • Pack your things with care and keep the package dimension small. Make no huge bundles. Create little packets.
  • Pick your shipping methods wisely. Sometimes air freight is less expensive than ocean shipping. Ask expert advice from a freight forwarder.
  • Choose two ports that are closer together to cut shipping costs.
  • For regular items, don’t take insurance. If you take insurance, use a third-party provider.
  • Find a freight forwarder who has some extra offers.
  • Request quotes from different freight forwarders and choose the best one with the lowest pricing.
  • Find out if there are any hidden costs if the price is too low.
  • Don’t frequently change your freight forwarder. Find an ideal one and stick to them. Good freight forwarders offer special rates for their regular customers.

5. Is there any Door to Door shipping available from China to Lithuania?

Yes, most freight forwarders offer door to door shipping services from China to Lithuania. Door to door is most probably the most convenient shipping service for new shippers. In addition, they don’t need to worry about any documentation or customs-related work because a freight forwarder does everything from collecting goods to delivering them to the given address.

Door to door shipping

Winsky freight provides excellent door to door shipping service from China to Lithuania at a very affordable rate. Contact us if you are interested in the door to door shipping service.

6. How much is the Express shipping from China to Lithuania?

Express shipping is a different genre of shipping. It is a door to door shipping service facilitated by special companies. You will receive your goods in under three working days. That’s why it is also expensive. Most prominent express shipping service providers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT offer express shipping service from China to Lithuania.

The price of express shipping service varies from company to company. It depends on the company’s strength at the given address.

FedEx is popular in Lithuania

That’s why at Winsky, we offer express shipping service at an affordable rate. We have contracts with all the major companies. We know which company can give you the lowest rate at your given address. So, contact us if you want to use express shipping

7. What papers do I need to ship from China to Lithuania?

You must show the following papers to the customs department of Lithuania to clear your imported goods from China

  • Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Documents of conformity (CE standard)
  • Your EORI number (Economic Operator Registration Identification)

8. What are the customs rules in Lithuania while shipping from China?

Like any other country in the world, you have to pay customs duty, VAT, and Taxes to take your imports from the Lithuanian customs. Customs duty and other charges vary for different products. So, it is better to know the charges for your products in advance. That will help you to calculate your total shipping costs. Here is the simple breakdown of customs duty and other costs in the Lithuania customs department.

The typical rate of taxation placed on consumer goods is fifteen percent. There are duties imposed on alcoholic beverages, the lowest of which is 10% for beer and the highest of which is 100% for specific types of liquor. In addition, a value-added tax equal to eighteen percent is applied to imports.

9. Why is Winsky the best freight forwarder for shipping from China to Lithuania?

When exporting from China to Lithuania, you need a freight forwarder who is both customer-friendly and cost-effective. Winsky can deliver both because it has a specialized team working for our Lithuanian clients.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you with tracking your cargo. You can always trust us for express, air, train, or ocean freight transportation with our 12 years of experience in the international shipping industry.

Our extensive shipping industry experienced and trained team will provide you with the best shipping experience possible.


Importing from China to Lithuania is a very profitable business, but only when you know the entire process. We hope this guide on ‘Shipping from China to Lithuania’ was helpful for you. If you have something to ship or want to know more just send us a message. One of our shipping experts from the Lithuanian team will join you soon.

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