Benefits of finding a freight forwarder in China

As the designer of international cargo transport, freight forwarders act on behalf of importers and exporters, arranging the collection and delivery of their clients’ goods to and from countries of the world. They are the link between the seller and the buyer, utilizing their expertise in various methods of transport to move cargo efficiently according to their customer’s requirements. Responding to changing customer demands, many freight forwarders also provide more value-added services.

The following are the main Benifits of having a Freight Forwarder:

1. Cost-effective, find better freight quotes than shippers.

A Freight forwarder support exporters/importers in preparing price quotations by advising on freight costs either by air or ocean , port charges, additional fees, costs of special documentation and cargo insurance costs if needed.

A Freight forwarder can find better freight quotes than sellers and buyers. They know the shipping carriers who are stronger at certain routes and who are weak. Their transportation market  knowledge is surely greater than the customer himself.

When your clients want to go with the cheapest route, the freight forwarder is capable of making it happen. If their needs change and they suddenly want the quickest route, a freight forwarding company can make that happen too.

2.Provide Dangerous & hazardous goods shipping solutions

Commodities classified by IATA according to its nature and characteristic in terms of the effect of its danger to carrier’s safety, such as lithium battery, power, cosmetics, dangerous goods are some of our clients most widely shipped product. Knowing how to properly labeling and packing the packages, choose the correct carrier, and methods of shipping are critical to the service and integrity of the order.

Moving any hazardous materials, by any mode of transport, requires expert know-how and services to ensure that national and international rules, regulations and requirements are duly met.

Winsky Freight in China provides professional services for packing, documentation, storage, delivery of dangerous and sensitive goods, safely and efficiently.

3.Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transport is the movement of goods using more than one different mode of transportation but under the terms of a single contract. With a multimodal transport contract, a carrier is liable for the entire process – although it might be shipped through different transport mode such as road, sea, air, or rail. Under most situations, the multimodal carrier will utilize sub-contracted carriers that specialize in unique modes to transport commodities from the point of origin to its final destination.

Multimodal transportation planning can help you:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies – looking at your overall supply chain can reveal opportunities for consolidation or rerouting
  • Be more competitive – by reducing costs and optimizing routes, you can limit overall spen
  • Stay informed – with door-to-doorvisibility and shipment data, you can keep track of your freight

The benefit of this type of movement is that the shipper or consignee can simplify the communication process by working with an individual carrier or shipping agent who will ensure their products are shipped safely and efficiently. They will also receive clear communication with shipping updates, tracking notifications, and more.

4. Customs Clearance

Customs Clearances everywhere in the world have strict, specific, and different procedures.

Freight forwarding agencies are familiar with the complexity of the process and help you in preparing the necessary customs clearance documentation and assist with international compliance issues. If your freight forwarder agent is credible, the entire process should be as streamlined and comprehensive as possible for your business.

5. Understanding the rules of transportation.

A freight forwarder acts as an expert agent for exporters/importers in shipping cargo from one point to another, either domestically or internationally to the final destination.

Shipping agents are familiar with all the export regulations, the methods of shipping, and the documents related to cargo transportation. A freight forwarder is licensed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to handle air freight and the Federal Maritime Commission to handle ocean freight.

Freight forwarder can learn the latest changes in the export and import of government regulations more quickly. Because they are making shipments on a daily basis, they can get critical information in regards to the current changes in regulations sooner and apply those rules.

6. Consolidation Service- Reduce Freight Spend

Many importers buy goods from manufacturers in a different city of China, and freight consolidation is when several small shipments, all being forwarded from China to the same location, are bundled and shipped together from China to international countries. This service can be beneficial both to the customer and to the shipping forwarder.

  • Reduced overall shipping costfor importers.
  • Reduced time constraints on each shipment.
  • Minimized restriction, which is beneficial as government regulations are continuing to grow more stringent for shippers.
  • Lower risk in shipping, which results in lower insurance premiums.
  • Better control over a shipment.
  • Improved accuracy in the tracking and forecasting of shipments and delivery dates.

7. Saving Your Time & Energy

Using a freight forwarder whether directly or via your transport and logistics company can save a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on your areas of the business.  Using the knowledge and skills of an expert provides peace of mind that your goods will arrive at the correct destination safely and on time and avoids any disruption to your company’s product or services. Many smaller businesses believe that they can save money by making arrangements for international transportation themselves but this is often a false economy.  If you not experienced in making export arrangements they can be very time-consuming to do and may even be more expensive.

8. Arranging Cargo Insurance for you

When goods shipping internationally, the freight moves through many more hands than it does when shipped nationally. The longer the transport, the greater the risk of damage. That’s why you may want to consider shipping insurance when shipping freight internationally. Some cargo is too valuable to lose. Shipping without insurance is always a risk, and international shipping is not much different. If a package were lost or broken and uninsured, then the shipper or their company would be responsible for the replacement value.

If you import goods from China, whether regularly or not, you should make sure those valuable goods are protected in case of unexpected damage or losses. The freight forwarder can insure your cargo from door-to- door, not just while in transit on the carrier mode of transportation, the freight forwarder can organize the insurance for all your shipping, containing all relevant custom clearance documentation.

9. Importer Security Filing (ISF) Filing

The last major concern is the Importer Security Filing (ISF) Filing for shipping from China to the USA.  On the sea cargo shipment, you need to provide the ISF information to custom for the filing. The problem is that as the US Importer of Record, you are held accountable for its accuracy and timeliness.  If your supplier is late with the information, you will be held accountable. ISF penalties start at $5,000 per event with a maximum of $10,000, but if you choose a China freight forwarder, they can arrange the ISF filing for your ocean freight in advance, making everything simple and smooth.


These are some of the advantages of having a Freight Forwarder at your side for your cargo transportation needs. for the best chance of freights to arrive on time and in the right condition a freight forwarding agent is essential. Not only will they use their industry expertise to reduce costs, but they will help find smart solutions to any transportation problems. If you require international delivery from China by air, sea or land, consider using a freight forwarding agent, save you money and a whole heap of time through doing all the hard work for you so that you can concentrate on your business.

Winsky international freight from China, a reliable China forwarder can respond quickly and efficiently to customer’s needs by providing sophisticated logistic solutions that can significantly impact clients’ profitability. Using the knowledge, skills and experience of an expert freight forwarder service provide peace of mind that your goods will arrive at the correct destination on time and therefore avoid any disruption to your company’s products or services.

If you have any shipments that import from China, or any questions about international shipping from China, pls feel free to contact us for logistics solution today!