Ship from China to Amazon fba guide

Amazon FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) provide a diversified and personalized services platform for sellers. Many sellers who sell products on the Amazon platform for the first time have encountered shipping problems, especially in the era when the Internet and e-commerce is very popular. E-commerce sales in major cities will face shipping issues with Amazon. Most new sellers will have a question: What are the shipping process and FBA fees and precautions from China to Amazon FBA?

In order to solve the problem of shipping from Amazon sellers, I will explain the problem of Amazon shipping for everyone!

How to ship to Amazon?

1. Ship Directly by Express delivery

You can choose direct delivery from DHL, UPS, Fedex and other logistics providers. Generally speaking, for goods over 20kg, the price is still good, the delivery time is fast, and it is suitable for emergency replenishment.

Advantages: Don’t need to make an appointment to enter the FBA warehouse, so it is fast.

Disadvantages: When using this shipping method, Amazon staffs are not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment. You need to make your own declarations and customs prepayments, and contact the local customs clearance importer in advance.

2.FBA air freight

This method is provided by Amazon FBA, including air freight + local customs clearance+local tax + UPS or FedEx destination country delivery, it is the door to door delivery at any time, the whole process includes tax to the door, the delivery time for FBA air freight will be longer, generally about 8-15 days, not suitable for Urgent delivery cargo.

Advantages: Moderate price and delivery time, you can enjoy many benefits of Amazon.

Disadvantages: Generally, it is necessary to make an appointment for storage, which is relatively troublesome.

3.FBA sea shipping

Also provided by Amazon FBA, including sea freight + local customs clearance +local tax +UPS or FedEx destination country delivery, you can arrange the shipment at any time and delivery, but the delivery time for sea shipping is particularly longer. It usually takes more than one month and is not suitable for emergency Replenishment.

Pros: Cheap and enjoy many of Amazon’s benefits.

Disadvantages: generally need to make an appointment for storage, the operation is more troublesome than express delivery, and delivery time is longer, normally around 30 days.

Comparison of the three shipping channels to Amazon: From the price point of view, the FBA sea shipping is the lowest; from the perspective of delivery time, the direct Express delivery and FBA air freight are similar, you can choose according to your own shipping needs.

What is the Shipping methods to Amazon?

There are two main shipping methods for Amazon sellers:


FBA: Short for Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon Fulfillment), means that the seller sends a batch of goods to Amazon’s overseas warehouse. After the buyer places an order, Amazon helps the seller send the goods from the warehouse to the buyer, and is also responsible for the logistics and after-sales service.

FBM: Short for Fulfillment by Merchant (seller’s own delivery), in other words, self-delivery. After the buyer places an order, the seller needs to send the goods to the buyer.

Although the cost of FBA is more than self-delivery, the price of Listing using FBA is often higher than self-delivery. In addition, the use of FBA is also an important factor in determining Amazon product rankings. Since there are many self-delivery, Amazon sellers mostly use FBA to ship.

What is the Amazon FBA delivery process?

1.Register for FBA

Enter the Amazon service page, click “Fulfillment by Amazon”, fill in the company name in the page that pops up and check the agreement with Amazon’s relevant terms and agreements, select FBA service to register successfully.

2.Convert merchandise to FBA SKU

Operation steps: Click Inventory on the homepage, select the SKU that needs to be changed, select “Change to Fulfill by Amazon” in Action, or select multiple options, then click “Actions” and select “Change to Fulfill by Amazon”, so that you can change the product Turned into FBA SKU.

3.Confirm FBA products

After selecting the FBA products to be shipped, the page will jump. Click “Convert Only” to confirm the conversion of FBA shipment

4. Create a delivery note and Set Quantity

A.Enter the number of products to be shipped under the unit.

If the seller did not enter the product packaging type when uploading the product before, here also fill in the product packaging type. There are two types of PackingType: Individual products (mixed packing)-different products are packed together, Case packed products (original packing)-the same product, SKU is packed in a box.

B. Prepare Products

Check the SKU variety and quantity to ensure that the SKU and quantity of the physical product are exactly the same as those filled in at the time of creation.

C. Label Products

Every product in the FBA warehouse must be labeled. Amazon’s backstage will let the seller choose whether to label by Amazon or the seller himself. If the seller chooses to label by himself, select “Merchant” under “wholabels” and select the label paper of the corresponding specification to print the label.

D. Review Shipments

Check the origin, package type, product, product preparation fee and other information of the shipment. Here the seller can see which warehouse storage Amazon distributes the product to. Each Shipment name represents each warehouse, and you can see the seller deposited in that warehouse. There are several products. The Amazon system automatically allocates warehouses. If you does not want to divide the warehouse, you can set up the warehouse in the background in advance.

E. Prepare Shipment

First, check the items in the shipment; then, select the shipping service; set the box information; and finally print the shipment label.

F. Shipping service

Here you needs to select the shipping method and shipping carrier. The general shipping method defaults to the small parcel express. The carrier: The default is “DHL EXPRESS (SUA) INC”. If the shipping weight is about 60 kg, it is OK. Select small parcel delivery (SPD).

G. Summary

Fill in the logistics tracking number. After receiving the tracking number, mark the delivery status on the order status.

Note: The above information is for reference only. The specific process is subject to the latest Amazon requirements.

For new sellers, Amazon FBA delivery is very convenient. If the delivery time is not urgent, you can choose to use FBA delivery. If it is urgent to sell, you can use direct Express delivery.

Delivery to the United States FBA Note:

  • Print the barcode (be sure to download the latest version of pdf to open). The FBA bar code in the United States cannot be obscured, and the bar code cannot be folded. If there is a bar code on the outer packaging of the product, please cover the original bar code with the Amazon bar code.
  • Print the packing list: Put the printed packing list intothe big box (if each product is shipped separately, do not need to open the original packaging, offer it tothe courier only after typing the packing list ).
  • Label the shipment: send and mark several shipments, and affix them to the side of the box (the bar code cannot be twisted).
  • Imported goods description: The outer packaging of imported goods must have the Chinese product name + Chinese dealer information: name, address, telephone. If the product has a shelf life, it must also have the shelf life information in Chinese: the production date, the shelf life, the expiration date of the shelf life. And when it is required to enter the warehouse, the remaining time of the shelf life is greater than 2/3 of the total shelf  life.

What is the Amazon FBA shipping Packaging requirements?

US Amazon FBA shipping notices:

  1. Packaging requirements: The actual weight of the FBA cannot exceed 31 / KG (the weight limit for non-entry Amazon warehouses is 68KG), if the length of one side is more than 274cm, and the width × 2 + height × 2 + length is equal to or not more than 325cm. Amazon warehouse outer box should be affixed with twowarehousing barcodes;
  2. The invoice declaration must be consistent with the goods, otherwise freight forwarderwill not be responsible for delays or losses.

North American fba warehouse product requirements

For the package size of the product:

1. If the seller packs multiple standard-sized products in a box, any general length of the box cannot exceed 63.5cm

2. If the seller just packs a sku product in a box, then the box should not exceed (length + circumference less than or equal to 419cm), and the length should preferably not exceed 270cm.

For cargo weight:

The weight of a single box cannot exceed 50 pounds. If it weighs more than 50 pounds but less than 100 pounds, it is necessary to put a “team lift” label on and around the box, and if it exceeds 100 pounds, a “mech lift” label

If the product is jewelry or watches, the weight of a single box cannot exceed 40 pounds

The European station fba warehouse product requirements

Package dimensions:

Boxes for a variety of standard-size goods, each side cannot exceed 63.5cm

Boxes for the same sku product, the maximum box size (perimeter + length 419cm or less) is less than 270cm

Weight requirements:

The box should not exceed 15kg. If the weight of each box of the box exceeds 15kg, then the box can hold a maximum of 30kg

If the box weighs more than 15kg, you need to unload the box and label it “team lift” or “heavy package”

For jewellery and watches, the weight cannot exceed 15kg

Product requirements for fba warehouse in Japan

Package dimensions:

Normal size does not exceed 50cm * 60cm * 50cm

Oversized box size: length + width + height not exceeding 170cm

If you encounter a larger size: package of goods exceeding 170cm, please do not exceed 200cm, and the single side cannot exceed 90cm

Weight requirements:

The weight of a single box cannot exceed 15kg

If it is necessary, it must be labeled with “exceeding weight”, please note that it must not exceed 40kg.

Finally, in the Amazon FBA warehouse, everyone needs to use cardboard boxes to pack goods. When using cardboard boxes, pay attention to use standard 6-sided cardboard boxes, do not use soft and easily damaged cardboard boxes. The transportation must be strong enough to ensure that the goods inside are not damaged, reduce the losses of the sellers, and do not use cardboard boxes the same size as the pallets.

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