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One-stop Shipping Options from China to Kuwait

Air Freight from China to Kuwait

Air Freight from China to Kuwait

Get swift delivery of your shipment, with our air freight options from all major airports in China to all international airports in Kuwait. Our rates are competitive, with flexible door-to-door or airport-to-airport delivery options.

Sea Freight from China to Kuwait

Get fast and affordable LCL sea shipping from any seaport in China to Shuwaikh Port, Shuaiba Port and Doha Port in Kuwait. All at competitive prices for the best route, with our trusted network of carriers.

Express Freight from China to Kuwait

Express freight from China to Kuwait

Get 3 – 5 days of express shipping on your shipment from China to your doorstep in Kuwait. Our TNT, UPS DHL fast express freight will get your parcels to you in no time at competitive prices.

Door-to-door shipping from China to Kuwait

Door to Door shipping China to Kuwait

Get flexible door-to-door shipping from any city in China to any city in Kuwait. With our doorstep delivery, you are guaranteed affordable and reliable delivery of your shipment.

Import Customs Clearance from China to Kuwait

Custom clearance from China to Kuwait

Get smooth and fast import customs clearance and duty for your air and sea shipping from China to Kuwait with our experienced custom broker in Kuwait.

Cargo Insurance from China to Kuwait

Cargo Insurance from China to Kuwait

Take zero risks with our cargo insurance on your shipment, and in the rare occurrence of damage or loss, your shipment is covered with our zero-risk insurance policy.

Shipping from China to Kuwait Procedures:


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Your Complete Guide | Shipping from China to Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The country imports a considerable amount from China. We have created this guide based on our over 12 years of experience in shipping from China to Kuwait. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know to get your package from China to Kuwait without any issues.

1. What are the available options for shipping from china to Kuwait?

The distance between China and Kuwait is 5,287 km. There is no road or rail communication between these two countries. So, when you are shipping from China to Kuwait, you have only two methods available – Air and Ocean.

Air Freight Shipping

Air freight shipping from China to Kuwait has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Air freight shipping from China to Kuwait

Air freight is a fast shipping method, but at the same time, it’s expensive. Though this is an expensive method many business owners prefer this method for products need fast delivery. But air freight is not ideal for large amounts of goods.

That’s why we will not suggest this method for large-volume products. But if your shipment weighs less than 500 Kg, air freight is a cost-effective option.

Top Airports in Kuwait

Kuwait have only one international and two military airports.

Kuwait International Airport (KWI)

Kuwait International Airport is the main airport in Kuwait and the largest airport in the region. It is located about 30 miles northwest of Kuwait City. KWI is a major hub for both Gulf airlines and international airlines. It is also the main hub for Qatar Airways. KWI is a major transport hub for the region, and it is a major cargo hub for the region.

Kuwait International Airport is a major hub for both Gulf airlines and international airlines. The airport has a wide range of transportation options, including taxis, buses, and the airport shuttle. The airport has a wide range of facilities, including a medical center, a post office, and an ATM.

Ocean shipping

Ocean shipping facilities from China to Kuwait are becoming increasingly popular, as the cost and speed of shipping are two key factors that make the route attractive. If you are looking for a cheap shipping option from China to Kuwait, then ocean freight is the best solution for you.

The route has several advantages, including the fact that it is shorter than other ocean routes and that there is no need for a stop in a foreign port. The distance from China to Kuwait is about 8,000 miles, and the trip can be completed in just over 24 days.

Ocean shipping from China to Kuwait

The main shipping companies that offer this route are China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) and China Southern Shipping Company (CSSA). They both offer competitive rates and a variety of shipping options, including container ships, bulk carriers, and roll-on/roll-off vessels.

Overall, the route is cheap shipping from China to Kuwait. It is shorter than other ocean routes, and there is no need to stop in a foreign port, making it a preferred option for companies that want to reduce their shipping costs.

LCL shipping from China makes sea shipping even more flexible. Most people think sea shipping is only for a huge number of goods, but that is not the case. In fact, you can ship a small number of goods by sea freight by using LCL shipping. You don’t need to book a 20 or 40-ft container in LCL shipping. You will pay for a specific space.

At Winsky freight, we offer LCL shipping service at a very affordable price. We are specialized in LCL shipping. We offer a very competitive rate for LCL shipping. You can ask for a quotation from us and see the difference.

Top sea ports in Kuwait

The Port of Shuwaikh

The Port of Shuwaikh Kuwait is an important port for the region. It has been a major hub for trade, especially with the oil and gas industry in the Gulf region. It is one of the busiest ports in the Middle East and handles a lot of traffic.

The Port of Shuwaikh

With this increased traffic and demand, infrastructure needs to be built to meet this demand. The government has decided to invest heavily in upgrading and constructing new infrastructure at all ports to improve efficiency, speed up operations, increase productivity and provide better service levels.

Port of Shuaiba

Port of Shuaiba is a modern and efficient port that is located in Kuwait. It was established in 1982 and has since grown to be one of the most important ports in Kuwait. The port is used for both commercial and naval purposes.

It has a total area of ​​2.5 square kilometers and is able to handle vessels with a maximum length of 165 meters. The port has a total of 17 berths that can accommodate vessels of different sizes. The port also has a number of warehouses that can store cargo. The Kuwait Ports Authority manages the port.

2. How long does it take to ship from Chiana to Kuwait?

Shipping time from China to Kuwait depends on the medium you choose.

Five to Eight days is the standard shipping time by air freight.

Ocean shipping time will vary according to the departure port from China. See the table below

 Departure Port  Arrival port  Time in Days
 Dalian  Kuwait  30
 Xiamen  Kuwait  27
 Tianjin  Kuwait  34
 Qingdao  Kuwait  32
 Ningbo  Kuwait  25
 Guangzhou  Kuwait  25
 Shenzhen  Kuwait  21
 Shanghai  Kuwait  25

** This time can change for port congestion, shipping season, and weather situation

3. Factor affecting the Shipping Costs from China to Kuwait.

Many factors affect the shipping cost. Here are some:

Shipping Mode

Which shipping mode you will use for shipping from China to Kuwait will determine the shipping costs greatly. Express shipping is by far the most expensive shipping method, and ocean shipping is the least expensive shipping method. Again FCL and LCL both shipping method has a different price range.

Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarders always play the most crucial role in determining the shipping cost from China to Kuwait. An expert and experienced freight forwarder know which carrier to choose and how to reduce shipping costs.

If you find a freight forwarder quotes surprisingly low shipping costs, it is better to stay away from them. Because there must be many hidden costs, and you will have to pay those costs when you receive your goods in Kuwait. Therefore, you should know how to choose a good freight forwarder to reduce your shipping costs from China to Kuwait.

Shipping time

Shipping time can also significantly impact the shipping costs from China to Kuwait. For example, if you ship during Christmas or the Chinese holiday season, you have to pay more than regular shipping costs. Different shipping times may require additional shipping fees, so it is important to compare shipping times before making a purchase.

Product Type

Not all products need the same treatment while shipping from China to Kuwait. For example, if you are importing batteries, fragile items, or food products, they will need special cargo. But if you import furniture or manufactured item, those won’t need special treatment. Again, you may have to pay an additional payment if you ship restricted items.

Learn how you can save shipping costs from China from the below video

4. Express shipping from China to Kuwait

Express or courier shipping is popular for sending small packages around the world. Like many other countries, many express shipping companies operate between these two countries, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.

Express shipping companies can send your goods from China to Egypt as fast as under three days. The cost is also very high because it’s a super fast process. Moreover, the chargeable weight calculation is also different from standard air shipping.

So, when should you use courier shipping? Well, it is not a shipping method that you want to use for your regular shipment, as the cost of your goods will become very high. Express shipping is ideal for shipping a small number of goods, ideally less than 250 Kg.

If you want to bring a product sample, emergency goods, or documents, express shipping is the way to go. Winsky freight provides express shipping service at an affordable price.

5. Door to Door shipping from China to Kuwait

Door to door shipping is close to express shipping with some exceptions. The first difference is here a freight forwarder is in charge rather than specialized courier services.

The second advantage of door to door shipping is you have the liberty to take any shipping method – air or sea.

As it is a door to door service, therefore, you don’t have to handle the customs process. The freight forwarder will handle the customs process and pay the bills.

Though we have customs clearance support for DDP shipping we don’t have that support for Kuwait. So, please remember, that you will still need a customs broker.

6. How can I import from Alibaba to Kuwait?

Alibaba Group Holding Limited (Alibaba) is the world’s largest online and mobile commerce company, with a market cap of $356 billion as of February 8, 2019. Alibaba operates the world’s largest online and mobile commerce platforms and is the world’s second-largest search engine. In Kuwait, Alibaba’s platforms are popular for selling and buying products and services.

Alibaba is the biggest B2B marketplace in world

If you are looking to import from Alibaba to Kuwait, there are a few things you need to know. First, you will need to have an Alibaba account. Second, you will need to set up an Alibaba import account. Third, you will need to provide Alibaba with your business registration number and your bank account information. Finally, you will need to provide Alibaba with the products you want to import.

Once you have set up your Alibaba import account, you can begin importing products. To import products, you will first need to find the products you want to import. Next, you will need to find the Alibaba product page for the product you want to import. Finally, you will need to find the import product information page for the product you want to import.

If you are not a B2B person and looking for consumer products, you can check Aliexpress.

When shipping from Alibaba to Kuwait, it is not mandatory to use their transport system. You can use your own freight forwarder. In fact, that will reduce the cost by a great deal.

7. Restricted & Prohibited items in Kuwait

Kuwait is a small country located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. It has a population of just over 4 million people, and the country follows strict Islam religious rules and regulations.

There are some items you can not bring to Kuwait from China or any other country. Those are called prohibited products. Some of the prohibited items are:

  • Alcohol
  • Items that could be considered pornographic or offensive.
  • Israeli products.
  • Radio equipment
  • Radar equipment.
  • Any media displaying the female anatomy equipment
  • Drugs, Prescription, and Non-Prescription

There are some items you can import to Kuwait with special permission. Those are called Restricted items. Some of them are

  • Jewelry
  • Medical equipment.
  • Electronic items
  • Authorized medicines

Kuwait has very strict rules and regulations in terms of importing goods from China. So, you MUST consult a customs broker or shipping agent from China to Kuwait to learn whether your goods are permitted in Kuwait or not.

If you ship any of those prohibited products or restricted items without proper documents you can find yourself in some serious trouble.

8. How to calculate customs VAT and TAX in Kuwait?

When importing goods into Kuwait, you must pay customs taxes and value-added taxes (VAT and TAX). Customs taxes are calculated on the total value of the imported goods. The VAT and TAX rates vary depending on the item.

To calculate customs taxes, you must first determine the value of the imported goods. Next, you must determine the applicable customs tax rate. The tax rate is based on the value of the imported goods. Finally, you must add the tax rate to the value of the imported goods to determine the customs taxes that you must pay.

Here are some examples to help you understand how customs taxes are calculated:

John imports a carton of eggs from China. The carton of eggs has a value of $60. The customs tax rate in Kuwait is 10%. Therefore, the customs taxes that John must pay on the carton of eggs are $6.00.

Customs duties and taxes are calculated as a percentage of the value of the goods. The following table shows the customs duties and taxes that you will need to calculate.

Goods Value of Duty (%) Tax (%) Surcharge (%) Clothing and Footwear 30.00% 9.00% 3.00% Electronic and Electrical Equipment 30.00% 9.00% 3.00%

The surcharge that is added to the customs duty and tax amount is 3.00%. This means that the total customs duty and tax amount that you will pay will be:

Duty (%) + Tax (%) + Surcharge (%) = Total Amount Paid

For example, if you import a laptop worth KWD 1,000 and the customs duty and tax amount is KWD 300 (KWD 30 + KWD 9.00 + KWD 3.00), the total amount that you will pay will be KWD 1,300.

9. Customs Rules and Procedures in Kuwait

  • Shipping from China to Kuwait can be a complex process, and it is important to be aware of the Customs Rules and Regulations that apply. Here are some important points to keep in mind:
  • All imports into Kuwait are subject to the customs rules of Kuwait.
  • Items that are subject to customs duties and taxes in Kuwait must be declared on the import entry form.
  • The value of all items entering Kuwait must be less than KD 200,000.
  • All items entering Kuwait must be accompanied by a commercial invoice or bill of lading.
  • Items that are not subject to customs duties and taxes in Kuwait, such as gifts and flowers, may be brought into the country without a customs declaration but must be declared if they are valued at more than KD 200,000.
  • If an item is seized by Kuwait Customs, the importer may be required to pay a fine and/or return the item to China.
  • You must pack your items carefully to avoid any damage during transit.
  • Items that are not declared at the time of import may be confiscated and may result in a fine or jail time.
  • You may need to obtain a customs declaration form from the Chinese embassy in Kuwait if you are shipping any items that are not considered regular goods.
  • You may also need to obtain a customs declaration form from the Kuwaiti embassy in China if you are shipping any items that are considered luxury goods.
  • Remember to keep all your documentation and paperwork related to your shipment safe. If you have any questions about customs regulations in Kuwait, please don’t hesitate to contact your shipping provider or the Chinese embassy in Kuwait.

The Customs clearing process can be difficult if you are not familiar with all the steps. Therefore, hiring a customs broker will be a good option. Please check the customs broker has the proper license and other necessary documents before you hire.

10. Is Insurance Mandatory while shipping from China to Kuwait?

Insurance helps you to claim the damage in case of any loss or damage during shipping from China to Kuwait. You can take insurance but it totally depends on your requirement. That is not Mandatory.

Customs and Immegrant departmet lounge Kuwait

We will suggest you take insurance if you are importing expensive or fragile items. For other items, it is totally on your wish.

You can take insurance from a freight forwarder or any third-party insurance agency. At winsky freight, we offer insurance for a very affordable cost.

11. Necessary documents while shipping from China to Kuwait

You can not complete any international shipping without showing proper documents to the customs department and Kuwait is no exception. You have to show the following documents while shipping from China to Kuwait.

  • Bill of lading/Airway Bill.
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Letter of credit
  • Certificate of origin
  • Import declaration form for Customs

Why Choose Winsky Freight?

Winsky freight has been operating between China and Kuwait for over a decade. We have a dedicated team to look after our clients from Kuwait. Also, we offer a very competitive rate so that you can get the best possible profit from the goods you are shipping from China to Kuwait.

With our contracts with the top shipping carriers and courier services, we can offer a very affordable rate and ensure you get a place on the cargo.

You can track the status of your cargo by contacting our 24/7 customer support team. Winsky freight ensures the best shipping experience from China and that’s why we have a very strong customer base in Kuwait.


International shipping can be a daunting task if you don’t know the steps to follow. But if you know the process you can gain maximum profit from your imports. Therefore, we have created a detailed guide on shipping from China to Kuwait. We hope this article was helpful to you. But if you want to learn more or have any specific queries please send us a message and one of our Kuwait shipping experts will be in touch with you shortly.

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