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Shipping from China to Indonesia

As China’s most reliable and trustworthy freight forwarding company, Winsky Freight provides professional shipping services from China to Indonesia. We offer multiple shipping services, including Express Freight, Air freight and Sea freight. You can also get more specialized services like DDP shipping, and Consolidate shipping from China factories to your Indonesia address.

As we have long time cooperation with shipping carriers, Winsky Freight could offers you the most competitive shipping rates in China to reduce your shipping costs. With Winsky Freight’s help, you don’t need to worry about shipping paperwork, customs clearance, and delivery. We’ll help you pick the best delivery method for your shipment from any China manufacturers to Jakarta, Jawa Bara, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and other Indonesia address.

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Shipping Services from China to Indonesia

Air freight China to Indonesia

Get swift, safe and reliable air freight options from China to Indonesia, through our verified air carriers. With airport-to-airport, door-to-door or any combination delivery options.

Sea freight China to Indonesia

Get affordable and on-time LCL sea freight options from all major seaports in China to Tanjung Perak, Tanjung Emas, Kuala Tanjung seaports in Indonesia. With delivery in about 15-25 work days.

Fedex shipping China

Express shipping China to Indonesia

Get the fastest and reliable door-to-door shipping with our express shipping UPS, DHL, FedEx or TNT option from China to Indonesia – have your parcels delivered in about 3 work days.

Pick up from China manufactures

Pick Up from China Manufacturers

Schedule goods pick up from multiple manufacturers/suppliers in any city in China. Also have the various goods consolidated into one shipment to Indonesia.


Import custom clearance to Indonesia

Our agents are dedicated to ensuring that your goods and difficult items get through custom clearance smoothly and efficiently from China to Indonesia.

shipping insurance from China

Insurance China to Indonesia

All deliveries from China to Indonesia are handled in the safest manner from pick-up, packaging, shipping to delivery. In the rare occurrence of a damage or loss you’re protected with our zero-risk insurance policy.

Advantages of Our Shipping from China to Indonesia

  • Dedicated supports on LCL shipments from China to Indonesia

  • Affordable door-to-door delivery on Air & Sea freight shipping from China to Indonesia with no extra charge

  • Hassle-free custom clearance and duties on imports from China to Indonesia with DDP shipping

  • Free 30 days short-term storage in our warehouse for your consolidation shipment

  • Schedule goods pick up from suppliers/manufacturers in any city in China

  • Get cargo insurance, consolidation delivery and more supplementary shipping services

  • Keep tabs on your shipment status with full online tracking

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“Thanks for the very fast express delivery, my package arrived overnight from China to Indonesia at my door. I so happy with the way Winsky’s support team handled my shipment!”

Mutia Pratiwi, PratMetro Tbk

“Winsky made the whole shipping experience to Indonesia from China stress-free. Especially with the custom clearance, I had fears of the delay but Winsky sorted out the clearance with no delay. My cargo arrived on-time and in good condition”

Kamal Dabukke, Kad printing Tbk

“The tech supplies for my company were scattered across different manufacturers in China and Winsky made the whole pick up and consolidate process so convenient for me. Thanks for the free short-term storage really saved me extra costs. Thank you so much”

Winda Halima, Indo Tech tbk

“Since it’s my first-time shipping from China to Indonesia, I did not know what to expect. But Winsky did a great job of reassuring me, with their support time carrying me along every step of the shipping. I really appreciate the personal treatment. Thanks.”

Cornelia Nurdiyanti, Bastra International

“Thanks for delivering my cargo in great condition, and the timely delivery is appreciated. The reliability after numerous shippings from China to Indonesia has been constant. I will continue to use you guys”

Asmadi Prasetyo , SKTN Group

Get best shipping rate from China to Indonesia, and save up to 70% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices for sending shipment & get a smooth delivery of your consignment to Indonesia.

Below is the FAQ for Shipping from China to Indonesia


Are There Any Hidden Charges for the Shipping to Indonesia?2022-06-04T18:33:09+08:00

No, there are no hidden charges. Once you have received your final quote, no other fees will be requested to ship to Indonesia.

Do I have to pay VAT and Customs duties in Indonesia?2022-06-04T18:32:43+08:00

Yes, all imports to Indonesia are subject to VAT and custom duties. Although essential goods are exempt from VAT. Amounts payable per goods class are available on Indonesia’s Harmonized System Codes (HSC).

What is the Cheapest shipping from China to Indonesia?2022-06-04T18:32:15+08:00

Sea Freight shipping is the most affordable shipping mode from China to Indonesia. It is most suitable for shipping heavy and bulky goods, but relatively slower than other modes.

How long does Shipping from China to Indonesia takes?2022-06-04T18:31:46+08:00

Shipping from China to Indonesia by Air Freight takes about 4 – 8 days, and by Sea Freight takes 9 – 31 days depending on ports or your delivery address, while Express shipping takes about  3 work days.

What is the shipping cost from China to Indonesia?2022-06-04T18:29:49+08:00

The cost varies depending on the following factors: nature of goods, mode of shipping, weight & size of cargo, and delivery option. Air Freight is fast and expensive, Sea Freight is the most affordable but slower, while Express shipping is the fastest and most expensive option, it is better to contact forwarder to check the exact cost to you.

Shipping from China to Indonesia Process:


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Your Best Guide-Shipping from China to Indonesia

China to Indonesia Shipping

Many Indonesians import various products from China into the country, and you wonder how they do it. Well, shipping from China to Indonesia is not difficult as you might think.

To source goods from a Chinese supplier, you must understand the procedures involved unless you plan to hire a freight forwarder to help you through the entire process.

The good news is that we’ll show you how to ship products from China to Indonesia.

That said, let’s dive into the facts right away!

1. How Can You Ship Goods from a Chinese Supplier into Indonesia?

As a business person sourcing goods from a Chinese supplier, you want a reliable shipping method to ensure that your goods arrive in Indonesia at the right time.

Notably, there are three transportation modes you can opt for: air freight, sea freight, and express freight from China to Indonesia. Each option has its pros and cons.

Air Freight from China to Indonesia

If you want your goods from China to arrive in Indonesia faster, consider air freight.

Air freight’s incredibly high delivery speed makes it the number one choice for many Indonesians shipping lightweight products from China.

Your air freight carrier will deliver the cargo within the shortest time possible, making air freight one of the most reliable freight methods.

Another reason to consider air freight over ocean freight is the safe handling of cargo. You can be sure that your fragile goods will arrive in Indonesia in good shape.

Consider using air freight when shipping perishable products to ensure that the cargo arrives in Indonesia when still fresh.

Thankfully, many international airports in China and Indonesia facilitate cargo shipping between the two countries.

Despite its fast delivery speed, air freight is still one of the most expensive freight methods, especially when shipping bulky and heavy goods.

Sea Freight from China to Indonesia

Sea freight is another incredible way to transport goods from a Chinese manufacturer to an Indonesian importer. It involves moving goods in 20-feet or 40-feet long containers.

You’ll pay less when shipping with sea freight than air freight, making sea freight the cheapest shipping method from China to Indonesia.

A plausible reason to pick sea freight over air freight is the convenience and cost-effectiveness of shipping heavy and bulky goods on big ocean vessels.

Besides, you can ship large quantities of products by sea freight.

The proximity of Indonesia to China through sea routes is an added advantage to sea freight from China to Indonesia. For that reason, shipping by sea is cheap and convenient.

The good news is that China and Indonesia are both home to several seaports, including the world’s largest seaport, Shanghai Port in Shanghai, China.

Unfortunately, sea freight takes the longest compared to other transportation methods like air freight and ocean freight. So, prepare for that when using this freight mode.

Express Freight from China to Indonesia

Express Shipping Services

You probably want your goods from China to arrive in Indonesia within the shortest time, and it seems sea freight and standard air freight won’t work out for you.

With express shipping, you can source products from China and deliver them to your preferred destination in Indonesia within the shortest time possible.

The goods can get into your hands within a day or overnight.

Since express shipping is faster than the standard air freight, it’s usually more expensive than the latter. In other words, you pay the extra cost for the delivery speed.

Since express shipping is the most expensive option, consider using it for lightweight and small quantities of products. Heavy loads can be costly when shipped by express freight.

The most popular courier companies that offer express shipping services are DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and EMS. Some of them offer discounts for newly registered members.

2. How Many Days Does it Take to Ship from China to Indonesia?

Before selecting any shipping method, you probably asked, “How many days do I need to transport goods from China to Indonesia by air, sea, or express freight?”

Well, shipping involves many procedures, but the transit time varies due to the variation in speed of the different shipping vessels (airplanes and ships).

Air Freight Shipping Time from China to Indonesia

There’s no doubt that air shipping is a fast shipping method because flights can take a few hours from China to Indonesia.

But due to the importation logistics, you need more time to get the goods delivered to your preferred destination. So, expect the goods to arrive by standard air freight in 4-8 days.

Sea Freight Shipping Time from China to Indonesia

Sea freight takes the longest for your goods from China to arrive at an Indonesian seaport.

So, your cargo can take between 9-31 days to move from China to Indonesia by sea freight, depending on the ports’ specific locations and cargo categories.

Express Shipping Time from China to Indonesia

Express shipping is the fastest way to import goods into Indonesia from China. Like standard air freight, express freight also involves transportation by airplanes.

The only difference is that express freight involves fewer logistic procedures. For that reason, goods from China can arrive in Indonesia within 1-3 days by express shipping.

3. What is the Cost of  Shipping Products from China to Indonesia?

When sourcing goods from China into Indonesia, the first thing to consider is the shipping cost. Notably, the amount of money you’ll spend on transportation depends on:

  • Nature of goods
  • Mode of shipping (air or sea freight)
  • Size, volume, and weight of the cargo
  • Preferred delivery method

Here are the shipping costs by air, sea, or express freight.

Air Freight Cost from China to Indonesia

Air freight is involves more costs than sea freight due to its faster delivery speed.

Most airlines set their shipping prices based on a product’s chargeable weight, calculated by considering the cargo’s size and weight.

Since different airlines charge different rates, consult your freight forwarder about the cost.

Sea Freight Cost from China to Indonesia

Sea freight is a cost-effective way to ship heavy and bulky goods from China to Indonesia.

However, the specific cost for shipping your cargo depends on whether you use LCL or FCL to import the goods into Indonesia. It’s because FCL and LCL shipping costs vary slightly.

Express Shipping Cost from China to Indonesia

There’s no doubt that express shipping is the most expensive shipping method from China to Indonesia. Note that different express freight companies charge different rates.

The good news is that your freight forwarder can help you figure out the exact amount of money you’ll pay for your goods to move from China to Indonesia.

4. Which Seaports Can You Use to Import Goods from China into Indonesia?

China and Indonesia are home to international seaports to ensure a smooth shipping process between the two countries.

Major Chinese Seaports Connected to Indonesia

The following are international seaports in China.

  • Port of Yingkou, Liaoning Province
  • Port of Xiamen, Fujiang Province
  • Port of Dalian in Liaodong Province
  • Port of Tianjin, Tianjin Municipality
  • Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan in Zhejiang
  • Port of Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Port of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Port of Qingdao, Shandong
  • Port of Shenzhen in Guangdong
  • Port of Shanghai in Shanghai

Major Indonesian Seaports Connected to China

Port of Tanjung Perak

The following are the seaports in Indonesia that connect to China.

  • Port of Tanjung Perak
  • Tanjung Priok Port
  • Port of Tanjung Emas
  • Port of Kuala Tanjung

Pro Tip: The seaports mentioned above are the major ones receiving cargo from China. Not all seaports in Indonesia handle bulk international shipments.

5. Which Airports Can You Use to Import Goods from China into Indonesia?

If you plan to import goods into Indonesia by air freight, you must know all the airports handling cargo in China and Indonesia.

There are over a hundred airports in China, making it easy to select the nearest one to your Chinese supplier. The same also applies to Indonesia.

Major Chinese Airports Connected to Indonesia

When sourcing goods from a Chinese supplier or manufacturer, your goods can leave China through the following airports.

  • Xi’an Xianyang International Airport in Shaanxi in Xi’an
  • Nanjing Lukou International Airport Jiangsu in Nanjing
  • Guangzhou international airport in Guangdong in Guangzhou
  • Qingdao Liuting International Airport in Shandong in Qingdao
  • Chengdu Shuangilu International Airport in Sichuan in Chengdu
  • Shenzhen Baoan International Airport in Guangdong, Shenzhen
  • Changsha Huanghua International Airport in Hunan in Changsha

Major Indonesian Airports Connected to China

Goods shipped by air freight can enter Indonesia through the following airports.

  • Soekarno International Airport in Jakarta
  • Juanda International Airport in Sedati, Sidoarjo
  • NgurahRai International Airport in Bali
  • Kualanamu International Airport in Deli Sardang
  • Hang Nadim International Airport in Batam, Riau Islands

6. What Quality Standards Must You Fulfill to Import Goods into Indonesia?

You must fulfill Indonesian quality standards and regulations to import goods into the country, regardless of the country of origin.

The primary objective of the quality standards is to protect Indonesians and the economy.

An excellent example of the quality standards is the safety and packaging requirements.

All the products entering the country must have distinct labels to provide information about them. It helps consumers understand the products better.

The prints or writings on the product labels must be in the Indonesian language. Also, the customs authority prefers imports to bear Latin letters and Arabic numbers.

Also, the product labels must neither compare with other products nor promote similar products. The labels must never bear claims about the product’s impact on health.

Pro Tip: Before importing goods into Indonesia from China, check the current Indonesian Customs Authority’s requirements for imports. It helps you ensure smooth shipping.

7. What Are the Steps to Follow When Importing Goods from China into Indonesia?

Shipping Process from China to Indonesia

If you’ve never tried shipping products from a Chinese supplier to Indonesian consumers, you may think it’s a complicated procedure.

However, shipping products from China to Indonesia is not challenging as you think, especially when you know what to do at every particular time.

Here is how to import goods from a Chinese manufacturer into the Indonesian market.

Step 1: Check the Current Trade Laws in Both Countries

When sourcing goods from China to Indonesia, you don’t want to get in trouble with the customs authorities in China and Indonesia.

Be conversant with the current restrictions and regulations because some policies often change. Use this time to inquire about the required documentation.

Step 2: Select a Product to Ship from China

Since many product categories exist in the market, identify the type of product to import from China to Indonesia. Ensure that the demand for the product in Indonesia is favorable.

To avoid skirmishes with the customs authorities, you must also ensure that the product is not prohibited or restricted in Indonesia.

Step 3: Choose a Convenient Shipping Method

So far, you already know the different shipping methods for transporting goods from China to Indonesia. You can opt for air freight, sea freight, or express freight.

Your preferred shipping method must be reliable, affordable, and convenient. Don’t forget to consider the size, weight, volume, and nature of the cargo.

Step 4: Find a Reliable Supplier

Thousands of Chinese manufacturers supply goods to many countries, including Indonesia. Surprisingly, every supplier claims to be the best, making it tricky to find a reliable one.

Online directories, such as Global Sources and Alibaba, have some of the most reliable suppliers. You’ll also find their company details and products.

Step 5: Order Products and Make a Payment

After selecting your preferred supplier, you can place an order for their products. You can make the order online or ask a sourcing agent to help you.

The supplier will send you an invoice with the order details. Use this invoice to make a payment to initiate the shipping process.

Step 6: Hire a Reputable Freight Forwarder

After making an order and paying for the goods, hire a trustworthy freight forwarder to help you arrange transportation from China to Indonesia.

The freight forwarder eases the shipping process by organizing warehousing and customs clearance. They can also arrange the loading and unloading of your cargo.

8. What Perks Will You Enjoy When You Ship with Winsky Freight?

Now that you understand a freight forwarder’s role in shipping goods from China to Indonesia, you can hire us to help you move your goods.

Here are the advantages of working with Winsky Freight.

Competitive Shipping Prices

Winsky freight offers competitive shipping rates to help you save money on transportation.

But how do we do that?

We compare the rates charged by different carriers and pick the most affordable and convenient option. Besides, we look for the best shipping routes to save on cost.

Several Shipping Options

Do you wish to transport your good from China by sea or air?

Winsky Freight can arrange any shipping method that fits your needs, whether air freight, sea freight, or express shipping.

We also offer Amazon FBA and DDP shipping from China to Indonesia.

Flexible Consolidation Services

Are you planning to source goods from different manufacturers in China?

Winsky Freight offers reliable consolidation services to ensure that all your goods from China arrive in Indonesia as one shipment.

We consolidate goods from various suppliers to help you save costs.

9. Is LCL Shipping Available for Goods leaving China for Indonesia?

LCL Shipping Process from China

Less than Container Loading, commonly known as LCL shipping, allows freight forwarders to consolidate shipments of different buyers in a single container.

If you plan to import goods that can’t fill a container, LCL sea shipping can be a perfect choice. Your cargo will get shipped alongside other importers’ goods in one container.

When the goods arrive in Indonesia, the freight forwarder de-consolidates them.

Consolidating goods in China and de-consolidating them in Indonesia takes time. As a result, you’ll need to be patient to receive your goods.

Winsky Freight offers LCL shipping services from China to Indonesia.

10. Can You Import Chinese Products into Indonesia by Door-to-Door Delivery Service?

The door-to-door service is a convenient delivery method because it allows a freight forwarder to pick up your goods from the supplier and deliver them to your destination.

With the door-to-door delivery method, you only need to identify the products, place an order, and hire a freight forwarder. After doing that, leave the rest to the freight forwarder.

The Freight forwarder will arrange the shipping of the goods from the Chinese supplier to your preferred destination in Indonesia.

Your freight forwarder will oversee every step of the shipping process until the goods arrive at your destination. You’ll now take over from there.

Thankfully, Winsky Freight offers reliable door-to-door delivery services.

11. What Documents Do You Need to Transport Goods from China to Indonesia?

Shipping products from China to Indonesia involves paperwork.

You must have the following documents to ensure a successful shipping process.

  • Packing List: This document has all the information about the goods you are importing from China into Indonesia. That is their size, weight, and volume.
  • Certificate of Origin: Specifies where the goods have originated from, like China in this case. It is the supplier who issues the certificate of origin to the importer.
  • Bill of Lading: A carrier gives the bill of lading, which is an agreement form proving that the company has received the goods for transport from China to Indonesia.
  • Commercial Invoice: It is a proof of sale issued by the Chinese supplier to the person buying the products. It has details of the items sold, including the units.

12. How Do the Customs Procedures Work in Indonesia?

Customs Procedure for Imports

When sourcing goods from China, you need to understand the requirements of the Indonesian customs authority.

All imports entering Indonesia pass through heavy scrutiny at the customs offices to ensure that all the goods comply with the import regulations.

When your goods arrive in Indonesia, the customs authority will inspect them and verify the documents, including the certificate of origin.

The customs will then verify the value of the imported cargo based on the actual price and shipping costs. They’ll use the figures to determine the taxes applying to the imports.

Finally, you’ll pay the quoted taxes and tariff to the Indonesian customs to claim the goods.

13. Must You Pay Duty and Taxes for Goods Leaving China for Indonesia?

Whenever you import Chinese products into Indonesia, you’ll have to pay taxes and duties to ensure a smooth customs clearance process.

All imports entering the country are subject to taxes and duties.

Indonesia’s tarrif system uses the Harmonized System Codes (HSC) to determine the goods’ classification and the amount payable as tax or duties.

The Indonesian import tariff ranges from 0-170% based on the goods category. However, most imports attract a duty rate of 0-15%.

You may also pay a sales tax of 5-30% at the goods’ entry points. However, the Indonesian government exempts essential goods from taxation.

Goods circulating in ASEAN member states use preferential duty rates. Since China and Indonesia are member states, Chinese goods entering Indonesia attract a 0-5% duty rate.


Now that you understand the entire shipping process, from sourcing the goods in China to delivery in Indonesia, it’s time to order your first batch of goods.

Ensure that the goods are in line with Indonesian import requirements. Let a reliable and trustworthy freight forwarder like Winsky Freight help you ship the goods.

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