26 06, 2021

How to Ship from China into Canada?

2021-06-26T18:12:54+08:00June 26th, 2021|Comments Off on How to Ship from China into Canada?

Shipping from China into Canada might seem challenging, but it’s not when you work with Winsky Freight. We’ll take you through the entire process if you do the following: Give us your supplier’s contact information before the goods are ready. Such details include their phone [...]

7 03, 2020

What are the Accepted&Not accepted Products ship from China to Dubai

2020-03-07T10:36:46+08:00March 7th, 2020|0 Comments

Accepted Products: General products such as LED lightings, electronic components,USB, Drivers, PCB and etc, Brand products or Sensitive products like Mobile power bank, battery, watches, Cosmetics, electronic cigarettes, smoke oil. Not accepted products: Liquids, powders, arms weapons, flammable and explosive materials, etc., adult products, medicines, [...]

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