Your Complete Guide 2023 | Best China Sourcing Agent 

A China sourcing agent is a professional who helps you find suppliers to produce your goods in China. They provide support in the areas of packaging, shipping, quality assurance, and cost reduction.

These sourcing agents have a strong network of trusted partners and provide valuable on-the-ground support. If you can choose the right agent, half the job of your product sourcing is done.

Therefore, we prepared this list of the best 20 China sourcing agents. We will also provide useful insights so that you can pick one that will fit your needs.

1. What is a China Sourcing Agent?

what is a China Sourcing Agent

For businesses looking to import goods from China, there is the option of hiring a “China sourcing agent.”

They provide a range of services to find the most cost-effective, high-quality products from top manufacturers for their clients. Some of their services include negotiating with suppliers, performing quality control inspections, ensuring all customs requirements are met, warehousing, shipping, etc.

China Sourcing Agent 1.0

Back in the early days of sourcing agents in China, things were pretty straightforward.

They were the first generation of China sourcing agents, and their role was to act as brokers between manufacturers and retailers. They’d help businesses find decent suppliers and communicate with manufacturers by translating languages for both parties.

But, compared to today, their services were pretty limited. There was no logistics assistance, automated order fulfillment, consolidation services, and certainly no specialized solutions.

For example, they did not provide services like Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and warehousing.

Their focus was primarily on bridging the gap between businesses and suppliers. Of course, as technology has progressed and market demands changed, sourcing agents have had to up their game.

China Sourcing Agent 2.0

If you’re a small or medium business looking to sell your products on eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce then most probably you would love to do business with China Sourcing Agent 2.0.

If you’re a TikTok influencer, Youtube creator, Facebook or Instagram influencer, Drop shipper, or an FBA Seller, then a China Sourcing Agent 2.0 could be just what you need!

This service is great for businesses that want to expand their product lines across multiple platforms and increase profits.

In order to find reliable vendors, China Sourcing Agents 2.0 use both traditional and modern sourcing strategies.

Plus, with 24/7 services and dedicated experts, you can take advantage of value-added services like order fulfillment, supply chain management and custom packaging and branding, private label and white label design, and Amazon FBA prep services.

2. How Many Different Kinds of Chinese Sourcing Agents Are There?

  • SoHo Agents: Most of them operate from their home with a small office set up. They have connections with vendors and don’t rely on other agents. Though they are pretty good at delivering some products, you can not rely on them for a long time business.
  • Agencies: These companies use a large number of sourcing agents, each with its own unique set of skills. Therefore, their network is more extensive, and they are more likely to be able to locate the goods you require. However, you should be aware that their prices are typically higher.
  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Management Agencies: These agents offer a comprehensive range of services including finding your suppliers from different markets. Their services also include delivering your products to Amazon warehouses. However, they can be pretty pricey and you’ll be highly dependent on them.

3. 20 Best China Sourcing Agents

 Sourcing Agents  Location  Services Offered
 Leelinesourcing  Wuhan, China  Product sourcing, factory audits, quality control, logistics
 ChinaDivision  Shenzhen, China  Order fulfillment, warehousing, pick and pack, shipping
 Floship  Hong Kong  Global fulfillment, warehousing, picking and packing, shipping
 NicheSources  Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China  Product sourcing, supplier verification, Product branding, Dropshipping
 Guided Imports  Shenzhen, China  Factory audits, supplier negotiations, and Quality Inspections.
 Fulfillman  Guangdong, China  Product sourcing, E-commerce Fulfillment, warehousing, shipping
 FBA China Sourcing  Hongkong  Product sourcing, prepping for Amazon FBA, Product development.
 Easy Imex  Shanghai, China  Product sourcing, quality control inspections, Shipping.
 Sourcify  San Diego, California, USA  Product sourcing, influencer branding, Enterprise sourcing
 Baysource Global  Tampa, Florida, USA  Quality Assurance, Product Development, Technical Support, Project Management in China
 China2West  Texas, USA  Product sourcing, supplier audits, quality control, logistics, 3PL services.
 Sourcing Bro  Shenzhen, China  Dropshipping, Online branding
 B2C Sourcing  Zhejiang, China  Product sourcing, Product photography, Sample evaluation, shipping
 SupplyIA  Yiwu, China  Product sourcing, supplier verification, quality control
 RIS International  Kowloon, Hong Kong  Sourcing and logistics solutions for various industries
 Dragon Sourcing  Shanghai, China  Sourcing, Supplier Qualification, Sample Development, Negotiation.
 Jing Sourcing  Yiwu, China  Sourcing, Purchasing, Dropshipping.
 Asia Tech Source  Changzhou, China  Procurement services for the electronics industry
 Keen Sourcing  Shanghai, China  Product sourcing, Quality control, private label, Amazon FBA.
 Qaizen Group  Hong Kong  Product sourcing, supply chain management, Legal compliance, warehousing

4. China Sourcing Agents: What Are the Benefits?

Reduced Costs

Getting a good deal in China is never easy. Moreover, it’s very tough to get a balance between quality and price.

A sourcing company in China can bargain with suppliers on your behalf to secure the lowest available costs. Also, they can reduce the MOQs which can be a tough task if importers talk to the manufacturer themselves.

A China Sourcing agent can reduce costs

Selecting Reliable Suppliers

China is full of suppliers. From modern digital devices to kitchen accessories – China makes all types of products.

But not all suppliers make good quality products. You will see there are many bad reviews of China products in the market. Therefore, it’s very important that you find a good supplier. And how do you do that sitting at home? By hiring a China sourcing agent.

Product Quality Control

The quality of your goods is something else that a China product sourcing agent may help you with.

They support manufacturers in enforcing quality assurance procedures during production. To ensure the final items are up to par with your specifications before they are dispatched, sourcing agencies can organize third-party product inspection services.

Overcoming Language and Cultural Differences

China is not a country where English is a popular language option.

These difficulties can be overcome with the assistance of a sourcing agent that acts as a go-between for you and your Chinese manufacturers.

They can handle all communication with suppliers, including negotiating contracts, placing orders, and resolving disputes.

Verify Company Certificates

The best China Sourcing agent can verify that potential suppliers are legitimate businesses with the necessary licenses and certifications. Therefore, you can save time and money by NOT doing business with companies that may not be able to deliver on their promises.

China Sourcing agents can verify company certificates

Knowledge of Foreign Trade Law and Regulations

Their knowledge and experience can save you costly mistakes when shipping products overseas. They can also help you navigate the often-complex process of customs clearance and export compliance.

Maximizing Time and Resources

For business time is money. You don’t want to focus on those tasks that you can get done from experts at an affordable cost. That’s why China shipping agents are handy. You can focus on other important sectors of your business and let the expert do their job for you.

Secure Supply Chains: Minimizing Risks

With the help of the top China product sourcing agent, you can make your supply lines safer. They can spot possible threats and come up with plans to get rid of or lessen them. This can protect your business from problems that could be caused by problems with providers, natural disasters, or other unplanned events.

You can know from the below video

What Should You Expect from a Trustworthy Sourcing Agent in China?

Top China sourcing agents are skilled and experienced

Skills and Experience in the Field

A trustworthy sourcing agent in China will have a deep understanding of the local manufacturing sector and the variety of goods produced there. They should also be familiar with the Chinese market and know where to find the best factories that can produce your products.

NOTE: Not all sourcing agents in China work with all products. So, before you proceed if they have worked with similar products in the past or not.


A sourcing agent who has significant experience working with foreign companies and who has a good understanding of Western business practices is also crucial. A good way to gauge an agent’s level of experience is to ask for references from previous clients.

A trustworthy sourcing agent shouldn’t hesitate to share their client list with you.

Business License

All reputable sourcing agents in China will have a valid business license. This is necessary in order to operate legally in China. Be sure to ask for proof of a business license before agreeing to work with an agent.

Strong Communication and Negotiation Skills

This is a very important skill for any sourcing agent. They should be able to communicate with suppliers and have skilled field operatives to do the negotiations to win the best price for you.

Extensive Network

The network is the key to any sourcing agent. The sourcing agents in China have an extensive network. From product purchase to shipping products to your destination, they must have a good network everywhere to make the process smooth and fast.


A reliable sourcing agent should also have plenty of positive testimonials from happy clients. This is a good way to gauge whether an agent is reputable and trustworthy. If you can’t find any testimonials online, you can ask the agent for references from past clients.

Stay Away from These Sourcing Agents

Now that, you know what factors to look after before picking a China sourcing agent, now you should also know which factors are a BIG NO.

Stay away from these product souring agents

Company Paid Sourcing Agents

Sourcing agents that are paid by the company can create a conflict of interest. The agent may be tempted to steer the company towards suppliers that offer the highest commissions, rather than those that offer the best products or services.

Lack of Transparency and Communication

Lack of transparency and communication from sourcing agents can be a major problem. You should ask questions and get clear answers in order to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, some agents are evasive and refuse to give straight answers.

Poor Track Record

Some sourcing agents have a poor track record. They may have a history of steering companies towards subpar suppliers, or of providing inaccurate information. It’s important to do your research before selecting an agent, in order to avoid working with someone who has a history of problems.

No License

Not all sourcing agents are licensed which is required by law. Make sure you check whether or not your prospective agent is licensed before moving forward. No license means your investment is in the wrong hand and you can ruin your money.

How to Find a Sourcing Company in China?


It can be challenging for a newcomer to China’s product sourcing market to identify the most suitable agent from the many available.

Start by doing some homework online and asking for referrals from people you know in the business world.

You can also meet prospective agents in person at fairs and other business gatherings.

Check each agent’s website and read through their company information and testimonials from previous clients. Look for an agent who specializes in your product niche and has experience working with businesses similar to yours.

Here are some ways to make a perfect list:

  • Do Google Search
  • Search on Linkedin
  • Ask for Suggestions from Businesses in your niche.
  • Attend trade fairs

Examine their Expertise in the Product and Current Market Trends

As we mentioned earlier, every China sourcing agent is not specialized in all types of products.

You should ask about their expertise in the related field you are working on. You should only work with a sourcing business in China if they can demonstrate expertise in the products you plan to import.

They should also know the recent inventions and what’s going on in the industry. Never hesitate to ask a question if you don’t feel anything good about their activities. Hire somebody who doesn’t hesitate to answer your question and has rich experience.

Good Communication Skills in English

The ideal sourcing company will have fluent English speakers on staff. You need to be able to explain your requirements and comprehend the solutions offered. You need to guarantee that there are zero communication breakdowns or misinterpretations.

Before signing any contracts, you should consult with them by phone or video call to assess their competence. You can learn something about their communication style from this.

See if they answer your queries and concerns, and note if they use any jargon or technical phrases that you don’t understand.

Transparent and Legal Process

You should also make sure that the sourcing company you are considering has a transparent and legal process. Ask for details about their business practices, and make sure that they are able to provide all the necessary documentation to prove that they are operating legally. A good sourcing company will have nothing to hide and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Check the Sourcing Agent’s History Carefully

Product sourcing and international shipping are risky jobs. This needs experience and skills.

Therefore, you should look for a company that has a rich history. Of course, there are new companies that can offer excellent service. But people working there must have decent industry expertise. You should know about their reputation, and track record.

Expertise in the Export/Import Field

They must understand regulations, and customs procedures, select a good freight forwarder, understand documentation, and more. If they are experts in these fields, they can advise you on everything from product selection to packaging requirements and business documentation.

For more details watch the below video

Sourcing from China? Here Are Some Questions to Ask Your Agent

The next step is to conduct interviews with the China sourcing agents you have shortlisted.

You can call them or send emails to set up a one-to-one meeting session. The best China sourcing agent must answer your mail fast. They should also have a dedicated team of experts to talk to you.

Here are some questions you can ask them at the meeting.

  • What is your sourcing experience?
  • Do you have any experience with my industry/product?
  • What suppliers do you work with?
  • Do you pay for the product or It’s me who will pay the supplier?
  • How do you find new suppliers?
  • How do you decide which manufacturers are skilled and which are not?
  • What is your plan to protect against and fight against fraud?
  • Have you ever helped a client with quality control issues? If so, how did you handle it?
  • Are you ready to deal with disagreements that arise over the quality of the products?
  • What is your communication style? Do you prefer email, phone, or video chat?
  • Do you have customer reviews from my country?
  • What is your turnaround time for responses?
  • What are your rates?
  • Are you available to travel to meet suppliers or attend trade shows?
  • Do you have any questions for me about my project?

What are the Risks of Using a China Sourcing Agent?

You may run your business more efficiently with the help of a reliable Chinese sourcing provider. But if you land on the wrong company, that can create some big issues for your business.

Risks of Working with SoHo Sourcing Agents in China

First, let us take a look at SOHO sourcing agents in China. There are many small sourcing agents in China who operate their businesses from home. They can be pretty persuasive. They will reply to your query promptly and offer you many advantages.

We are not telling that they are all bad for your business, as they offer pretty good deals for some products. But the problem is many times these businesses don’t sustain. Therefore, you have to have to change your agent after a while, which is not good for a business.

Moreover, SoHo Sourcing agents don’t have enough funds to deal with potential risks such as damaged products, bad products, or any problems occurring during shipment.

Other Risks of Working with a China Sourcing Agent

  • China Sourcing agents fees are typically based on commissions. If the commission rate is flat, that can hurt your business.
  • A sourcing company in China will only get paid after the shipment is done. Therefore, some sourcing agents will try to hurry the shipment to receive the payment. That can result in faulty products.
  • The quality issue is another concern. If the agent is not skilled for the product you are importing, that can result in bad product shipment. This can lead to costly returns and delays in your production schedule.
  • Problems with deliveries are another regular occurrence when working with a China sourcing agent. There is always a risk that your production schedule will be impacted by delays or other problems while importing from China. Products may not come at all if you are dealing with an unreliable agent, or they may arrive damaged or defective.
  • If your China sourcing agent chooses to leave or disappears without a trace, it’s possible that you could lose your supplier entirely.

Though there are certain risks, you can overcome them if you work with an agent that has a proven track record and cares for their reputation.

How Much for a Sourcing Agent in China?

No one knows for sure how much you should pay your China sourcing agent.

In China, the commission is the standard method of payment for sourcing companies. For this reason, there is no universal answer to this question about China sourcing agent fees. Instead, it will vary depending on details like your sourcing requirements, the nature of the product, etc.

For small businesses, the cost of hiring a sourcing agent in China is typically around 10% of the total value of the order. For larger businesses, the cost can be closer to 5%. The average costs stay between 5-10% of your order quantity.

Keep in mind that the China sourcing agent fees are negotiable if you’re placing a larger order. If you feel their charge is too high, you may always talk to them about picking and choosing whatever services you need.

The services of some well-known businesses come for a monthly cost. To ensure you’re getting the best value, ask about any additional services they offer and what guarantees they provide.

Is it Worth Using a China Product Sourcing Agent?

It’s totally up to you whether you want to enlist the help of a sourcing agent in China or go it alone. The key question to consider is whether your time is worth more than the cost of hiring an agent.

It can be time-consuming to look for suppliers on your own. If you are comfortable handling risky and time-consuming work, doing it yourself can save you money.

Still, you should give the do-it-yourself method a try before you commit to working with a China product sourcing agent. You may quickly and easily locate dependable suppliers by using the many web tools accessible today, such as Alibaba and global sources. Then you can contact a sourcing agent to reduce your costs.

If you are unsure of where to go for quality suppliers, a trustworthy sourcing agent can do the legwork for you and ensure you get the most for your money.

If you have the means to do so, visiting a trade show like the Canton Fair or Global Sources is an excellent method to meet potential suppliers face-to-face.


Should I ask for earlier clients’ contact info?

Yes, always inquire about the contact details of the sourcing agent’s former customers. You can check the agent’s background and reliability this way. You may ask about their experience with the agent and get feedback from previous customers.

What do I need to know when I Import from China?

Keep in mind that lead times, minimum order quantities (MOQs)s, and delivery fees can differ depending on the supplier and goods you need.

To avoid any surprises, make sure to request this information from your China sourcing agent every time you place a new request. Don’t hesitate to ask questions – they’re there to help!

Need to know more? Here is another article to assist you: Importing from China.

How to work with a sourcing agent in China?

Give the sourcing agent a comprehensive list of the features you need in the products you want to buy. In addition to your desired pricing, quantity, and delivery date range, please offer any other relevant details.

Once you have hired one, they will begin searching for factories that match your criteria and will provide you with quotations from various suppliers. The sourcing agent’s fee is usually based on a percentage of the total order value. So, a big shipment will cost you less and keep them motivated.

How to Protect My Intellectual Properly while Working with a Sourcing Agent?

  • Make sure your contract with the sourcing agent includes language that protects your IP. This may include clauses related to confidentiality, non-disclosure, and non-compete.
  • Be clear about what IP you want to protect and why. Let your sourcing agent know how you feel about this situation.
  • Keep good records of your IP, including when it was created and by whom. This will help you prove ownership if there is ever any dispute.
  • Be cautious about sharing information or prototypes with potential suppliers before signing a contract. If possible, have potential suppliers sign a non-disclosure agreement before sharing any sensitive information

How do I know that the price the China product sourcing agent gave me is fair?

  • Get quotes from multiple agents. This will give you a good idea of what the going rate is for the product you are interested in.
  • Compare prices with other similar products on the market. This will help you to see if the price your agent is quoting is in line with what other sellers are charging.
  • Ask your agent for a breakdown of their fees.
  • Negotiate! Don’t be afraid to try and get a better price from your sourcing agent. Don’t forget that they need your money, so don’t be afraid to ask if they can reduce their pricing to win your business.


There it is! We hope now you have a clear understanding of the best China sourcing agent. A sourcing company in China can be an invaluable asset to any importer or online retailer. China is considered the global leader of export quality products. Therefore, a good sourcing agent can provide you with top-quality products at a reasonable price.

Always talk to multiple sourcing agents before hiring anyone. Don’t hesitate to bargain with the rates. That can put you in touch with a reliable and affordable sourcing agent in China, who can assist you acquire products that will boost your bottom line.

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