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Your Complete Guide for the Cheapest Shipping From China

Shipping from China can be a hectic job without the proper assistance of a freight forwarder. But as China is the export hub of the world, there are many freight forwarders in China. Furthermore, you can be caught by scammers also. That’s why you should verify your shipping agent before asking for their assistance, and hope this article is useful for you.

What Are The Shipping Methods For Shipping From China?

Shipping cost should not be the only consideration for importers but obviously, that is the most important one. Therefore, we try to help our clients find the best suitable shipping method at a cost they won’t regret.

But remember, various logistics methods are the prime factor behind your shipping charge. And not all shipping modes are appropriate for all goods. Moreover, the amount of your goods and the country you are shipping from also determines which way you should pick.

1. Regular Post

Regular post or Hongkong Post is not a very popular shipping method from China, but this is the cheapest one. The standard post will take 2 to 5 weeks to ship your goods from China.

This is a handy option if you are shipping small parcels, sample products. Moreover, you can track the status of your shipment online, but there is one problem. Sometimes they do not update their information on time.

Do we recommend this shipping method? NO, we do not. This is not only a slow service, but also you have the risk of losing your package.

2. Express Courier

If you are shipping from China for the first time, this is the most convenient method. You would find many famous courier companies in China. Some of them are FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc.

Courier services provide the fastest shipping from China to anywhere in the world. You can receive your shipment in 2-5 days. You don’t have to worry about documentation, customs, or anything. They will pick up your goods from China and deliver them to your address.

Here is our suggestion for the best courier for regions:

  • South America, America, Africa, and SouthEastAsia – DHL
  • Asia, Australia, Newzealand, European– FedEx
  • America, India – UPS

Now the pricing part. Is Express courier the cheapest shipping from China? No, Not by any means. It is an excellent choice for a lower amount of products. If the weight of your shipment is over 200 Kg, an express courier will become too costly choice.

You can contact us for a cheap rate while using an express courier service. We can suggest the best courier for your country and also provide a low price.

3. Air freight

If the weight of your consignment is high, say 500 Kg, then air freight is your best bet. Air freight charge is significantly lower than express courier, and it is also fast.

If you are on a tight schedule and don’t want to spend an ample amount of money on shipping, choose air freight. The transit time of air freight varies and largely depends on the airlines. But as there is tons of air freight, you will get your goods between 3-10 days.

But air freight is not like an express courier. Here you have to deal with the documents, customs clearance. For newbies, those works can be challenging. But a good freight forwarder can take all of your headaches.

Moreover, you can choose a door to door air freight service from a freight forwarder for convenient shipping from China. And in some cases, door to door is also the cheapest shipping from China if we take other costs into account.

So, here is our suggestion between air freight and express courier. If the goods you are importing weigh more than 500 Kg, choose air freight. For less than 500 Kg consult your freight forwarder and ask the best quote for both. Air freight will cost less but you should consider distance between your address and airport

4. Sea Freight

Yes, sea freight is slow, but at the same time, by many means, it is the cheapest shipping from China. Moreover, if you carry a large consignment from China, you have no other option than sea freight.

If you don’t have any near deadline and wait some times, sea freight is your best bet. It takes 10-60 days to ship from China with sea freight. The transit time depends on the distance between the two ports.

Like air freight, you have to take care of your documentation and customs clearance. However, your freight forwarder also can take care of those upon your request.

If you choose a door to door shipping method, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just submit your shipping request and wait at your home. Then, the freight forwarder will do the rest.

We provide the cheapest LCL sea freight shipping from China. We provide:

  • cheapest shipping from china to Singapore
  • cheapest shipping from china to south Africa
  • cheapest shipping from china to Canada
  • cheapest shipping from china to Malaysia
  • cheapest shipping from china to Nigeria
  • cheapest shipping from china to Canada

and many other countries in the world with our LCL sea freight shipping from China.

Why Is Shipping From China So Cheap?

China is the global export leader. Not only importers around the world import from China, but also there are more channels through which China ships goods around the globe.

Many e-commerce platforms import from China. Moreover, Chinese dropshipping suppliers are selling goods on Amazon, eBay at a meager price. Sometimes, they offer free shipping. But how do they do that? Why is shipping from China so cheap?

  • Cost of goods: China has invested enormous money in developing its production infrastructure and increased productivity. Low prices and high production with great demand are the reasons behind the low price. In addition, the low price helps Chinese shippers to deliver goods at a low shipping rate.

Know why chinese manufacturers win over others

  • Infrastructure:Out of 10 world’s busiest ports, seven are from China. China has developed its seaport, airport, and train stations. They also did massive work to develop highways to transport goods quickly. Moreover, the Chinese government helps other countries, such as African countries, build their ports and roads. As a result, they can transfer goods at a fast pace, ship quickly.
  • LCL and consolidated shipping: Not every importer ships a considerable amount of goods from China. Many importers import a low amount of goods. As a result, LCL and consolidated shipping is a popular shipping method in China. A freight can deliver many products belonging to different consignees in the same destination. That is another reason how they can reduce the shipping cost.
  • Agreement between China Post and USPS: In 2011, USPS announced a new shipping service and made a contract with eBay China and Hongkong. This is an affordable and quick shipping solution. This epacket shipping made shipping from China to the United States very cheap.

What Is The Cheapest Way Of Shipping From China?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. There is no fixed method of shipping that can be described as the cheapest shipping method from China. It depends on the clients’ requirement, shipment weight and volume, shipping time request. Again door to door, or port to port methods also influence the shipping cost from China.

Typically sea freight is considered the cheapest shipping from China, but there are some hidden costs. And the type of your goods, the volume of your goods are also crucial.

Your freight forwarder can tell you the cheapest shipping from China after hearing your requirements, your destination country, incoterms, type of goods, and other factors.

We always care for our clients and suggest to them the best shipping method that is suitable for his/her goods. We consider the volume and weight and calculate which mode will be best for that. We also advise on incoterms you should ask for.

Are you looking for the cheapest shipping from China? Don’t decide for yourself. Leave it to the experts.

How To Get The Cheapest Shipping From China?

As we told you earlier, there is no standard rule to get the cheapest shipping from China. However, for assistance, we have found out some factors that will help you to get the most affordable shipping from China:

Choose Your Supplier Wisely

You might be thinking about what it had to do with the cheapest shipping from China. Well, how much price the supplier is taking from you that also affects your shipping costs and overall profit you will have from those goods.

The import duties you will pay will depend on your goods value and shipping cost. As import duties, Tax and Vat is also a part of shipping cost; the price ultimately affects your shipping cost. So, choose a supplier who provides a competitive price for your goods.

For Courier, Don’t Select One In Every Case.

This is a secret tip for the cheapest express shipping from China. Use different couriers for different destinations, sizes, and, most importantly, the type of service you want to get. Every courier has its own rates for size and destination.

There is another consideration to make and that is about the address. A freight forwarder will check if it belongs to a remote area or not. If your delivery address belongs to a remote area by any of the prominent courier services, the cost will be higher.

So before choosing a courier you should find whether they have set your address as a remote area. For example if the area is set as a remote area by FedEx, we will choose UPS and save your shipping cost.

Find A Reliable Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarders play a vital role when it comes to shipping from China. Unfortunately, many novice traders pick the wrong freight forwarder and suffer from their shipment and pay additional bills in terms of hidden costs. A professional and good freight forwarder does not make you pay hidden fees.

Many novice online merchants will understand that they have used the wrong forwarder when importing from China across the borders the hard way. So to find cheap shipping from China, you need to be extra patient.

At Winsky, we never leave any hidden cost, and advise the best mode of shipping and route.

Plan The Delivery According To The Courier’s Schedule

This is an excellent way to get the cheapest shipping from China. Sea freight comes with more competitive rates than air freight. If you can adjust your delivery schedule with sea freight, you can reduce your shipping costs from China.

Don’t Go For Flat Rate Shipping.

Many importers prefer flat rate shipping, but that does not come with the best offer as the method is not flexible enough. So if you are looking for the cheapest shipping from China, you should consider this matter seriously.

How To Manage Your Shipping To Reduce Shipping Costs From China?

Cheapest shipping from China is not only the freight forwarder’s responsibility. You can also cut some costs and reduce the overall shipping cost. Here are some tips from Winsky shipping experts:

Scale Your Package Properly

The weight and dimension of your package determine your shipping cost. Carriers not only consider the weight of your shipment, but volume is also essential for them. If you are using a large packet, your shipment will occupy more space, and you will have to pay more. Tell your supplier to pack appropriately or give the responsibility to your freight forwarder to pack the goods for you.

Find A Carrier/Freight Forwarder Who Can Provides Discount

Every courier offers some discount for shipping volume. You don’t have to ship hundreds of orders to get that discount. There is no harm in negotiating with the carrier for that discount. If you are hiring a freight forwarder, find one who can offer you a discount shipping rate.

Use Third-Party Insurance

If you need insurance, get that from a third party, preferably from a freight forwarder. Carriers will charge you more for insurance. For example, at Winsky freights, we offer 3 ‰ as insurance on all products.

Maintain A Long Term Relationship With Your Freight Forwarder

This is an excellent way of getting the cheapest shipping from China. Every professional freight forwarder loves to have regular clients offer a special rate for them. Pick a good freight forwarder and maintain a long-term relationship with it.

How Can Door To Door Shipping Reduce Shipping Costs From China?

Door to door shipping seems expensive compared to other shipping methods, but if you take a deep look, it can help you reduce your shipping cost significantly.

In a door to door shipping method, a freight forwarder takes all the responsibility from picking up your goods from the supplier’s warehouse to deliver them to your address; the freight forwarder maintains everything.

Your shipment needs various logistics support during the shipping process, and a freight forwarder does all of those not only efficiently but also economically.

Moreover, the packaging is also done by your freight forwarder, and that also helps to reduce the shipping cost.

You can choose between air or sea freight for your door to door shipping from China.

We offer LCL door to door shipping from China to and our LCL door to door is the cheapest shipping from China.

What Is The Cheapest Shipping From China To The African Continent?  

If you are shipping from China to the African continent, you can use air or sea freight. Air freight will take 8-12 days but will cost more. Sea freight can take up to 60 days but will cost less.

So, if you are searching for the cheapest shipping from China to Nigeria, cheapest shipping from China to South Africa or any other African country, sea freight is your best option. But do not take it for granted, as sometimes hidden charges make cheap shipping expensive.

Our LCL shipping from China to the African continent is the cheapest shipping method to Africa if you are not dealing with a vast amount of goods.

What Is The Cheapest Shipping From China To Europe?

Air, sea, and train three ways of shipping that are available from China to Europe. Air freight will cost you higher, and sea freight is the cheapest. Rail freight work as an in-between shipping method. Train freight costs higher than the ocean but less than air.

Though sea freight is the cheapest shipping from China to Europe, sometimes rail freight can be the most cost-effective shipping method as it keeps a balance between the price and time.

What Is The Cheapest Shipping From China To Asia?

You can ship from China to Asia in a short time. You can ship using air, rail, road, and sea in any shipping mode in Asia. The exciting thing is you can ship fast to Asia from China.

Even the cheapest shipping from China to Singapore, which is sea freight, takes 4-10 days to ship; the cheapest shipping from China to Malaysia takes 8-14 days. Other Asian countries more or less take similar days.

Though sea freight is the cheapest shipping from China to Asia, you can use rail freight (i.e., India) in some countries. This is because train freight costs less and also transports your goods quicker than sea freight.

What Is The Cheapest Shipping From China To North America? 

First you choose the mode of shipping. If you want to ship via express shipping DHL, FedEx and UPS all provide excellent express service in North America at a reasonable cost. For sample goods express shipping is the cheapest way of shipping to North America.

But for large amounts of goods air freight and freight shipping will save you a lot of money.

For drop shipping you can use epacket service by china posts.

But remember that it is only for fewer goods. If your shipment is higher than 200 Kg, express courier is not an ideal choice. In that case, LCL shipping from China to North America is the cheapest shipping from China.

What Is The Cheapest Express Shipping From China?

Different courier services have their own shipping rate. The shipping rate varies from the type of service you want. For the same size, other companies charge differently. Charges also vary with the country you will ship from China.

Again the service type also influences the charge. For example, FedEx and DHL charge more for residential delivery, and USPS charge less.

Freight forwarders can be your savior here. They have contracts with those courier services and offer cheaper rates.

At Winsky, we offer the cheapest express shipping from China, and we pick the best courier for your shipment at the most reasonable rate.

Which Costs Are Associated With The Shipping Costs From China?

There are many costs associated with the shipping cost when you are shipping from China. Here is the overview:

  • Supplier’s warehouse to port transportation
  • China’s Export Clearance
  • Insurance (If applicable)
  • Freight Cost
  • Document Delivery (If applicable)
  • Port Charges
  • Import customs duty, VAT, and TAX
  • Domestic Transportation

Know the economics of shipping

How Much Does China’s Export Clearance Cost?

The FOB shipping term will cover any cost related to exporting your goods from China.

If you purchase goods on Ex-Work terms, you will have to pay for export clearance documents and taxes based on the product types.

Therefore, we suggest all small to medium importers worldwide choose FOB shipping terms while shipping from China.

What Is The Cheapest Air Freight Shipping From China Cost?

Express Shipping Vs. Air Freight – Which Is The Cheapest Shipping From China?

Express shipping is the fastest shipping method from China. You will receive your shipment from 2 to 5 days anywhere in the world. Moreover, you don’t have to think about clearing your goods from the customs department or transporting them to your warehouse.

But compared to air freight, express shipping is expensive. For example, from China to the USA, air freight will cost 3-5 US dollars per kg, and express shipping will cost 5-10 US dollars per Kg. Moreover, the volumetric weight for air freight and express shipping is not the same. For Express shipping, volumetric weight is higher than Air freight shipping.

So, by every means, air freight is the cheapest shipping from China compared to express shipping.

How Much Does LCL Shipping Cost?

The price calculation of LCL shipping is based on the volume mainly in cubic meters (CBM) of your package. Of course, weight is also considerable, but as container shipping can deal with a massive amount of weight, volume is critical for LCL shipping.

For example, if you are shipping from China to the USA, 1 CBM (100 Kg) package can cost around USD 250.

Do you need an exact quote for your LCL shipping? We provide the cheapest LCL shipping service from China and also offer a free quote.

Is LCL The Cheapest Shipping From China?

As we have told you earlier, there is no universal cheapest shipping from China. It depends on the service you need, how fast you want to get your shipment, and many other factors.

Generally, LCL shipping is the cheapest shipping from China for a lower number of goods, but you should be aware of the hidden price. Some freight forwarders keep hidden costs, and as a result, the cheapest shipping becomes expensive.

We provide the cheapest LCL shipping from China without any hidden price. We also offer the cheapest door to door LCL shipping from China to all over the world.

LCL Vs. Air Which Is The Cheapest Shipping From China?

Air freight will quickly deliver your shipment from China (within 8-15 days), where LCL shipping will take longer (about 10-60 days). But LCL shipping is far less than air freight from China. However, if you need a fast delivery for your supply chain management, you should choose air freight as you can’t buy time for money.

How Can LCL Consolidation Shipping Reduce Your Shipping Cost From China? 

If you are shipping from multiple suppliers in China, LCL consolidation will reduce your shipping cost dramatically. In this method, a freight forwarder will collect your goods from various suppliers and send them at once.

Thus you don’t have to use different carriers for your shipping. As a result, LCL consolidation reduces your shipping cost and ensures healthy supply chain management.


We have been in the shipping industry for more than 14 years and ship worldwide from China. We always focus on price without compromising our service. If you are looking for the cheapest shipping for China, we are ready to assist you. Send us a message, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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