There is a new international shipping service named “Drop shipping” it means that the product is not sold in a real store, but rather through a B2C E-commerce shop. When an item is drop shipped, it is going directly from the factory or vendor warehouse to the customer cutting out the additional fee of retail space and shipping costs.

In fact not all the factory or vendor can do the drop shipping service for the overseas online shop owner, but as the freight forwarder, we have the source and advantage to provide the drop shipping for you.

Our Dropshipping Channels to the World

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Advantage Service

  • Freight Forwarding, EXW, FOB and door to door Deliveries.

  • 1688 Sourcing & Dropship

  • Handle your labeling and packing

  • Warehousing.

  • Consolidation.

  • Custom Clearance.

  • Documentation.

  • Other add-Value service, logistics services

How does the drop shipping works?

  • You set items order list to us;

  • You or your supplier source the items and purchase from China market;

  • Goods delivery to our warehouse and stored by category in warehouse;

  • End-customers place order on your e-store or e-bay store;

  • We receive shipping order notice from you;

  • We pick out items, repack and labeling;

  • Arrange sending out;

  • Flight departure;

  • Goods arrive;

  • Customs clearance;

  • Delivery;

  • End customer sign to receive.

Our Dropship advantages:

With the one stop drop shipping service from us, we could store your China inventory, and make the label and single package for your every order, then ship it to your worldwide customers with a reasonable shipping price. We handle your warehouse, shipping, and retail order fulfillment! All your orders come to your customers directly from China to worldwide to save the shipment cost and make your business model easier, our shipping solution is better than delivery from your China manufacturers to your customers directly for protecting your customer’s information.

Drop Shipping Service Conclusion

No matter you are in or out of China, you can always rely on us with dropshipping, labeling, packing, China customs clearance, documentation, consolidation, destination country customs clearance, documentation and delivery to door. Our prices are transparent without surprise or any hidden fee, we charge once for all, we handle all process until your end customer receive the shipment at your destination address safely.

We are now spreading our door to door shipping service area, we are already able to do DDP shipping service for most of the countries, and we will be able to do DDP shipping service to the world in near future.

With the growth of internet sales, dropship has become a much larger part of the retail and wholesale markets. While drop shipping has proven beneficial to E-shops, and we are a reputable freight forwarder to make sure your product goes out the worldwide timely and efficiently enhance your China market competition, save your international shipping cost and greatly.

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