DHL Shipping from China

Winsky Freight with the DHL shipping office in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, we provide DHL fast Door to Door Express Shipping Services from China to the worldwide countries.

Express shipping is a very important service often provided by businesses to allow the expedited delivery of goods to the client. People can choose among various options they want to avail express shipping. But, if you tally the global usage, you will find that DHL Express shipping is selected by most people due to many factors like affordability, reliability, speed of transfer, and so on. If you want DHL fast delivery from China, choosing Winsky DHL freight forwarder Service is arguably your best option.

DHL shipping from China

We are the most trusted DHL shipping agent in China. Our strong connections and goodwill ensure smooth and timely delivery from China to anywhere you need. So, if you are looking to transport a variety of  cargo quickly via DHL shipping from China, we have your back.

Our highly experienced and professional team has been handling difficult shipping needs of our clients for over a decade. Once your cargo is with us, you can stop worrying as we will handle the entire process of the DHL Express Shipping from the beginning to the end with the utmost care and without any hassles.

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DHL shipping cost per kg

DHL Express China shipping costs depend on a lot of factors like your shipping destination, shipping time, weight and size of your package, extra requirements, etc. You can find the country and zone-wise charges for DHL direct Express shipping from the Rates Guide page of DHL Express shipping. You will have to calculate your chargeable shipping weight, to know the exact price from the chart. The fuel surcharge percentage changes every month.

How to Calculate the DHL Chargeable Weight?

The chargeable weight for DHL Express from China is the larger value between the gross weight of the product and the volume or dimensional weight. The gross weight is the actual weight of the product. You can calculate the volume weight using the formula:

Volume/Dimensional Weight (in kg) =Length*Height*Width(in cm)/5000

In the case of irregular packages, the longest length, breadth, and height are measured as if the package is a regular solid figure. Also, if the length, breadth, and height have been measured in inches, you will have to additionally multiply 167 in the denominator. This means the shipper always has to pay the larger shipping fee, and this convention has been internationally implemented to take into account the differences in the shipping of heavy cargo and light cargo.

Thus, the final fee for DHL Express shipping from China, barring any extra charges, will depend on the published rate for that chargeable weight, hiked by the fuel surcharge.

The current fuel surcharge percentage is available on the DHL website. However, for finding a more detailed discourse on finding chargeable weight, simply check out our page that explains “How to Calculate Chargeable Weight for Air & Sea Freight Shipments?

Moreover, due to our commercial association with DHL, we get more discounted rates, even though the DHL shipping time from China changes slightly. With us, you will be able to save up to 70% on the shipping charges. In case you are looking for a more accurate calculation, you can ask for a quote for the exact amount you will have to pay.

DHL shipping China

DHL dangerous goods shipping

DHL Express has wide of experience in permissible transportation of dangerous goods. Knowing more about the terms and regulations will help ensure that your shipments are fully compliant, below is the dhl lithium battery shipping requirement for you information:

DHL shipping Battery Operation Guide

Class PI966(Matching lithium-ion battery) PI967(Built-in lithium-ion battery) PI967(Built-in lithium-ion battery) PI969(Matching lithium metal battery) PI970(Built-in lithium metal battery) PI970(Built-in lithium metal battery)
Limit the number of batteries per unit Net weight< 5KG Net weight< 5KG Net weight< 5KG Net weight< 5KG Net weight< 5KG Net weight< 5KG
Battery statement description on waybill Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI966 Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI967, 4 cells / 2 batteries or less Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI967 Lithium metal batteries in compliance with Section II of PI969 Lithium metal batteries in compliance with Section II of P970”, 4 cells / 2 batteries or less Lithium metal batteries in compliance with Section II of P970
Battery label
Battery letter
Packing must conform to IATA38.3 standard
The packing box must pass the 1.2 meter drop test
Prevent short circuit

DHL  Battery Shipping Notes:

  • it must be packed independently. The packing in the inner and outer cases is clean and strong, which meets the requirements of IATA 38.3.
  • watches with built-in button batteries (PI970) can be shipped as general goods without the need to provide MSDS and battery labels; smart rechargeable watches (PI967) are required to operate in accordance with the Hong Kong DHL battery standard.
  • Each CELL > 20WH or Each BATTERY ≥ 100WH belongs to dangerous goods and can’t be sent.
  • Dry battery: Request two originals battery letter and MSDS file, Air waybill declaration are required to state: “with dry batteries, not restricted and as per DGR SP A123 .”Battery shipping label

DHL China Shipping Tracking

We being the DHL Shipping agent in China ensure full reliability and guarantee of safety and delivery of the package. But we still insist the sender track their package for their own peace of mind. You can track your DHL package using the tracking number directly from the DHL website package tracking page.

Products Banned for DHL shipping

DHL has drawn up certain guidelines in terms of what you are allowed to export from China, in a manner similar to its import services guidelines. These include the considerations of the Chinese legal framework as well as the company policies and regulations of DHL itself.

You can see the list of prohibited shipments for DHL Express shipping from their Prohibited Goods Guidelines page. It is requested that you adhere to these rules for the benefit and security of all parties.

DHL Express Shipping from China – 5 Easy Steps

We make DHL express shipping easy for you. Whether you are new or a returning customer, these key steps to shipping help get your shipments moving to their destination.

  • Tell us what you want to ship, where it’s going, when you need it to be there and get a quote.

  • Before you send your shipment, you will more than likely need to know what the cost will be. To calculate cost, we need to know the exact destination as well as the size and weight of your shipment.

  • You’ll be provided with service options to suit your package size and time needs. You can also read more about our wide range of reliable document and parcel delivery options.

  • We will arrange the express courier shipping after got in contact with your supplier, and it is essential that the shipment and any relevant paperwork are ready for whenshipment is ready for delivery.

  • Once your shipment has been collected, you can track its status 24 hours a day online.

FAQ for DHL shipping from China

How much is the DHL shipping cost from china?

It is around US$6/KG for shipping from China to Europe, North Amercia countries, the exact shipping cost is different by countries, shipping weight and dimensions, and in some post code address, it will create remote area delivery fee.

How long does DHL express shipping from china take?

Normally around 3-5 work days, and in some pick seasons, the delivery will be little longer.

What shipping documents are required to ship by DHL Express?

When you import goods from China by DHL Express, you or your suppplier will be required to complete the custom clearance documents like Commercial Invoice and packing list, and you will be needed to assist with the import custom clearance and pay import tax when it have.

As one of the best DHL shipping agent in China, we guarantee:

  • DHL fast delivery with Express shipping, expedited by our vast networking
  • Competitive DHL shipping rates and unbelievable discounts, with quotes up to 70% lower than direct DHL Express shipping
  • Numerous facilities in shipping sensitive cargo, dangerous goods, irregular packages, and packages from different sources in the most economical way
  • Easier international customs clearance
  • Handling of all processes with pick-up from supplier, agent inspection, packaging, customs declaration, trucking, etc.
  • Flexible options for DHL door to door service to aid both the shipper and the receiver
  • Comprehensive customer care


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Delivery notice about DHL shipping from China

1. Each carton of the shipment can’t be exceed 70KG by DHL shipping channel.

2.DHL Express can ship built-in lithium battery goods; matched built-in s lithium battery products (the battery needs to be placed inside of the product, the battery cannot be placed separately), customers need to declare the battery goods exactly.

3. Remote surcharge:  If you address is remote area, it will create remote surcharge, calculated according to RMB4.5/KG* fuel, the minimum charge is RMB230/ shipment * fuel, if the address is remote, you can check from DHL website according to the zip code.

4. Overweight surcharge: if the length of the each carton exceeds or equals 120CM or exceeds or equals 70kg, it will create surcharge too, For more information, please consult our sales for more details.

5. Prohibited goods shipping include: imitation, liquid, powder, food, fresh goods, drugs, corrosive materials, flammable and explosive weapons and other contraband.

6. The DHL shipping countries where the original invoice is required:
Bulgaria, Lebanon, Mauritius, Qatar, Brunei, Chile, El Salvador, Poland (with information on origin), Belarus. Argentina, Indonesia, Brazil (with tax number), Ecuador, Portugal, Angola, Turkey, Gabon, Cura ç ao, Peru, Guatemala, Kuwait, Tanzania (with tax number), Ukraine (Ukraine), United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Romania, Slovenia.

DHL shipping to Saudi Arabia requirements:

1. For goods with declared value of USD100 or above, commercial registration number is required.

2. If the consignee is a private person, the identity document number of the consignee shall be provided, and the identity document number shall be filled in on the invoice.

3.  Certificate of origin is required for all shipments whose declared value exceeds USD13250, or for shipments destined for Jeddah (JEDDAH) and Riyadh (RIYADH) worth more than USD2500.

4 The payment bank information of the sender and consignee is required.

5 Enter the customer’s business registration number and identity document number in the address forDHL shipping label.

DHL packaging requirements:

1. Do not accept unilateral size (including length, width and height) more than (including) 300CM, single carton 300KG and single shipment 1000KG or above.

2. The size and length of the carton shall not exceed 300cm, but if the width exceeds 200CM or the height exceeds 160CM, you need to report the size and national postcode to DHL in advance for booking.
3. Goods Packing: Any of the goods need outer packing with cartons or wooden cases, fragile goods and overweight goods must be packed well by shipper.

Special requirements for some countries:

1.DHL shipping to Lithuania: notified by Hong Kong DHL, the invoice for customs clearance with the goods must indicate the trade term DDP or DDU (tariff prepayment or tariff arrival).

2. DHL shipping to Guinea: the weight of a single shipment from DHL to Conakry, Guinea shall not exceed 70kg, the size shall not exceed 120*120*100cm, and the weight of the shipoment shall not exceed 300kg.

3. DHL shipping to Nigeria: Each shipment can’t exceed 70 kg, and no transshipment of textiles.

4. DHL shipping to Tunisia: the weight of a single piece shall not exceed 30kg, the weight of the shipment shall not exceed 300kg, and the size shall not exceed 120cm*130cm*100cm.

DHL shipping to Indonesia:

All imported local ready-to-wear goods (if the ready-made garment), exceeds 10 cartons or the value of the goods exceeds USD1500, the consignee must submit the following documents:

  • Import license
  • Conformity inspection certificate
  • Written report of application to the trade department.

If the import value of all cosmetics exceeds USD1500, or the cartons exceed 2 for electronic products, the consignee must submit inspection certificate.
For all goods with a single shipmenet exceeding 100KG (inclusive), the consignee / receiving company is required to provide the following statutory documents:
“The original power of attorney

Tax ID No (NPWP) tax number
Import ID No (API) import license number
If the consignee is a private person, hotel, bank, exhibitor or anyone who is unable to provide the above required documents, the import of goods above + 100KG (including) is not allowed.
Indonesia’s minimum duty-free declaration for imported shipments will be raised from USD50 to USD100 per shipment.

 DHL Shipping from China to India:

1. Gifts sent to India are not duty-free.

2. Hong Kong DHL notifies that all parcels to India, must be submitted below to the Indian government before arriving at Indian customs clearance:
The ID card number, a copy of the ID card and the address certificate issued for the record. If the recipient fails to submit the above documents to the local customs in time.
The goods will be detained upon arrival at the Indian customs until the above information is submitted by the recipient before the shipment can enter the formal customs clearance process.

The customs clearance requirements are as follows:

1. For goods shipped to a private or private address, the recipient shall provide a copy of valid documents such as ID card or passport, and the power of attorney (POA) for customs clearance.

2. For the goods shipped to a company, the recipient shall not only provide the above-mentioned documents for the customs record, but also provide the import and export license and the power of attorney.