What is an air freight forwarder?

The international import and export of goods heavily rely on freight forwarding companies. If you own an import/export business or importing/exporting is an essential part of your business, air freight forwarding agents can save you a lot of headache. While an international business can present great economic prospects for you, managing international shipping on your own can be a daunting task.

In a nutshell, air freight forwarders or air freight companies plan and organize the transportation of goods from one point to another. We don’t move your cargo physically but there’s a lot more that goes on in the process and we assist you in those activities. We act as a ‘middle agent’ or intermediary between you and your good’s supplier. We organize and plan the movement of goods from one point to another. We prepare freight documents and manage customs clearances, insurance and any other issue which might come along the way. We also negotiate cargo rates with airlines. Ensuring cargo bookings and preparing the shipment is also a part of our job.

Primary services offered by air freight forwarding agents

Instead of physically moving your cargo, air freight forwarding agents manage all the individuals, channels, and entities involved in physically transporting it. This includes managing everything about the process, preparing the documentation, and operating according to the international regulations. If you take it upon yourself to overlook these activities, it can drain your energies and consume precious resources.

Winsky Freight: Your reliable air freight forwarder in China

Winsky Freight is an international freight forwarder stationed in Shenzen, China. Rated by most as the best air freight forwarder in China,we offer multiple freight forwarding platforms including:

  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Express shipping
  • Dropshipping
  • DDP shipping
  • FBA shipping
  • Freight consolidation

How Winsky Freight will help your business?

Managing your international shipping is an elaborate process and involves many steps. We act as a ‘middle agent’ or intermediary between you and the carriers. The carriers could be air carriers, cargo ships, or rail services.

We have established good relationships with carriers

As an experienced air freight company in China, we have already established good working relationships with various carrier services including air freighters, ocean liners, railway freighters, and trucking services. Because of our working relationships and understanding of the market, we can optimize speed, reliability, and find you the ideal transportation route. We accomplish this by working out a package that contains the most reasonable price and an economically viable route. This can be a major relief because mismanaging the transportation process can incur enormous costs on your business and earn you a tainted reputation.

Our agents are experts in managing documentation

Hiring our services in China will help you manage the required documentation for the transportation process. If you are a business owner, you probably won’t have enough time to study the import/export regulations, costs of transportation, and banking regulations of all countries where you operate or provide services. This is where we ease your task because of our dedicated personnel for specific countries and territories. Our on-ground personnel have an in-depth understanding of the regulations, norms, and costs of transportation of their respective regions. We help you navigate through the entire process in a seamless and cost-effective manner. This is the reason why top businesses that import from China always hire the services of our company because it saves an unlimited amount of time and resources. Besides, dedicating separate resources for international transportation can be very costly for your business and may offset your expenditure and profit targets.

We help you access huge discounts

Owing to our frequent business with air freight carriers, Winsky Freight is eligible for various discount schemes. Since we always have a lot of clients, air freight carriers are always trying to mature their business relationship with us. They do this by providing us special discounts and packages. This is how we can move your cargo and charge you very modest rates.

We offer a ‘door to door’ and ‘port to port’ service

If you are importing from an international destination, it would be ideal if all you have to do is to place an online order and receive the shipment at your desired port. This is exactly what Winsky Freight does. Hiring a service means that you just have to place an order and wait for the shipment to arrive. You don’t even have to worry about the packaging, storage, and crating requirements! Under normal circumstances, we ship your goods to the destination port but the goods can be shipped to your doorstep if you want.

Understanding the air freight forwarding process from China

As a client, it’s vital that you understand the air freight forwarding process and the various steps it involved when we ship your goods. Briefly understanding the process will give you a greater insight into the services we provide for you. Below are some of the steps involved in air freight forwarding:

China air freight forwarding agents

Booking and shipping

The foremost step is checking for the most suitable deal when it comes to shipping rates. We will inquire about different shipping rates from airliners and notify them to you. After you approve the rates, we will contact airliners to book your shipment. After this, Winsky air freight company will gather your goods from the supplier and will arrange suitable packing materials. After packing, we will prepare export clearance and transportation documents for the goods and send the goods to our warehouse. At this stage, we will arrange and purchase insurance for your goods in case you have requested insurance. The process of arrival of goods from the supplier’s location to our warehouse is also referred to as Export Haulage.

Forwarding in

In this process, we pick up your goods from the supplier and hand over a POA (proof of acceptance). After confirming the flight dates for the departure of goods, our staff checks for errors in labeling. If relabeling is required, we relabel the goods. Then we consolidate the goods and prepare an airway bill. We will provide you the airway bill as soon as it is available from the airliner. Lastly, your goods are transported to the receiving end of the airliner.

Air transport

After confirming the bookings, we perform the required administration checks and sort your goods and documents. Then ULDs (unit load devices) are arranged and ramp transport is used to load cargo in the aircraft. Once the aircraft has landed on the destination airport, ramp transport is arranged for the cargo. After this, ULDs are received and broken down according to specific instructions. After checking the incoming shipment against documents, goods are loaded to the trucks and are dispatched to the warehouse.

Forwarding out

After this, we will collect documents from the airline and prepare for custom clearance. Our staff is continuously tracking the flight and will inform you of the expected time at which you can pick up your goods. After getting clearance from the customs, we will hand over your cargo and documentation and receive a POD (proof of delivery) from you. Normally airfreight services operate from port to port. However, if you require, we can deliver a door to door service as well.

air cargo china forwarder

Air freight cost

As a client, you must understand how your air freight transportation will be charged. There are plenty of factors involved which include but are not limited to:

Chargeable weight

The chargeable weight can be either the actual weight or the volumetric weight. Whichever of the two quantities is greater is considered the chargeable weight for that shipment.

Insurance bill and terminal charges

Incase your insure your goods (which is highly recommended), you’ll see an insurance fee in your bill as well. Air freight charges also include the airline terminal charges that airlines charge you for handling your cargo at the terminal.

Mode of flight

The charging rates also depend on whether the flight is direct or indirect. Since direct flights are fast and have shorter delivery times, they are expensive.

Air freight rates per kg

Charging rates also depend on rates offered per kg. There are different schemes for freight rates per kg. Normally, the rate per kg drops as the weight increases. For example, below are the rates that Hainan Airlines charges from Shenzhen  starting airport in China to the destination airport in Brussels (Europe):

No Weight (kg) Rate (USD/Kg)
1 < 100 $3.29
2 +100 $2.46
3 +300 $2.31
4 +500 $2.11
5 +1000 $2.09


Providing the most affordable shipping solutions to customers since 2008, we are now seen as the full-service logistics provider in China. Throughout the years, we have been providing the best air services to customers through a combination of experience, technology, and premium customer service. For our company, this has led to a sharp growth in clients worldwide. Besides, we have the highest rates of customer retention in the market. This is because we believe in solutions that offer the most value for our customers at the most affordable rates.

Catering to very specific customer requirements, we ensure fast and safe delivery of products all around the world. With an international network of on-ground company agents, we always honor our commitment to providing quick and efficient service. We are considered the most reliable air freight forwarder in China because we offer flexible solutions to our customers.


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