Baby rocking chair safety new regulations

Effective Date: March 19, 2018

Recently U.S. federal regulations on strengthening the safety of baby bouncers have come into effect. This policy will apply to any type of baby rocking chair manufactured or imported after March 19, 2018.

A fall-prevention safety warning label should be placed on the rocking chair near the baby’s head and shoulders. The tag should contain the following information:

(1) Rocking chairs can only be used on the floor.

(2) Even if the baby is asleep, should always use the restraining band and adjust it to the degree of sleep fit. And properly adjusted to fit the body.

(3) The use of a rocking chair must be stopped when the baby begins to attempt to sit up or has reached the manufacturer’s recommended maximum weight (not more than 20 pounds).

CPSC count baby rocking chair safety accident

From January 1, 2006 to July 6, 2016, the CPSC got 347 infant safety accidents involving rocking chairs, including 12 deaths and 54 injuries. The main cause of death was the rocking chair’s rollover, and infants without tie straps suffocated on soft objects such as mattresses and quilts. Other safety incidents include a baby falling from a rocking chair or falling from a rocking chair placed in a hazardous location, such as kitchen countertops, tables, and other elevated surfaces.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reminds parents and caregivers of the following rules when using baby safety seats:

• Always use rocking chairs on the floor. Do not use on tabletops, tables, or other overhead locations.

• Do not place the rocking chair on a bed, sofa, or other soft surface, as the rocking chair can easily roll over causing the baby to suffocate on a soft object.

• Even if the baby is asleep, use restraint and adjust the tightness to fit the body.

• Parents should stay near and look at the baby while using the rocking chair.

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