Fast Vessel sea freight door to door to USA and Canada with free import Tax and Custom clearance – suitable for FBA Amazon goods and commerce goods, truly one stop service with cheap price.

Having 20 years of sea freight services  operation in the United States, 18 years of US-controlled customs clearance operation, 20,000 feet of its own US giant warehouse, checking the appearance of an independent container by assembly line automatically, then the United States sea freight logistics agent uses UPS and self-service trucks to deliver and fulfill the back-end services.

UPS delivery time is 1-3 days after goods pick up from the seaport.

Total Delivery time: 15-18 working days after boat sailing, if goods don’t arrive after 20 working days, we promise to return 1RMB / KG for each 1 working day delayed.(excluding customs inspection and port workers strike)

Kindly Note: Carton Label Requirements: According to the FBA warehouse Provisions for Amazon cargo, each carton should be labeled “made in china”. If the weight of the carton exceeds 15KG, it should put “Heavy Package” in the carton. Such as single weight 22.5-30KG, in the outer box labeled “Team Lift” label. The Amazon warehouse will refuse to receive due to packaging problems, label issues.

In all, this kind of sea and land transport to the United States commercial address with free import Tax and Custom clearance service. Mainly applicable to a few cubic, a dozen cubes or dozens of cubes and other small and medium bulk cargo, using container shipping as the head transport, arrived in Los Angeles, New York and other ports to complete customs clearance to the United States agent warehouse, according to the address,  the USA sea cargo freight agent to sorting, arranging delivery  to the designated address. In this way of “turning bulk cargo into one”, more bulk cargoes can also enjoy the low shipping cost of shipping and at the same time solve the troublesome customs clearance in the United States. It is really solve the problem for US new and regular clients but also save money! China Winsky freight, bring you a different experience,  help your business to bloom faster with lower import freight rates and more protection!

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