Hingfong International freight company can help you with all international shipping service to USA and north America areas. With over 8 of experience in serving USA, our staff has the knowledge and experience to get your packages delivered on time and safe, below is our details delivery service from China to USA.

1. DHL UPS FedEx TNT Global Shipping

As we arrange for the transport of huge numbers of consignments, we can consolidate loads going to a single destination to keep freight charges down for individual traders. When adopting our shipment services, you will find our working staff to be knowledgeable of the import requirements. From helping you package to assisting you in the completion of your export paperwork. Transit times via DHL FedEx UPS service is around t 3-5 business days. Packages might be a little longer due to customs clearance delays.

2. Air shipping Services

We offer a wide choice of air cargo carriers that build for your business. Each of the airlines have the features of transit route, times, limit of shipping goods.

AA airlines remains the most reliable air cargo carrier to USA as our experience, they have staffed offices throughout the region and be delivered in 3 days or less after pick up. Packages take a little longer to due to customs clearance delays and tax assessments. Kindly note AA airlines can’t deliver goods contain batteries, but 7L airlines can ship goods contain batteries from China to USA, delivery takes around 4 days after pick up, CA airlines ship from mainland china, the air freight is better than AA airlines, but CA airlines can’t ship goods contain motors, after in all, with our daily pick up and reliable network connections, we make sure that your shipment gets delivered safe and on time.

3. Sea Cargo Shipping Service

Large Cargo and freight shipments can be shipped at much lower freight if you select our Sea freight service. We can help you to consolidate the goods on a Pallet. Transit times from China to Boston and New York ports are are aound 4 to 5 weeks. Ocean shipping rates are often 60% off than Air cargo rates, Ocean shipping option is best for large quantities low-value items such as donated clothing Plastic goods or heavy equipments, but pls note customers need to declare the ISF(10+2 Importer Security Filing) for sea shipment from China to USA due to America Custom requirement, if you don’t know how to declare the ISF, we can provide this service too.

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