As a oversea importer, you don’t have to know many about international shipping procedures, but the below 4 tips willl be useful for you when importing goods from China.

1. Not All Products can be shipped by oversea freight forwarding company.

To keep costs down on your international shipping, pick and choose which product should be available for global shipping.  The heavier the product, the more expensive the shipping cost. This is especially true when shipping internationally.

Products that have higher profit are also good to ship internationally.  If you can help to eat some of the shipping costs to keep the price on international shipping down, this will help increase sales.

2.Be Selective on Countries

Many countries have more developed postal services than other countries.  Be selective on which countries you are going to ship product.  Most of Western Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Australia are good starting points to start shipping internationally.  Research which countries give you the fastest service and the most visibility.

3.Remember the Rules and Regulation of the Country

Understand the rules and regulations that each country has when shipping internationally.  Before you open your website to take orders from that specific country, know what you can and cannot ship to them.

4.Find the Best Shipping way for import

Understanding the products you sell and the customers who buy your products will go a long way in determining how you ship your products internationally.   For more expensive products, using a service such as UPS, FedEx or Standard DHL might be the best option, where you will get faster delivery times and much better tracking.  Make sure that you explore all your option because the cost of shipping is extremely important to international customers.

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